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League Top Throwers

Active players only
 Player type team completions
1   Nimble Konzack  Wight Blitzer Reincarnated Librarians  12
2   Rumtuddy Killer  Orc Thrower Sons of Gorgon!  10
3   Beautiful Bent.  Dark Elf Runner Lady's Choice  9
4   Mr o  Orc Thrower The Hunger  7
-   Blitzen  Werewolf Necrotic Speedsters  7
6   Godly Gunner.  Dark Elf Runner Lady's Choice  6
-   Harry  Hobgoblin Runner Haig's Heinies  6
8   Gish-gor  Beastman Runner Chaos Runnerīs  4
9   Texas Slim  Orc Thrower We all have it coming Kid  3
-   Faervel  Wood Elf Catcher Salute  3
-   Ultimate Ulrik.  Dark Elf Lineman Lady's Choice  3
-   Ta'fagors  Beastman Runner Chaos Runnerīs  3
13   Dancer II  Ghoul Runner Necrotic Speedsters  2
-   Vixen II  Ghoul Runner Necrotic Speedsters  2
-   Darat Shadowhawk  Dark Elf Runner Dragonbay Buccaneers  2
-   Daring Dennis.  Dark Elf Blitzer Lady's Choice  2

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Season XLII, Round 6
  0    Necrotic Speedsters
  2    Reincarnated Libr...
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