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Most Experienced Players

Active players only
 Player type team SPP
1   Dewey McGrowl Bounty (50000 gp) Werewolf Reincarnated Librarians  118
2   Blitzen  Werewolf Necrotic Speedsters  102
3   Befuddling Hjørland  Flesh Golem Reincarnated Librarians  85
4   Pride  Bloater Bloody Sins  77
5   Lust  Pestigor Bloody Sins  72
6   Amazing Anne.  Witch Elf Lady's Choice  66
7   Nimble Konzack  Wight Blitzer Reincarnated Librarians  60
8   Santas Little Helper  Flesh Golem Necrotic Speedsters  59
- profile Atrev the Arrogant  Chosen Blocker Deities of Doom  59
10 profile Gnejv  Chaos Minotaur Deities of Doom  51
-   Williams' Wallaces  Bull Centaur Blitzer Haig's Heinies  51
12   Ingwersen the second  Flesh Golem Reincarnated Librarians  43
13   Callon  Wardancer Salute  40
14 profile Tenkor the Tactless  Chosen Blocker Deities of Doom  39
- profile Gertak  Beastman Runner Deities of Doom  39

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