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Reapers of Dusk

This "player" with number 0 on the team roster of Reapers of Dusk represents all the events, that does not earn a proper player on the team SPP. For examble when a mercenary/journeyman scores a TD or gets an MVP, or when the team earns a casualty because a player on the opposing team falls over and dies (failed dodge or GFI), or casualties from spectators or fouls and so on.

   Roster number: 0  

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Star Player Points: 0

-- Reapers of Dusk has retired team retired --.
The Team after Season 7.
This band of evil elves had just completed a season, and were now ready to start winning their first matches and with more to come, when the team retired! But you can never know one day the Reapers might start swinging their black scythes once more! So when you are alone at home, turn on all the lights, open all closets, cabinets, boxes and doors, because you might never know, you might have a band of reapers waiting in Your house!

#01 - Spike Jab Lee
#02 - Beelzamoth Dusk
#03 - Faith Lee
#04 - Ilena Darkblow
#05 - Killkenny Lee
#06 - Chunt Blackwood
#07 -
#08 - Big Homer
#09 - Freak Pinchi
#10 - Charles Butler
#11 -
#12 -
#13 -
#14 - Bad Boy Benny
#15 - Edward Backstabber
#16 - Hugo Darkblade

Re-Rolls: 2
Fan Factor: 7
Ass. Coach: 3
Cheerleader: 2
Apothecary: Yes
Treasury: 100.000

During/After Seasons 7:
Shadewalker the Digger
Max Power
Groundsweeper Willy

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