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16. July 2018 - 08:54  
Thanks for the answer. I would like to translate it into German LG Bernd
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
15. July 2018 - 21:17  
Hi Bernd

You need an answer from Casper on this, I'm sure he will respond when he is logged in again, he is probably on holiday right now.

To my knowlegde he doesn't give away the password, but I could be wrong. Why do you need it?

- Jens  send email to Jens 
10. July 2018 - 20:55  
The excel team roster is the Best
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
10. July 2018 - 19:35  
Hello, can you please give me the password for the excel team roster thank you
- Bernd  send email to Bernd 
24. Apr. 2018 - 00:39  
I've used several rosters and yours is by far the BEST. Any chance I could also get the password to the Roster Sheet so I can update it to the new rules?
- Ryan  send email to Ryan 
7. Dec. 2017 - 21:54  
Thx mate - we do our best :)
Though credits should go out to Casper, who made both site & roster.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
13. Oct. 2017 - 14:23  
Great, if not THE best, roster there is available on the web - you guys should be much better known.
- Eladamri  
4. Apr. 2017 - 21:19  
Thanks for the Roster Sheet, it has saved me sooooo much time! however, is it possible to get the password so I can update it on my computer to come into line with the new blood bowl rules/stats?
- Ashley  send email to Ashley 
1. Feb. 2017 - 05:43  
Would you add new teams (Savage Orcs, Human Nobility) to the excel roster ?
your file have big help for the game.
- B-D  send email to B-D 
2. Dec. 2016 - 18:36  
I sure intend to update it. However, my first priority is to update the software for bloodbowlleague.com. After that I'll turn to the excel roster.
- Casper  send email to Casper 
30. Nov. 2016 - 23:25  
I believe it will be yes. When there is time to get to it.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
30. Nov. 2016 - 19:07  
Thanks for the Excel Sheet! Any chance of it being updated for the new box set?
- mercutioh  send email to mercutioh 
22. Aug. 2016 - 19:24  
What a SMACK in your face in that barrage :) 12 cas against :) Guess you had it coming.....
- Jens  send email to Jens 
22. Aug. 2016 - 18:33  
Karhunkaato: Now it seems that the comimish's play against each other (hanu vs pera). --> ridiculous nonsense ;-)

Ps. barrage --> hanu beat me 2-1
- BeerBeer  
9. Dec. 2015 - 18:12  
Grats :)
- Jens  send email to Jens 
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