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24. Apr. 2018 - 00:39  
I've used several rosters and yours is by far the BEST. Any chance I could also get the password to the Roster Sheet so I can update it to the new rules?
- Ryan  send email to Ryan 
7. Dec. 2017 - 21:54  
Thx mate - we do our best :)
Though credits should go out to Casper, who made both site & roster.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
13. Oct. 2017 - 14:23  
Great, if not THE best, roster there is available on the web - you guys should be much better known.
- Eladamri  
4. Apr. 2017 - 21:19  
Thanks for the Roster Sheet, it has saved me sooooo much time! however, is it possible to get the password so I can update it on my computer to come into line with the new blood bowl rules/stats?
- Ashley  send email to Ashley 
1. Feb. 2017 - 05:43  
Would you add new teams (Savage Orcs, Human Nobility) to the excel roster ?
your file have big help for the game.
- B-D  send email to B-D 
2. Dec. 2016 - 18:36  
I sure intend to update it. However, my first priority is to update the software for bloodbowlleague.com. After that I'll turn to the excel roster.
- Casper  send email to Casper 
30. Nov. 2016 - 23:25  
I believe it will be yes. When there is time to get to it.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
30. Nov. 2016 - 19:07  
Thanks for the Excel Sheet! Any chance of it being updated for the new box set?
- mercutioh  send email to mercutioh 
22. Aug. 2016 - 19:24  
What a SMACK in your face in that barrage :) 12 cas against :) Guess you had it coming.....
- Jens  send email to Jens 
22. Aug. 2016 - 18:33  
Karhunkaato: Now it seems that the comimish's play against each other (hanu vs pera). --> ridiculous nonsense ;-)

Ps. barrage --> hanu beat me 2-1
- BeerBeer  
9. Dec. 2015 - 18:12  
Grats :)
- Jens  send email to Jens 
8. Dec. 2015 - 23:11  
BeerBeer in a final 🤓💪
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
8. Dec. 2015 - 19:20  
Final of Karhunkaato -> J-Ho vs. BeerBeer
- BeerBeer  
28. Oct. 2015 - 11:51  
I have just tried to download til roster sheet, before I log on to the site. I have no problems changing races, and I'm not asked for a password??
- Jens  send email to Jens 
28. Oct. 2015 - 04:23  
I downloaded the team roster sheet for an Orc team from the download page but only Amazon are showingl
I am unable to change it as it is password protected.
- Ken Duddle  send email to Ken Duddle 
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