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Match result

Season XX, Final
Team badge
Divine Rats

gate: 64 000
3 TD score 4
cas score
after overtime
and shoot-out
Team badge
Bones & Bandages


profile Holy Spirit Bounty (30000 gp)
profile Jesus Hall of Fame Bounty (100000 gp)
profile God
TD Scorers
Connie Creep
Connie Creep
profile Erik Evil dead
Extra shoot-out TD after tied overtime
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
Sylvester Slubby retired
mercenary / fans / random event
profile Oswald Osiris Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Oswald Osiris Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Benny Bandage
profile Oswald Osiris Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Oswald Osiris Bounty (20000 gp)
Serious Injurers
Lucifer Limb
profile Oswald Osiris Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Pamela Pain
profile Abraham Apothis
profile Abraham Apothis

profile Uranus dead
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Frej B
MVP awards to
Ruth Ribcage
  Sustained Injuries  

profile Thor B dead
profile Heimdal B dead
profile Fallen Madonna dead
profile Odin B
Miss Next Game

profile FrejA dead
This match went into overtime
and was decided on a penalty shoot-out
Result added maj 21st, 2008

Match notes
Two very even teams with 15 players met again this time in the final. Last season DR took B&B out in the semi final, but the Khemri's have learned stuff since then. Also they have learned to buy a bribe with their own money for the match.

DR kicks high to B&B and soon "agile" Erik Evil is on his way up pitch with the ball. The LoS of line rats are all KOed (one in a foul by Dustin Dusty). But still DR sees a possibility to take the ball from the Blitz-ra. Holy Spirit can dodge through a TZ and may get an even block in, where anything but the worst would free the ball. But Jesus wish to get down there first, and he falls in the games first, and very simple, dodge!

And thus Jesus can be fouled KO next turn by Dustin Dusty, and the bribe keeps the ref happy and the fouler on pitch. Before this the other two runners have also been removed when God is BH in a block to move him from the ball carrier by Sylvester Slubby and then Oswald Osiris KO Holy Spirit by piling-on him. Thus turn two and only 5 rats left on pitch and no Gutter Runners.

But what happens here! Erik Evil is not protected as the mummies went for the runners. And suddenly Zeus takes him down. The ball is free, and Uranus dodges out grabs the ball and passes it over a mummy to Heimdal B who has also dodged out. Completion… But of course the line-rat is taken down (though wrestled by Sylvester Slubby). But at last the ref spots fouler Dustin Dusty and sends him of, for only stunning Heimdal B.

DR has no chance at getting at the ball, and soon Connie Creep has the ball and Uranus is KOed by a piling Oswald Osiris. Two more fouls, now by Fred Fragile sends two more KO, first Zeus and then Thor B but at the latter the ref also sends the frenzied skelly out. And at the end of the half Connie Creep scores uncontested by the three remaining linerats.

Only 2 of 7 KOed comes back for the one turn attempt, but among them is fast Holy Spirit and of course also God who had been saved from BH. And thrower Buddha and the last runner had not been on pitch. 9 rat in all. It will be a very difficult one turner with two ST 6 mummies, but but but: A quick snap sends Holy Spirit in reach without blitzing mummies, and instead the other awoken KO Zeus can blitz a hole in the defence line, and soon Buddha can hand the ball to Holy Spirit, and even with the catch in a TZ and a dodge through a TZ the fast runner makes the end zone without trouble 1-1.

Two more KO out of 5 comes back, giving DR 11 vs. 11 for their receiving turn. And one of these is Jesus! There is not problem for DR to get Jesus in scoring range, but a huge mistake is made, when Holy Spirit is used to block the way to him. Running all he can Oswald Osiris gets a hit on the weak runner. With help from his team manages he manages to take him down, and even without piling he BHs the runner! A big mistake as he was the best asset DR had for taking the ball from the Khemri's. And Jesus now feels he is forced to score and does so without failing his dodge, 2-1.

One of the 3 KOs comes back, although not kicker Loke, but still 11 vs. 11 on pitch including three runners. Can they stop the skeletons? Well now the mummy's starts hitting hard, after first half with only one casualty. Also they come out quick snapping and Lucifer Limb makes the first SI on Thor B. And now it is Bob Boneache who makes the fouls as he KOs Frej B.

DR begins this defence as first half. The first blitz by Zeus and he almost goes down. Then the runners do not dare push it to get to the ball carrier and when finally Buddha tries it he falls. But even with Oswald Osiris making yet a BH on Uranus, a two dice a blitz is left open on the ball carrier. And though he almost falls again, he gets a grip and manages to take the holder down. The ball is free, and Jesus has a decent chance to get at it, but already the first dodge in two TZ is too much even with his high agility. Had he made it DR would have had a serious chance at winning here and now.

Still God has his TZ on the ball, and even with two attempts he is still there next to it. And the blitz is on Zeus instead, stun. Thus the ball is left on the ground, but well covered by the skellys. The foul on Jesus fails (although the sneaky git Bob Boneache manages to avoid attention). But there is no way for him to get at the ball. And he and God just has to dodge free. Still 5 rats are left standing free, with the ball on the ground and 3 more rats are on the pitch.

But then Benny Bandage BHs Balder B and with team help Oswald Osiris breack tackle to get to Jesus and then KOs him. Then Bob Boneache fouls Zeus KO too. So it is down to 5. In the end God is the only serious threat but with also Fallen Madonna KOed in a foul by Bob Boneache it is impossible for God to stay near ball carrier Connie Creep and God is even KOed in the blitz to get him away. And then it is 2-2 in the match last turn by Connie Creep.

Overtime! But with 5 of 6 KOs back DR can field 9 vs. an almost full B&B. And now the rain starts pouring down as the teams counts their RRs. DR has only 1 vs. 2 team-re-rolls for the mummies.

It still looks best for DR with the rain. And of course they let Jesus pick-up the ball, with his sure hands and high agility it is not a problem. He gets well protected close to the LoS and God is in scoring range. Fallen Madonna is the last in the KO box, so only 2 runners on pitch.

But DR had not counted on the next move by Oswald Osiris. Instead of going for God, he runs all he can and breaks again into the cage with Jesus getting him down with team help, stunned! What to do. In the rain it is not nice to see the ball lying up against Oswald Osiris. But God takes the chance and everything succeeds and suddenly he is caged at the side line with the ball. That was with a difficult pick-up after he almost failed the first a simple dodge to begin with. Goaded on by this luck, Buddha tries to push Oswald Osiris away but falls him self and is BH by the mean mummy for his effort.

Of course B&B packs up God, but before they can make it complete Bob Boneache fouls Jesus BH, but is send out for this. But it is very important for B&B! And will God find a way out? Well FrejA makes a very important push, and then God is as strong as Connie Creep and blitzes her down stunned before making the dodge for the TD for 3-2.

B&B now has two turns and faces only 8 rats. And when an illegal procedure ends DR's turn instantly they actually have a small chance to tie the match, but with the rain Connie Creep never even manages to pick-up the ball. However, before this finally fails twice Pamela Pain has killed FrejA and Oswald Osiris SI Heimdal B.

So even with Fallen Madonna coming back for the fourth half there is only 6 rats left. But with a 3-2 lead, 1-1 in RR and pouring rain, the kicker Loke, the blitzer Zeus and the dodge preventer God DR might have a fair chance, as this trio stays far down pitch for the kick.
AND then a riot ensues, and this could have taken time from the Khemri's, but the ref realizes that the match was not started yet and they retain the full half! Another day they could have lost all chance of tying!

This time the ball is picked up, now by agile Erik Evil. And with Fallen Madonna SI by the second mummy to hit her Pamela Pain, and when Bart Brainless foul Frej B KO only four rats remain.

The last line rat Odin B then dodges out and when Abraham Apothis blitz him they both go down, the RR not used, and of course Odin B is SI in the process.

However, as Erik Evil has moved to the LoS he is now in blitzing range. And soon God has his TZ on him. Now Zeus can take a two dice blitz, if he can dodge past a mummy and he does, but then he almost falls when pushing it up to the blitz-ra, but the team is behind him, and now the blitz, but oh he also had to push it here, and now no team can help… Had he taken down the agile blitzer with only half an overtime half left, and the ball near God it could have been DR's win. But now DR is a RR behind! (0-1)

They don't get God down but he can be pushed away from Erik Evil who runs in scoring range. Still a few last attempts are made to get to him. Loke takes a blitz although the mummies guard the blitz-ra. It is an about one in nine chance to get him down, and should that have worked it would have been DR's cup. It fails and so does God when tries to make it there.

Thus all there is to do is hit on Loke and of course Oswald Osiris BHs the line rat. And just for good measure does Pamela Pain KO Zeus. No RR spend.

And then Erik Evil ties the game by pushing it over the EZ just in time still with the RR left!

All tied but DR is at nil vs. one RR. So it is a penalty shoot out. And DR rolls a 4, just matching B&B's 3. Shoot out again, and same result! And the third shoot out… 2 for DR is not enough against 4 from B&B and thus Bones & Bandages wins the shoot out and the championship 3-4.

13 casualties one BH saved, 7 other BH 4 MNG (none permanent) and a single kill on the newest line rat FrejA who did manage to achieve helping God to the 3-2 TD. Incredible DR still have 15 players ready for the start of next season! But with only one KO the other way, they just did not hit hard enough and they had some horrible breaks along the way.

Nevertheless it was a match that went forth and back all the time, with the fabulous one turner by Holy Spirit for 1-1, and God saving the TD, after Jesus went out, to get it to 3-2. But in the end all they needed was a RR for the shoot out. And now they have two 2nd places in a row, just like another skaven team The Snails back in season 10 and 11.

The MVP for DR went to Frej B who was one of two players not to get injured today. He was though in the KO box at the end of the match together with Zeus. And only God the first to get injured, but also saved by the apotech, was the only player left on pitch for DR's last one turn attempt after the TD for 3-3.

The MVP for B&B went to Ruth Ribcage as her block skill prevented the use of the last team re-roll, when he made B&B's sole double both down the entire match. The RR saved that won the match. Any mummy could also have won it for their injuries and refusal to use RR on the many go for its. No player on B&B used RR for a go for it the entire match. And Erik Evil not when picking up. Only Oswald Osiris had to RR a break tackle into two TZ, but not when he got to Jesus in three! All this was the reason they had the one RR left that was needed in the end.

Congratz to J and Bones & Bandages with the championship!

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