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Match result

Season XXII, ¼-final
Team badge
Divine Rats

gate: 39 000
0 TD score 4
cas score
Team badge
Greyhavien Renegades

TD Scorers
Lille Monster :)
Journeyman Killer dead
Lille Monster :)
TaPer! dead
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
Serious Injurers
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
Fehår retired
Oldbirch Longleaf Bounty (20000 gp)
De Puta Madre!! Bounty (70000 gp) retired
Jeg er Mega Bitter!! dead
Journeyman Killer dead

profile Buddha
profile Vishnu
Completions By
Kynde the rat! retired
Kynde the rat! retired
Kynde the rat! retired
Interceptions By

profile Poseidon
MVP awards to
Mega Belastende! dead
  Sustained Injuries  

profile God
profile Balder C
profile Buddha
profile Vishnu
Miss Next Game

profile Odin B
-1 MA

profile Thor D dead
Result added May 23rd, 2009

Match notes
For the 7th time in six seasons the two arch enemies from DR and Renegades faced off. Renegades had a slightly better track record, but DR had never lost to the elves in a play-off. Also they won last season before taking the trophy and with 16 players ready vs. only 13, DR was a clear favourite. So much that the elf's had been allowed to induce a wizard to give them a little chance…

But this soon proved to be as wrong as you could imagine. As the elf won the coin toss and received the ball, the destruction of DR began - engineered by De Puta Madre!! who in total managed six casualties!

In the first blitz of the match De Puta Madre!! SI God MNG. Then he was taken down by DR, but even dirty Tyr B with lots of help could not even stun the Wardancer. So next turn he could get up and blitz Holy Spirit BH. The apotech saved him for next drive, which came soon as Lille Monster :) scored for 0-1.

DR then received, but after hitting 6 times on one player he was still standing and after the turn DR was the only one to have a player down (fallen in a dodge). The elves then takes out four rats: Fehår SI Odin B so he will be a little slower in the future. And once again De Puta Madre!! attacks Holy Spirit BH him in two Renegade blitzes in a row!!! Also the three Oldbirch Longleaf wants to get in. So he decides to go down himself in order to SI MNG Balder C. With a KO as well DR is down to 7 vs. 11 already.

With no one to score, soon Jesus is in trouble with the ball and he is taken down. But next turn he manages to strip it from Jean-Claude Forfanden d.2. and obtain it himself. He just needs to push it all he can to get between to other rats. But oh no he almost stumbles on the first and then falls on the second try.

Soon the ball is out of reach and a foul on Jesus stuns him. When Tyr B then retaliates, he actually KOs the sole catcher Die Ann-Lischen but is spotted be the ref and send off! Well he also spots the foul on Jesus next turn when For a Gracefull Death! stuns him again. But it is now 10 elves vs. 6 rats.

It is complete disaster for DR. Loke manages a stronger block on Fehår but when he really tries to get the elf down, he goes down in stead (RR to double skull). And before the last turn De Puta Madre!! makes his 2nd SI this time on Buddha.

There is no chance for the five rats to stop the TD by Jean-Claude Forfanden d.2., but hubris can overcome the best elf coach, and the hand-off to rookie TaPer! fails utterly. The ball bounces of his head and back in the arms of Jean-Claude Forfanden d.2. who gets so confused that the TD is not scored. Only 0-1 at half time!

DR can only field 9 players for 2nd half (one in the KO box, 5 in the cas box, apo already used successfully and one thrown out). But the elves forgot they had one thrown out them selves and only fields 10 players. Not noticed until the half is in progress… So it is no problem for DR to break a hole in the defence, and both Jesus and his The Mother makes it through to a cage.

Jesus with the ball is then attacked by no other than De Puta Madre!!. But in the light of the shining legend Jesus he fails to take him down. So now a TD is in sight for DR. Two great blocks later it is only a leap a dodge and a push for 1-1. The leap is fine and then the easy dodge… Not easy enough for the leagues best dodger and down he goes.

The ball is on elf hands, and even though Jesus actually strips Jean-Claude Forfanden d.2. from the ball again, no one is there to take the ball, as The Mother has been BH, and yes you guessed correctly, it was the fourth casualty on a runner by De Puta Madre!!. Of course he did not take out Jesus, but Holy Spirit went out twice at the hands of De Puta Madre!!.

There had still been a slight chance for DR as the three tried to go down with a line rat once again, but Thor D stuns the three without getting stunned. He must have been a little dizzy though cause next turn he is killed by Journeyman Killer after Jeg er Mega Bitter!! SI MNG Vishnu. So only 6 rats vs. 10 elves and soon Journeyman Killer continues his success with a TD for 0-2.

DR has almost no chances of getting through the elves defence, and a perfect defence doesn't help. Jesus stays behind with the ball but the first block from DR is double skull, and the first go for it then a one! And then the really needed wizard KOs Jesus and the ball is taken by Die Ann-Lischen.

In an effort to get vengeance on De Puta Madre!! Loke takes a one dice block, but when trying to make it work he goes down (RR a dice to skull) and becomes BH by the crazy Wardancer. That was De Puta Madre!!'s 6th and last cas of the match! From all this he learned to side step…?

Soon it is 0-3 by Lille Monster :) who became even more agile from that. And with only 5 rats left for the last drive DR has no real chance although Jesus did get into scoring position with the ball. And even though the ball then ended on the ground and Saturn managed to blitz his was to it and run out free he was taken down by De Puta Madre!! and with his 3rd completion of the day Kynde the rat! connected with TaPer! and this time he was ready to catch for the TD for 0-4. The final result!

It was later rumoured that the coach of DR said he would never let his team play again, and as the teams last 40.000 gps can now be found as part of the 70.000 gps bounty on De Puta Madre!! this may really be true…

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