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Match result

Season XXX, Round 9
Team badge
Blood Bowl Bunnies

gate: 33 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Borc Lockers


profile Billie Luder Hall of Fame dead
TD Scorers
profile Korbjørn Thaels
profile Fichael Malkesgaard retired
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Sulrik Vendsen Bounty (40000 gp)
profile Sulrik Vendsen Bounty (40000 gp)
Serious Injurers
profile Dolf Ryrbye
mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event
profile Dolf Ryrbye

profile Queen Bruise retired
profile Queen Bruise retired
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Iuno Who retired
MVP awards to
profile Rars Lasmussen dead
  Sustained Injuries  

profile Den Danske Model
Miss Next Game

victim healed by apoth
Niggling Injury

victim healed by apoth
profile Billie Luder Hall of Fame dead
Result added April 25th, 2013

Match notes
For this fairly unimportant match (BBB could not progress and BL had a certain 2nd place in the group play) BBB who missed both their blitzers, hired the two possible apos and babes, and also a mercenary lineman with block (instead of an elf blitzer, that would have cost the same… ;))

BBB received the ball and dump-off Den Danske Model ran into scoring position with the ball, next to Billie Luder. Instead of targeting them - Luna Tick was taken down instead, the worst cage breaking threat. And when Sulrik Vendsen could not finish the job, Hens Jansen fouled her BH.

A little pressure was though applied, but the TD was virtually impossible to avoid – 1-0 after a hand-off to Billie Luder.

Next drive BL had the ball with Korbjørn Thaels, and soon it was clear, that Bunnies just tried to protect the two legends. It became a split party, where Queen Bruise tried to hide in their own EZ and in the end BL had forced Billie Luder into their EZ.

Before the last turn of the half there were three Bunnies left. The mercenary (prone), Billie Luder next to BL’s EZ and Queen Bruise who was now really cornered in the corner of their pitch by the troll, the dirty player and Korbjørn Thaels with the ball. But then Queen Bruise took the chance and tried to take down the ball carrier, and of course she succeeded. But she was still next to the sideline, and Hens Jansen pushed her out into the crowd for a smashed knee. Luckily one of the hired apos took care of this. (The teams own apo was saved for the bigger star.)

And that was lucky because in the opposite corner Billie Luder was pushed into a crowd kill by Sulrik Vendsen, but the teams apo was there to administer to the teams true star! And then the half finished when Korbjørn Thaels got up and grabbed the ball for the equalizer.

2nd half saw BL receive against only 7 Bunnies. Even with the two last turn apo saves, one KO did not wake up and there were three more cas in that drive (including a MNG on Den Danske Model by Dolf Ryrbye and two BHs made by Sulrik Vendsen on the two low AV linemen.)

However it all became more exciting than BL had asked for, when a perfect defense followed by a failed pick-up by Korbjørn Thaels - deep pitch – but still now the pressure was on. When he next turn started a blitz by going for the pick-up – almost failing again – if not for his sure hands – it came as a real nasty shock for the coach, when he almost went down in his first block. Thanks good for the sure hands. He managed to frenzy out staying on his feet.

But from then on, it was only interesting who should score and who should be injured. The first to go was one of the four journeymen who was killed in yet a foul (one in many) by Hens Jansen.

And next turn is what makes this match important in Aros history – Dolf Ryrbye blitzed down LEGEND Billie Luder and killed her, and the remaining hired apotech, could do nothing to save her life. She was only 9 TDs from tying the record set by another legend Jesus
Dolf Ryrbye became a super star himself (learning guard), and is now only one step (and 100 spp) from becoming a legend himself…

Towards the end – with four elves left – Korbjørn Thaels and Fichael Malkesgaard ran away from the hitting action, towards the EZ, and there Fichael Malkesgaard failed to catch the hand-off.

This awoke the last catcher Iuno Who, who ran towards the ball. But she was then taken down stunned by Sulrik Vendsen. This made BL give Fichael Malkesgaard a last chance to get the ball, and he managed. After that Hens Jansen ran down and fouled the catcher KO, but was finally thrown out.

In the last turn of the match Fichael Malkesgaard could score his first TD for 2-1 and thus learned his first skill (block) after 26 matches.

The only KO to not wake up was of course the fouled catcher, so no chance of a one turner, and anyhow BL came out blitzing. But still Queen Bruise managed one more completion taking her to 202!

The MVP went (again) to Iuno Who whom with just one completion to her name has amassed 5 MVPs. However for this match, she was the only catcher that was not injured, but maybe because one of the other was killed twice…

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