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Mar. 5th, 2003
Convicts Slugs even, but got Bullied!

After an insteresting match against the slimy Snails, which ended 2-2, due to another high performance by Mongo, the next match seemed like a walk in the park, and sure in the bag.
So, Mongo and all the best players decided to take a day off, while the rest of the team took the field in overeager selfconfidence.
As this style was bound to go wrong, the Convicts lost 2-1 although it easily could have been reversed, with a matter of a little reversed luck.
Finally a riot broke out, probably caused by the absense of the fans favorite players, and killed allmost all of second half.

The coach had no comment on the situation in the tabels, although he was heard grumbling something about returning to last seasons tactics.

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- Runge
Feb. 20th, 2003

Coming back with a vengance, the Drakwald convicts win their first match of the season 2-1.
An assasination atempt on starblitzer Mongo, started of the match, but Da’ Doc, needed only few minutes to get him on his feet. ’Me had a new drug to try’ -he stated.
Although the match seemed to go either way, for a moment, Mongo , in the 2nd & 7th, took matters in his own hands finishing the Elves off with a winning touchdown

The 10th season i on, and the Drakwald Daily is covering all games by the BBC Drakwald Convicts.
Look for more interviews and statements in this weeks special section: ’Why Human prisoners should stick to making clothes-pegs’
- Runge
Nov. 6th, 2002
‘Hurray!, the season is over!!’ such was the voices of the partying convicts who can now look forward to a nice comfy off season.
The Knockout box of BBCDC was summing when our correspondent visited it at the end of 2’nd half, and ‘Da Doc’ was triumphantly holding two pair of ratteeth he had duck out of Blitzer Mohawks Mangled body. The wounded Convicts steadily chanting ‘Death Row’ Death Row’! as a gesture to the late Blitzer Mcgoff who also were killed on the field.

All in all the match was a bloodfest, where the highly motivated rats simply chewed up the otherwise seasoned orcs. Fouling at every chance, they got( with a paidoff ref...red.), the boxes were soon filled up with orcs, leaving only Morgul, Blitz Ernst and Critical Bill fielded at the final whistle.
The nearest the convicts ever got to score was when Morgul Necksnapper in the most heroic way took matters (i.e the ball.. red.) in his own hands and plowed his way down the field towards the rats endzone, he was, however, stopped by a severe swarm of furry critters.

Yet, the crowd seemed to like this kind of match, as the BBCDC fanclub grew even bigger, and the next season will be starting off, with a group of Convicts, that has now learned the worst side of the game.

Keep up with comments and interviews from Drakwald Daily all during the off season.

R.I.P Mohawk Da’Scalper and ’Death Row’ Mcgoff,! ..they finally learned it...they did!...
- Runge
Oct. 23rd, 2002
Succes...Stated the the Coach.. The hours in the iron-gym, was well spended, especially for Mongo Elfripper, who was here, there and everywhere, in the match against the Dark Mooners.
Loosing the ball in the first drive, only surviving 0-0 because of Mongo, the Convicts came out to the second half, with the best players upright. The mooners tried to make a strong flank, but the plan backfired as two convicts broke through the other flank, rushing towards the poor goblin who had the ball. Fumbling scared the gobo dropped the ball- and hence- Td by the Convicts in 2’nd and 4’th
It was uphill for the mooner-orcs the rest of the game.....

As the Drakwald Daily examines the charts, it is obvious, that the Convicts is on track of their new tactical gameplan, of winning the rest of their games.
- Runge
Oct. 16th, 2002
Fiasco.... Stated the Head Coach of BBC DC, ‘the blame is all over one stupid Orc Blitzer who decided to have a coffee break on his way to the endzone’. He continues: ‘Who can anticipate a psycotic giant cow throwing his body everywhere, falling over and just raving madly around with no clear purpose’, whilst our own Ogre just standing stupid with the thump up his ..., dreaming about grilled steaks.
(The Drakwald Daily must take some of the blame for this as it was our correspondent who plantet this idea in the Ogres head... red.).
About the future prospect on the season the Coach has the following comment: ‘The unnecessary defeat to Sikoinerz now brings us in a simple position. We must win the remaining games to ensure the 8 points that can probably take us to the playoffs. Impossible?, We will see.....
- Runge
Oct. 7th, 2002
In this weeks edition of 'Behind the Walls' we bring an exclusive interview with the Ogre Morgul 'the Necksnapper' who performed very well in the succesfull match against the Rats of Chaos 49.

In the upcoming match against the lead team in the group, the ziggynuts (or something... red.) we asked Morgul about the prospects of being face to face with the notorious Minotaur 'Tude' and the rated Bullcentaur 'Fjæs'. Morgul responded quit brightly (for an Ogre...red.): Mmmm T-bone steaks mmmm...
- Runge
Sep. 20th, 2002
’Zeems dat efrybody wanted apiece of me today..’
..Was the quote that our correspondent Rufuz Rapporc got from the little Gobo Mwabe as he was pulled from the havoc of the crowd.
Here at Drakwald Daily, we followed this weeks match between our locals and the chaosteam ‘Bloodfist Bowlers’.
Mayhem and clusterfighting is the best way to describe the match, the Bloodfist Bowlers getting the upper hand at the end of the 1. half, and scoring to the final result 0-1.
Several attempts were made by the Convicts to even the score in the second half, even tossing the gobo in front to protect a promising freerun to Mcgoff. The Gobo, however, ended up in the crowd, pushed by a ‘big dude’ (quote Mwabe) and ended up at ‘Doc’ King’s table with yet another injury. The heroic effort bought him the Most Valuable Player –points, putting him alongside more significant players like Morgul, Mcgoff and Mongo Elfripper. The Doc’s verdict was simpel: ‘Him won’t play much next time’.
The Coach sways aside all criticism of the teams performance by saying: ‘No wonder, Its the first match, and they all have gotten fat in the off season’.
On the issue of the ‘fair play’ trophy now in the convicts possession he says: ‘Now there is a thing we will have to remedy’.

-Keep up on upcoming events here at The Drakwald Daily
- Runge
Sep. 4th, 2002
The new official chant of BBC Drakwald Convicts have just been publiced:

Drakwald drakwald bloodbowl club
hurt them hurt them never stop

Convicts convicts kick their butt
win the trophy kill the lot

rip them arms and legs and tails
back as inmate if it fails.

Elf and undead man or rat
step aside or..SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!!!

(writer unknown...)
- Runge
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