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Feb. 15th, 2013
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
Another meagre season saw the Bunnies end short of the play-off spots. But their efforts were well enough focused as to take home 3 league prizes.


Once again the team took home the fair play prize. This is their 10th ever and their 4th in a row - also a new league record.

Kølig Kaj snatched the season top scorer title. This is her second making her the 5th player in league history to win it more than once.

Queen Bruise took home the season top thrower title. This is her 7th overall and the 5th in a row. Both figures are league recorts.


Billie Luder was the team top scorer of the season with 6 TDs.

Queen Bruise was the team top thrower of the season with 14 CMPs.

The top casualty inflicter prize of the season was shared between Luna Tick and Sisse Fisse both with 2 CASs.

Billie Luder was the team top experienced of the season with 22 SPPs.

Billie Luder was awarded Bunny of the Season.


CMPs: Queen Bruise made 3 CMPs in a match (4 times).

TDs: Billie Luder and Luna Tick bothe made 2 TDs in a match.

SPPs: Billie Luder made 7 SPPs in a match.
- Esben
Nov. 1st, 2012
Talk about a Pyrrhic victory
The Bunnies defeated the Addicted Lunatics Clan tonight but in the process, they lost both their blitzers, and a promising catcher and rookie lineman also received permanent injuries and are out for the next match.

Star blitzer Sisse Fisse - a block, side step, leap, strip ball, tackle, dodge, wrestle player is out of the game. Albeit she had an AG decrease, she was a formidable defender. Also a +AG and +double improvement blitzer Kaya Röster had to bite the grass. Luna Tick - a +ST catcher is out for the next match and has suffered a -MA.

All in all 390.000 of Bunny player value was killed in the match and 250.000 injured. In the end Queen Bruise was the only Bunny remaining on the pitch.

Sisse Fisse held the Bunny records of most matches played (76) and most casualties inflicted (17). She was the team vice captain for an unprecedented 63 matches. Sisse Fisse Has been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines. Billie Luder is new team vice captain.
- Esben
June 11th, 2012
Number 14 as number 14
Following her effort to secure the Bronze medal in season 28, it can be concealed no more: Billie Luder is the best player ever to play in a Bunny costume.

And so, player #14 has been elevated to the Hall of Bunny Heroines as its 14th member in history.
- Esben
June 3rd, 2012
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
Season 28 is over, and here are the noteworthy achievements of the season:
Team achievements:

1. The team won the bronze medals of the season. This is the first time since season 16 that the team ends in the top 3.
2. The team was awarded the Fair Play Prize. This is their 9th prize ever and their 3rd in a row.

Individual league achievements:

3. Queen Bruise became the league top thrower of the season. This is her 6th career title and her 4th in a row. Both achievements are league records.
4. Billie Luder claimed 2nd spot on the season top scorer list. This is the 7th time that she enters the season top 10 top scorer list.
5. Den Danske Model claimed 3rd spot on the season top thrower list. Her 11 completions of the season all came on dump-offs.
6. Billie Luder claimed 4th spot on the season top thrower list.

Individual team achievements:

7. Billie Luder became team season top scorer with 10 touchdowns.
8. Queen Bruise became team season top thrower with 17 completions.
9. Sisse Fisse and Kaya Röster both became team season top casualty inflicters with 2 casualties each.
10. Billie Luder became team season top experienced with 46 star player points.
11. Billie Luder made a team season match high 3 touchdowns in the runners-up final.
12. Queen Bruise and Den Danske Model both made a team season match high 4 touchdowns each in the 4th round match of the season.
13. Billie Luder made a team season match high 13 star player points in the runners-up final.
14. Billie Luder was awarded Bunny of the Season.
- Esben
Apr. 25th, 2012
To the semis and the big L
The Bunnies advance to the semi-finals with a 2-1 win over Witchburg Steelers.

In the process, Billie Luder made the big L - being only the second player in league history to score 50 touchdowns.
- Esben
Apr. 12th, 2012
Play-off bound!
Den Danske Model became the match winner tonight, as the Bunnies wriggled their way into the play-offs with a small margin.
- Esben
Mar. 28th, 2012
Status before the cross-over
With only a cross-over match remaining of the regular season, 3 new team milestones have been reached by the Bunnies.

With 49 touchdowns Billie Luder is now tied for 2nd place on the league's all-time top scorer list.

Sisse Fisse posted 100 star player points as the 6th player in franchise history.

Queen Bruise has now posted a completion in 26 matches in a row, equalling Synne Buch's record.
- Esben
Mar. 22nd, 2012
The double century
Billie Luder hits the double century mark with regards to star player points. She is the first Bunny to do so, and she is only the 5th player in league history to achieve this feat.
- Esben
Feb. 12th, 2012
Season 28 has begun
And already the Bunnies have played their Billie Luder-tricks on the opponents. The Bunny superstar responsible for virtually all Bunny succes for the past 5 seasons was here, there and everywhere, as the Bunnies bested Deities of Doom 3-1.
- Esben
Jan. 10th, 2012
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
Again the Bunnies advanced to the play-offs and bagged their 8th fair play prize ever. Other than that the team statististics were rather meagre.

In the individual department, however, some amazing records were set.

First of all, Queen Bruise and Billie Luder became legends. The league now has 8 legends. The Bunnies have 3 of these and present or former players, and thus the Bunnies is the team to have fielded the most.

Queen Bruise made the 154th completion of her career and is now the league's all-time top thrower surpassing the former record of 153 set by Bunny Legend Synne Buch.

In doing so Queen Bruise also became the league top thrower of season 27 with 16 completions thus becomind the first player ever to achieve that title 3 seasons in a row and also the first to receive the title 5 times ever thus surpassing the former record of 4 set by Forest Dump.

With 4 touchdowns and 4 completions, Billie Luder qualified for 6th and 8th spot on the league season top scorer and top thrower lists respectively.

Team statistics:

The achievements mentioned above of course also qualify for top spot on the team, so:

Team top thrower of the season: Queen Bruise, 16 completions.

Team top scorer of the season: Billie Luder, 4 completions.

Team top casualty inflicter of the season: Sisse Fisse, 2 casualties. With this stat, Sisse Fisse is now the team's lone all-time top casualty inflicter with 13 casualties, surpassing Sarah Cen's 11.

Queen Bruise and Billie Luder share the title of team top experienced player of the season with 21 SPPs.

The match highs were:

CMPs: 4 in one match set by Queen Bruise
TDs: 2 in one match set by Jette Stue
SPPs: 11 in one match set by Jette Stue

The Bunny of the season award goes to Sisse Fisse for her defensive plays.
- Esben
Oct. 19th, 2011
Queen Bruise steals the spotlight
For one night, the spotlight is on Queen Bruise. Upon reaching 180 starplayer points, she is now the 8th legend ever in the league and the 3rd in Bunny franchise history thus making the Bunnies the first team ever to have fielded 3 legends.

The Queen has been on the roster for 48 matches now, and she has participated in them all - never a missed game. This is the exact same stats as her predecessor Synne Buch managed to achieve in her glorious carrier. The Queen is ready for the next match as well, so she will now take over the streak record of most matches played in a row.

Queen Bruise has made 152 completions in her 48 games in comparison to the 153 achieved by Synne Buch in the same number of matches.

Alas she is still lacking in the category, where it matters most - the play-offs. Synne Buch played 11 postseason games, winning 9. Queen Bruise has so far played 6, winning 2.
- Esben
Oct. 16th, 2011
A season for the seasoned
The Bunnies continue to expand the league records. Already the team holds the record for most seasons participated (16). In last night’s Pyrrhic victory over Librarians the Bunnies took home the record of most matches played in league history surpassing Death Extravagante(133) and Greyhavien Renegades (130), when the Bunnies played their 134th match.

Billie Luder has recently reached the magic 176 star player points and is now the second legend in franchise history making the Bunnies the second team in league history to field 2 legends.

Sisse Fisse has now made 12 casualties in her career thus surpassing the former record of 11 set by Sarah Cen.
- Esben
May 26th, 2011
The Bunny end-of-season-statistics
Season 26 has come to an end. Here are the things worth mentioning:

Team achievements:

1. The Bunnies made it to the semi-finals for the first time since season 16. They came within a whisker of making it to the final. Instead they participated in their first ever runners-up final. Both the semi-final and the runners-up final went into overtime.

2. The Bunnies once again beat the eventual season champions during the regular season.

3. The Bunnies extended their already nigh unbeatable record of most fair play prizes ever to 7.

4. The runners-up final registered a season record gate of 80.000 spectators.

Individual league placements by Bunnies:

5. Billie Luder took home the season top scorer title. She is the 3rd Bunny ever to do so thus joining an exclusive club already hosting Ane Uråd and Carmen Körler.

6. After a strong finish, Queen Bruise took home the season top thrower prize. This is her 4th title, and it is the 11th time, the Bunnies take the prize. Queen Bruise is the one who has done it the most times - the others being:
Synne Buch - 3
Ko Π - 2
Thera Π - 1
Claire Voyance - 1

7. Jette Stue and Ted Bunny both tied for 8th spot on the season top scorer list with 7 touchdowns.

Season franchise achievements:

8. Of course being the league top scorer also means that Billie Luder is the team top scorer of the season with her 11 touchdowns.

9. The same goes for Queen Bruise who is team top thrower with 30 completions.

10. With 2 casualties this season, Alma Nak becomes top casualty inflicter.

11. With 45 star player points, Billie Luder is the top experienced player of the season.

Match highs:

12. Jette Stue scored 3 touchdowns in the runners-up final. This is the most touchdowns scored by a sigle Bunny in one match.

13. Queen Bruise made a match high 7 completions in the semi-final of the season.

14. With 12 star player points in one match, Queen Bruise bags a match high in this category as well.


15. Billie Luder is awarded Bunny of the season for the 3rd time in a row. This is the first time a player takes the award 3 seasons in a row. It is also tied for most ever.

16. Following her untimely demise, Ted Bunny is inducted into the Hall of Bunny Heroines as its 13th member.

17. With 56 matches played, and counting, Sisse Fisse is now the most active Bunny ever surpassing the former record held by Claire Voyance

18. The season saw the demise of begrudged player N´kari Deathstriker. Thanks to Dirty Little Dinos for pushing him over the edge.
- Esben
Apr. 28th, 2011
The Bunnies make it to the semis
Billie Luder took over Thora Rulle’s title as the team’s all-time top scorer, Jette Stue scored the team’s first one-turn touchdown since season 16, and the only-just-purchased Justine Case and Den Danske Model lived up to the faith vested in them by producing an interception and a touchdown as the Bunnies made it to the semi-finals for the first time since season 16.
- Esben
Apr. 4th, 2011
A so far marvellous season
The group phase of season 26 draws to an end.

With one match to spare the Bunnies have won their upper bracket group for the first time since season 16.

In the process the team has been by far the most scoring team with 17 touchdowns. And in their last match the Bunnies broke Death Extravagantes undefeated streak which was starting to threaten the Bunnies own streak that ended in season 16.

Furthermore several Bunnies are placed favourably on the season top achievements charts.

Following the latest match Claire Voyance was retired after long and meritorious service. Claire Voyance holds the present team record of most matches played ever (55). In that department she is closely followed by two active team members, however, so she might not hold on to the record for long. She has been on the roster for 60 matches missing out on 5 due to injury.

She is tied for the title as most injured player ever on the Bunny team with 7 injuries (2 -AV, 4 nigglings, 1 MNG). Sarah Cen was also injured 7 times, but only two of these injuries were permanent. Tina Turnoff holds 2nd place with regards to permanent injuries (4). Claire Voyance also holds the record of most sustained injuries on the field, as all of her injuries have been inflicted during active play, while Sarah Cen received one of her injuries on ageing.

Claire Voyance holds the streak record of most consecutive matches (not counting the ones missed due to the injury) with an injury (3). The streak was accumulated over the last five matches.
- Esben
Mar. 20th, 2011
Another begrudged player retires
Thank you to Scum of the Earth for finally pushing Zorglub the Great to retirement.
- Esben
Mar. 20th, 2011
Season 26 is underway
Season 26 is well underway, and already a few notable achievements have been reached.

Queen Bruise and Billie Luder have become the 3rd and 4th mega-stars in Bunny history. Of course, since LRB 5 this rank does not give an extra skill.

Sisse Fisse is now tied for franchise leader as the all-time most casualty inflicting player together with Sarah Cen. Both players have inflicted 11 casualties.

Sisse Fisse now also holds the franchise record of most MVPs ever (9).

Meanwhile Claire Voyance continues to amass niggling injuries and now holds the franchise record of 3.

In the grudge department, Per Höfler, who is wanted on a major grudge charge, has been given an MA decrease by Warpstone Cowboys. Kudos!
- Esben
Mar. 17th, 2011
Season 25 end-of-season-statistics
Only recently the final matches of season 25 were played. And here are the end-of-season-statistics. A meager season has come to an end, and a mediocrity-ridden series of season achievements are ready to be presented.

League achievements:

With the otherwise obligatory fair play prize somehow slipping through their hands, the Bunnies have little to show in this department.

With 18 completions Queen Bruise took home the season top thrower award. This is her third.

With 10 completions Billie Luder tied for third place on the top thrower list.

However the league in general fared poorly when it came to scoring touchdown. Three Bunnies posted a mark with an exceptionally low number of touchdowns scored.

Billie Luder took home sixth spot on the season top scorer list with just 5 touchdowns.

Ted Bunny and Malice in Wonderbra both tied for tenth spot on the list with just 4 touchdowns.

Team achievements:

The 5 touchdowns mentioned above was of course enough for Billie Luder to be the team’s top scorer of the season.

As league top thrower Queen Bruise is of course also the team’s top thrower with 18 completions.

Only 1 casualty was inflicted during the entire season by others than Player no. 0. To Sisse Fisse befalls the dubious honour of becoming team top casualty inflicter with just one casualty.

With 25 star player points, Queen Bruise became the most experienced Bunny of the season.

Match highs:

In one particular match Malice in Wonderbra went into a frenzy, scoring four touchdowns and making one interception. The four touchdowns marks the match high in this category for season 25. This is the first time ever a Bunny scores exactly four touchdowns in a match. In her heyday, Thora Rulle produced both a 5- and a 6-touchdown match, but other than that 3 touchdowns is the highest number scored.

In all Malice in Wonderbra earned 14 star player points in the match, and this is the match high of this category.

Queen Bruise produced a match high of 7 completions in one match.


The Bunny of the season award went to Billie Luder.

Morten retired from active service. A minor grudge was issued against him for hurting Katja Strofe. Kudos to Dwahos 49'ers and Scum of the Earth for finally persuading him to retire.
- Esben
Nov. 1st, 2010
Complete defeat
As the Bunnies were thumped 6-1 by Death Extravagante the cuties conceded 49 star player points to the opponent. This is the highest number of star player points conceeded by the Bunnies in a single match. (Previous record: 43 by Greyhavien Renegades).

Claire Voyance surpassed one of many franchise records previously held by Synne Buch by playing her 49th match in the bunny costume. She is now the most active player in franchise history.

Queen Bruise posted a century mark in the completions department. She is only the 3rd player in the history of the Aros League to reach 3 digits numbers in completions. Yet she is the second Bunny to do so.

Sisse Fisse inflicted her 10th career casualty. This is the second time in franchise history a 2 digit number has been reached in this department. She is now only 1 casualty away from the franchise record currently held by Sarah Cen.
- Esben
Oct. 15th, 2010
The season has begun
...and is already 2 matches underway. Already some remarkable achievements worth noting have come up.

Malice in Wonderbra scored 4 touchdowns in the first match of the season. This is only the third time in Bunny history, that a Bunny scores more than 3 touchdowns in a match. The figure has not been equalled since the first match of season 16, in which Thora Rulle set the team record of 6 touchdowns in one match.

With her additional interception of the match, Malice in Wonderbra gained 14 star player points tying the 5th highest star player point number totalled in a match by any Bunny and reaching a figure not equalled since Carmen Körler's performance in the 6th match of season 19.

Billie Luder became the 5th player in Bunny history to gain 100 star player points.

Far from the limelight through most of her stint with the Bunnies, Claire Voyance has now tied the figure for most matches ever played by a Bunny with 48 matches. The figure is so far shared pith Synne Buch, but as Claire Voyance is also ready for the next match, the record will almost certainly be hers soon. She has been signed for 50 matches, but has missed 2 on account of MNGs.

The Bunnies have now had 75 players on their rosters over the seasons. Vivi Section became the 75th Bunny in the history of the team.
- Esben
June 15th, 2010
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
Another season has come to an end. Here are the noteworthy Bunny statistics from season 24:

General team achievements:

The Bunnies emerged fourth from a tough group phase to advance to the quarter finals for the 5th time in franchise history. Only a 50-50 penalty shoot-out kept the team from advancing to the semi-finals.

During the group phase, the Bunnies beat the champions-to-be, Death Extravagante. This was the only match during the entire season in which the champions lost any points. Thus the Bunnies hindered Death Extravagante from achieving a perfect season. The Bunnies remain the sole team to have achieved that feat since the rule changes following season 7. The Bunnies achieved the feat in season 16.

However, Death Extravagante tied the record for biggest win in a final - a record the Bunnies held alone since season 15.


Queen Bruise claimed 2nd spot on the season top thrower list, posting 35 completions. This is the 3rd highest season achievement ever by a Bunny, bested only by the 40 and 66 completions respectively posted by Synne Buch in seasons 15 and 16.

Billie Luder made 10 completions during the season. This is the first double-digit mark posted by a non-thrower.

Queen Bruise posted a match high 7 completions twice during the season.


Billie Luder scored 9 touchdowns during the season. This is the 5th highest number ever posted by a Bunny and earned her a tie for 3rd spot on the league season top scorer list.

Ted Bunny came in second on the team top scorer list with 5 touchdowns.

A match high 3 touchdowns were achieved once this season by Billie Luder.


For the 3rd season in a row, Sisse Fisse became team top casualty inflicter with 3 casualties. She is now a lone number 2 on the team all-time casualty inflicter list with 9 casualties bested only by Sarah Cen with 11.

Star player points:

With 40 SPPs, Queen Bruise became team top experienced of the season.

Billie Luder bagged a match high 10 SPPs.


The Bunnies extended their record of most fair play prizes ever with a 6th prize.

Billie Luder is awarded Bunny of the Season.
- Esben
Dec. 26th, 2009
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
Another season season is at an end, and finally, finally the Bunnies managed to advance from a killer group - even advancing to the quarterfinals. So these are the end-of-season statistics:

League acclaims:

1. The team advanced to the quarterfinals.
2. The team beat the season champions during the group phase matches.
3. Queen Bruise took home the season top thrower prize.

This is the 9th time, the Bunnies have taken home the prize. Queen Bruise's 32 completions in this season rank third in Bunny history, surpassed only by Synne Buch's 40 of season 15 and 66 of season 16.

4. Ted Bunny claimed 8th spot on the season top scorer list.
5 Billie Luder tied for 10th spot on the season top scorer list.

Team acclaims:

1. Queen Bruise became season top thrower by completing 32 passes.
2. Ted Bunny became season top score by scoring 7 touchdowns.
3. Queen Bruise became season top experienced with 37 SPPs.
4. Sisse Fisse became season top casualty inflicter with 4 casualties.

5. The Bunny of the Season award goes to Queen Bruise for taking home the league top thrower prize once again despite fierce competition.
- Esben
Nov. 25th, 2009
Billie Luder seals the deal
With the only touchdown of the match, and the defensive action that would secure victory, under her belt Billie Luder became the heroine of the evening as the Bunnies bested Flowers By Irene to advance to the quarterfinals.
- Esben
Nov. 14th, 2009
Play-off bound
After a ghastly 6 season drought the Bunnies have qualified for the play-offs with another 2 rounds of group play remaining by drawing versus Dead Diggers.

In 2 seasons Queen Bruise has taken her team to where Ko Π never managed during her 5 season tenure.
- Esben
Nov. 12th, 2009
Match no. 100
The Bunnies celebrated their 100th match in style... Losing to a Nurgle team. Way to go.
- Esben
Sep. 17th, 2009
Thank you
The Bunnies would like to extend our gratitude to the reigning champions for ridding the world of the pest known as Ethuil Malice.

We kindly ask that you do not spend the bounty, which we were so kind as to provide you with, on measures that can hurt us in our next match.
- Esben
Aug. 30th, 2009
The season 22 end-of-season-statistics
Here are the headlines from another dismal season.

Of formal league acclaims the team grabbed only a scant 2, as the team failed to seize the coveted fair play prize for the 4th season in a row. The acclaims were the following:

1. Queen Bruise brought the season top thrower prize back where it belongs in her rookie season. This is the 8th season out of the Bunnies total of 11 that this prize goes to the team. The queen is one of 5 Bunny quarterbacks to achieve this feat - the others being:
Synne Buch (Seasons 13, 15 and 16)
Thera Π (Season 14)
Ko Π (Seasons 17 and 19)
Claire Voyance (Season 20)

2. Billie Luder tied for 6th spot on the league top scorer list of the season with a not-so-impressive 6 touchdowns.

The noteworthy team achievements were the following:

1. Needless to say Queen Bruise bagged the team top thrower prize of the season with her 23 completions.

2. The team top scorer of the season was of course Billie Luder with her aforementioned 6 touchdowns.

3. With these efforts Queen Bruise and Billie Luder shared the prize for being the most experienced players of the season (26 SPP each).

4. An injured Sisse Fisse turned her focus from agility to brawn and took home the team top casualty inflicter prize of the season with a scant 2 casualties.

5. In terms of match highs, Queen Bruise made an impressive 8 completions in one match and thus now shares a 2nd spot on the team all-time match high list in that category. Still a long way from the 13 completions in one match made by legendary Synne Buch.

6. Billie Luder made 3 touchdowns in one match thus bagging the match high TD prize.

7. Billie Luder also bags the match high SPP prize for the same match with her bleak 9 SPP.

The traditional and inevitable seasonal handicapping of the team came with the dead of the undisputed greatest player on the team, Lone Star. She has posthumously been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines.

The only real consistency on the team this season was displayed by the team's new rookie quarterbunny, Queen Bruise. As a result she was awarded the Bunny of the season award.
- Esben
Feb. 20th, 2009
Welcome to an old friend
Sir Harvey Lickbottom welcomes his old homeboy Scone of Stone to the league.

"I always was a sucker for cute, hard, tight buns", the CEO of PlayBall Corporation exclaimed.
- Esben
Feb. 11th, 2009
The season 21 end-of-season statistics
The team's official league accomplishments were the following:

1. Ko Π claimed 2nd spot on the season top thrower list.
2. Lone Star claimed 6th spot on the season top scorer list.
3. The team was awarded the fair play prize.
4. Bunny of the season award went to Lone Star.


Team season accomplishments:

The team top thrower was Ko Π with 23 CMPs.
The team top scorer was Lone Star with 8 TDs.
The team top experienced was Ko Π with 28. SPPs.
The team top (and only) casualty inflicter was Ann Tenna Kabell with 3 CAS.

Match highs:

Ko Π made a match high 7 CMPs in one match. (Twice).
Lone Star scored a match high 3 TDs in one match.
Ann Tenna Kabell achieved a match high 10 SPPs in one match.

Players Ko Π and Ann Tenna Kabell have been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines poshumously.
- Esben
Feb. 4th, 2009
Back on the field
Following a season that had the Bunny head coach seriously pondering retirement, the Bunnies are back for season 22.

Following the death of both the team captain and team vice captain in the final match of season 21, Queen Bruise has joined the team as new first quarterbunny and team captain. Sisse Fisse is the new designated vice captain.

The team season statistics for season 21 will follow shortly.
- Esben
Nov. 17th, 2008
Fisse marries Pik
Yesterday Sisse Fisse married the love of her life - former Afrikaans leader Pik Botha.

"Of course I did it for the money", she told the press outside the church.

(And just when you think my juvenility could not go any further, it reached its apex).
- Esben
Nov. 9th, 2008
The cycle of five
Thus the Bunnies conclude their 10th season in the Aros Blood Bowl League. Their efforts can be divided into two distinct cycles of 5 seasons.

After the final match of season 16 - the match that concluded the Bunnies' first 5 seasons - the last remaining player of the Bunnies' original 11 players - Synne Buch - was retired. Incidentally the match ended with her lifting the trophy, and the Bunnies were able to look back at 5 seasons in which they qualified for the play-offs in the four of these and had 11 play-off appearances of which 9 were wins.

Season 21 was the end of another 5-season cycle. Of the remaining 3 of the original 11 players from the resetting of the team before season 17 one was retired, and the remaining 2 died in the season closure. Like her predecessor quarterback and team captain, Ko Π also played a full 5 seasons. However, her reign was jinxed to an unfathomable degree.

The two quarterbacks are likely to end up with the same amount of league season top thrower titles. Ko Π has 4 team top thrower titles compared to Synne Buch's 3. In the match and season statistics Synne Buch clearly has the upper hand, and indeed Ko Π's total amassed completions only totals a little more than half of those of her predecessor. However, she still ranks second ever in the league with regards to completions.

But what mostly differentiates the two is the magic touch. In 3 seasons Ko Π has missed out on the play-offs with a record that got Synne Buch into the play-offs.

With both the team captain and vice-captain dead in the last match the Bunnies can now begin a new cycle. Their offence is completely gone, but at least they have a defence to build on. Hopefully the jinx is now over.

Ko Π and Ann Tenna Kabell have been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines. The full season statistics will follow after the closure of the season.
- Esben
Oct. 27th, 2008
Good things come in pairs
The Bunnies now have the two all-time top throwers in the league.
- Esben
Oct. 9th, 2008
Disastrous tidings
The Bunnies concede for the first time in franchise history after a particularly vicious match that saw several key players permanently injured. Read full match report here.


The Bunnies wholeheartedly thank Addicted Lunatics Clan for the AV decrease on Zorglub the Great. The Bunnies have issued a reward for the premature death or retirement of this particular player.

Recently Synne Buch’s feat of having as many completions as the 2nd and 3rd ranked throwers together was washed down the drain. Now Synne Buch has had to hand over one of her most important laurels, as Jesus now has most SPPs ever in the league.
- Esben
Sep. 24th, 2008
And now for some constructive whining!
Having not whined in official team bulletins for quite a while, the Bunny coach has decided that now is the time following tonight's improvement of three players.

Theoretically 10 in every 36 improvement rolls should be either a double or a stat increase. However, since the resetting of the team before season 17 the Bunnies have had 42 improvement rolls and only 3 doubles/stat inreases.

If that does not warrant a whine, I do not know what does.

At least stairwell 123 is clean!
- Esben
Sep. 23rd, 2008
And so the streak ends!
The Bunnies lose in a cross-over match that was never really exciting but was full of eye candy for the spectators.

10 touchdowns were scored in the match where Wild Wood Warriors bested the Bunnies 6-4.


One had almost grown accustomed to the mantra: Synne Buch tops the all-time league top thrower list with exactly the same amount of completions as no. 1 and 2 (153 against 83 and 70)... Well, not anymore. Ko Π jumped 2 places and entered the league all-time top 3 of quarterbacks. With 7 completions in the match she now has 73 completions all-time. This is the fourth time this figure has been achieved by the Bunnies in one match, and only twice has it been bested as Synne Buch has made both 13 and 8 completions in one match.

Ann Tenna Kabell made 2 touchdowns and 2 casualties on the evening. With 21 touchdowns she now shares 2nd place on the Bunny all-time scorer list. She has now made 3 casualties this season. this is the 6th time that one player produces 3 casualties in one season, and only once has it been bested as Sarah Cen once managed to inflict 6 casualties in one season. Ann Tenna Kabell is now tied for 2nd spot on the team all-time casualty inflicter list with 6 casualties. Tonight's achievement boosts her past 100 SPP. She is the third player on the team to achieve that feat.
- Esben
Sep. 22nd, 2008
The Bunnies deliver without Fisse!

The Bunnies lacked one of the spokes in their new defensive wheel consisting of Ann Tenna Kabell, Lone Star and Sisse Fisse in tonight's match against Dodgers, as the latter was out with an injury on account of a late hit in the previous match. But the defence overcame adversity securing victory after stalling the opposing offence for an entire half after a red hot offence led by Ko Π had put the team on winning course by scoring 2 touchdowns.

The Bunny coach was full of praise for his team but did not address the more theoretical aspect of the problems concerning actually delivering without Fisse.
- Esben
Sep. 16th, 2008
And another
The Bunnies are now 2 and 0 for the first time since season 16 after collecting another scalp this evening. Read all about it in the match report:

Blood Bowl Bunnies - Hellbringers (Season XXI, round 2)


Lone Star embarked on a scoring frenzy with 3 touchdowns in the match. This is the 15th time this feat has been accomplished, and only twice has it been surpassed, as Thora Rulle has both made 6 and 5 tochdowns in one match.

Ko Π completed twice in the game, and she now holds 5th spot on the team all-time most experienced list thus moving past Helle Dige Asen.

Lone Star played her 27th match in a row as yet unbroken by injuries. This is now the 5th longest streak ever - just 4 matches shy of 2nd spot, but still 21 matches shy of 1st spot.
- Esben
Sep. 14th, 2008
Off to a flying start!
The Bunnies win 2-1 agains the Army of Fluffers in a somewhat spectacular match which counted among other peculiarities a touchdown scored in the opponents' turn as well as a last minute interception to secure victory.

A more thorough match report can be seen here.

Noteworthy occurences:

Guillo-Tine entered the team top 5 of all-time team top interceptors. You have guessed it: The team only has five.

Mai Stram Kusse was killed in this match, which was her first ever, and she now shares the dubious honour of having played fewest matches ever together with Uto Π
- Esben
Sep. 10th, 2008
The Bunnies have not even played their first match of season 21, and already the first small victory of the season ticked in, as the pesky little vermin Zeus was reported deceased.

Acknowledgements go out to Bones & Bandages for the noble deed.
- Esben
May 29th, 2008
Season 20 achievements
Here are the Bunny top achievements of season 20 - a season in which the Bunnies once again missed out on the play-offs despite beating the season champions in the regular season and fighting them for their spot in the play-offs all the way to the closure of the regular season. Furthermore the Bunnies had a better regular season track record than the season runners-up.


1. Claire Voyance top thrower of the season.
2. Ko Π claimed 3rd spot on the season top thrower list.
3. Ann Tenna Kabell tied for 3rd spot on the season top killer list.
4. Ann Tenna Kabell tied for 10th spot on the season top scorer list.
5. The team was awarded the fair play prize.
6. Bunny of the season award went to Ann Tenna Kabell


And here - if you are interested - a more detailed summary of the season statistics.

All in all permanent players on the Bunny roster had a participation average og 88.89%. This is the lowest average ever and the only time this number has dipped below 90. However, the Bunnies were able to able to field an average 11.56 players pr. match not counting journeymen. This is the 3rd highest figure ever - and it is way better than the all-time low average of 8.00 of last season. It is 0.01 point higher than the average of season 16, but still a long way from the staggering 13.92 of season 15.

The Bunnies made an average 3.00 completions each match this season. This means that every player on the pitch made an average 0.26 completions each match. Both figures are the lowest ever.

In terms of touchdowns the Bunnies scored 2.33 touchdowns pr. match equalling 0.20 pr. player. Both figures are pretty average compared to other seasons.

The same goes for star player points. The figures here are a total average of 16.11 pr. match and 1.39 pr. player pr. match.

With regards to injuries, the situation is almost grotesque, however. The Bunnies received an average 2.33 serious injuries or deaths pr. match (i.e. NOT counting badly hurts). This is the highest figure ever - and it is almost twice as high as the average of 1.75 of season 18 which was a veritable slaughter-house back then. This means that the average Bunny suffered 0.20 serious injury or worse pr. match.

The end-of-season-statistics were brought to you by PlayBall Magazine.
- Esben
May 6th, 2008
End-of-season statistics
The Bunny end-of-season statistics (team)

Another season is over, and here is what has been achieved by and on the team:


Claire Voyance became the team season top thrower with a scant 11 completions. This is the lowest figure, since Lykke Pille became season top thrower in season 12 with just 7 completions.

Ann Tenna Kabell became the team season top thrower with a meagre 6 touchdowns. It could have been quite a bit more, bot she was often forced to hand off the ball to players that were more in need of SPPs than herself. This figure is tied for the lowest ever for a season team top scorer. (Carmen Körler achieved the team top scorer title with the same amount of touchdowns in season 18).

Ann Tenna Kabell became the team season top casualty inflicter with 3 casualties. All of them were kills.

Ann Tenna Kabell became the team season top experienced player with 34 star player points.


As to completions the match high by any one player was 3 completions achieved by both Claire Voyance and Guillo-Tine. (Both in the same match).

As to completions the match high by any one player was 2 touchdowns achieved by three players: Ann Tenna Kabell, Lone Star, and Polly Styrén.

As to SPPs the match high by any one player was 11 SPPs achieved by Ann Tenna Kabell.

The Bunny of the season award goes to Ann Tenna Kabell for being so strong in every aspect of the game. Not only did she take home 3 of the four top achievements of the seasons – most of her touchdowns were scored on the defence. A testament to her legacy is furthermore the fact that she has had a bounty placed on her head and a player named for a deathwish on her behalf.

More information will follow after the final on the Bunnies’ achievements compared to those of the league in general. Already now it can be stated, however, that the Bunnies will receive the fair play prize for the third time in a row – fourth time ever.
- Esben
Apr. 30th, 2008
End of the line
The Bunnies are out after an effort which would under most other circumstances have sent them into the play-offs.

In season 18 the Bunnies were in a group which was by some considered the toughest group ever in the league. In the end they missed out even though they were on par with the team in second place of the other upper bracket group.

This season the Bunnies' efforts would have hoisted them to third place in the rivalling group, but again they were in the tougher.

This is now the fourth season in a row of play-off drought. On top of that the Bunnies lost their super-star vice captain in the last, totally insignificant crossover match.

Carmen Körler has promptly been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines as the first after the resetting of the team in season 17. The hall now contains nine members.

Ann Tenna Kabell has taken over obligations as team vice captain.
- Esben
Apr. 29th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Rounding off yet another catastrophic season with losing the most valuable Bunny player - team captain Carmen Körler here is a look at this season's charts and records.

With the death of Carmen Körler the player who was closest to moving into the team all-time most matches played and most matches signed is now out of the picture.

Ko Π expanded her position as the second-greatest thrower ever for the Bunnies. Claire Voyance moved into 5th place on the all-time most completions ever list.

Carmen Körler consolidated her 2nd place on the all-time top scorer list, while Ann Tenna Kabell not only moved into the top 5 but all the way into 3rd spot.

Ann Tenna Kabell went from total oblivion to an undisputed first place on the all-time top killer list with 3 kills this season. Without doubt the most spectacular event this season.

Carmen Körler and Ann Tenna Kabell added to their 2nd and 3rd places on the all-time most experienced list, while Ko Π moved into the top 5 with 69 points all in all.

Ann Tenna Kabell's achievement of 3 casualties gave her a tied 2nd place on the all-time most casualties in one season list. Her 34 SPPs gave her 7th spot on the all-time most SPPs in one season list.

Ko Π's streak of 13 matches in a row with 1+ completion which ended this season was the 2nd longest ever. It was furthermore the 3rd longest streak of matches with 1+ SPP.

Next week we will be starting with the end-of-season-statistics.
- Esben
Apr. 27th, 2008
Major overhaul
The Bunny player profiles have been upgraded with several new features.

* New acclaims and accolades section
Each player profile has had its acclaims and accolades section upgraded. The achievements are now divided into league and team achievements. All achievements are now listed seasonwise.

* Specials
If applicable a "specials" box appears at the end of a player's league and team achievements to tell, if the player in question has made any remarkable achievements that do not appertain to a specific season. These boxes will include:
AWARDS - Hall of Fame Entries, etc.
TEAM/LEAGUE LEADER - the player is the leading player in her category.
TEAM/LEAGUE RECORDS - most touchdowns in a season, etc.
TEAM/LEAGUE FIRST - the player has been the first to accomplish a given feat.
CAPTAINCY - the player has had a share of the team captaincy.

League achievements will include entries on the season top 10 charts, whereas team achievements will only include 1st places.

Also league records have only been added when it has been established with almost complete certainty, that these are in fact records (a bit statistical uncertainties in some areas).

*New links
The player profiles have been upgraded with more than fifty new links to events and their ilk involving Bunny players.

*Upgraded stories
Additions have been made to some player profiles to tell more in-depth stories of their lives. Read about the merry men of PlayBall Corporation, Hofmann von FallosLeben, Grovbollemanden, Gunnar Rée, John Lennon and many more.

*New statistics
A new statistics has been added to the "top achievements" section of the Team Info Page: Most play-off appearances.

Coming up: New season statistics - find out who is the team top scorer, thrower etc. of each season, and who scored most TDs in one single match that season, etc.

Brought to you by PlayBall Magazine - for your viewing pleasure.
- Esben
Apr. 22nd, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
The past and the present

Despite the very high rate of casualties that has befallen the Bunnies in the 3 most recent seasons, it seems as though the Bunnies have managed to retain a core of experienced positional players. Here are the figures:

The Bunnies have 12 active players on their roster and 47 former players.

The Bunny of today has made an average of 7.92 completions in her career compared to the 6.28 completions of her predecessors.

The Bunnies of yore averaged 3.62 touchdowns in their careers while the active Bunnies have managed 3.92.

In average the active Bunny has made 28.8 star player points, while the former Bunny only made 26.4 in average.

On one point the degrading of the apothecary and various other factors have combined to keep the Bunnies of today at bay: Participation average.

The average Bunny of yore played in 94.7% of all the matches for which she was signed. The Bunny of today has only participated in 91.1%. These figures can nowadays only be ascribed to MNG injuries compared to the Bunnies who played under the former LRB version, who could also be hampered by old niggling injuries and random events such as getting arrested. All in all this figure tells a tale of a higher number of lesser injuries for which the apotechary is not used at all or fails, and of fewer retirements following a permanent injury.
- Esben
Apr. 15th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
In spite of hardship with regard to injuries the Bunnies have managed to scrape home a satisfactory amount of points this season. The team is likely to miss out on the play-offs again, but considering the strength of their group, this is acceptable. So what is the reason for their recent redemption? To a large extent one single player. So much so, that the team in this season just as well might have been dubbed Ann Tenna Kabell & Ko.

Ann Tenna Kabell has been the #1 Bunny on both offence and defence. She leads the team top scorer list with 6 touchdowns, the team top experienced list with 34 star player points, and most remarkably the team top casualty inflicter list with 3 casualties. To add further to the mystery, all of these 3 casualties – the only casualties in her career – have been kills. This puts her in the immediate tied 3rd place on the season top killer list.

This also elevates her to a lone first spot on the team all-time top killer list. As a result of this, the rank of team top killer has been added to the top achievements list on the team description page.

Did you know that:

Her (current) 3 casualties in one season ties for second place in the team all-time most-casualties-in-one-season list?

Ann Tenna Kabell is just one out of 4 super-stars ever on the team?

That with 4 serious injuries in her career she is tied for 6th spot on the team all-time most-injuries-sustained list? Fortunately all 4 have just been MNGs.

That she ranks third on the team all-time top scorer list with 19 touchdowns?

That she ranks fifth on the team all-time most-touchdowns-in-one-season list with 7 touchdowns?

That she ranks third on the team all-time longest touchdown streak list with 5 matches in a row with one or more touchdowns?

That she is just the third Bunny ever to have a bounty put on her head.
- Esben
Apr. 8th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Player development in season 20

With the Bunnies' most recent match as a new low in every respect, their season 20 so far equals their worst season ever in player development.

In average the Bunnies have gained 1.18 star player points per player in each match. That equals the record of their so far worst season ever - season 12. The Bunnies have had more players on the roster in this season than in season 12, however, so in average the entire team has gained 14.6 SPPs each match compared to the average 13.0 of season 12.

These figures are far from the Bunnies' best season so far in this respect - season 15. In average the Bunnies produced 2.1 SPPs per player per match and 29.27 SPPs per match overall.

At the same time the general participation average stoops to a new low. Injuries en masse mean that due to MNGs the players have only participated in 88.57 % of the matches in which they have been on the team roster.

Despite another 2 deaths among the Linebunnies this season, the Bunnies will continue to purchase an ample reserve of these as linefodder. In average 52 % of all serious injuries and deaths befall Linebunnies despite the fact that they only constitute 45.61 % of the player mass. The average Linebunny suffers 2.04 serious injuries during her career. This is arguably more than the next player category - the catchers - who sustains 1.69 serious injuries in average.

In this season this has so far been the key to avoiding the death of any key player.
- Esben
Apr. 2nd, 2008
Miserable performance
Yesterday evening the Bunnies lost 2-0 to Maca'Chobaich. This is the first time since the match Blood Bowl Bunnies - Deadly Doom (season XII, round 6) that the Bunnies have failed to score even one single touchdown in a game.

Apart from the obligatory mvp, only one star player point was achieved for the Bunnies in the match, and at the same time the streak of serious injuries on key players continues.

This makes the match the most miserable ever for the Bunnies.

A key factor to this misery was the team captain Ko Π who played every trumph into the hands of the opponents with two crucial turnovers. She assumes full responsibility, and it is expected that her bad performance was a one-time bummer only. Let us take a look at the otherwise so successful quarterbunny.

The Bunny Record & Fact Book

Did you know that:

Ko Π's mother and sister played for the Bunnies too – also as quarterbunnies?

That she has been the only player on the team to become team top thrower 3 seasons in a row?

That she is at present the 5th best quarterback in the league ever?

Ko Π’s team rankings are as follows:

With regards to completions in her career she ranks 2nd with 60 completions.
1. Synne Buch: 153.

With regards to completions in a single season she ranks 4th with 22 completions in season 19.

1. Synne Buch: 66, season 16.
2. Synne Buch: 40, season 15.
3. Thera Π: 25, season 14.

With regards to completions in one match she shares 3rd spot with 7 completions in season 17, match 6.

1. Synne Buch: 13, season 16, match 5.
2. Synne Buch: 8, season 16, match 1.

With regards to completion streaks she ranks 2nd with 12 matches in a row with 1 or more completions (current).

1. Synne Buch: 26, ending in season 15, semi-final.

Ko Π has 2 official league honours as she was league top thrower in seasons 17 and 19.
- Esben
Mar. 27th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Top Scorers

On a pass-oriented team like the Bunnies', scoring is a catcher's job. These are the team top scorers over the seasons:

Season: / Player: / Touchdowns:

12 D.Talje / 7
13 Ane Uråd / 14
14 Karen Tæhne / 7
15 Thora Rulle / 25
16 Helle Dige Asen / 10
17 Ann Tenna Kabell / 7
18 Carmen Körler / 6
19 Carmen Körler / 13

Ane Uråd in season 13 and Carmen Körler in season 19 also took home the league season top scorer title with their efforts. In season 15 Thora Rulle made a still not surpassed league record of 25 touchdowns in one season. However, that figure was not enough to achieve the league season top scorer title.
- Esben
Mar. 21st, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
The catchers

Sign on as a Bunny catcher, and you will be guaranteed a life of merit.

With a flamboyant pair of starting skills combined with the Bunnies nag to pass the ball, the Bunny catchers are a privileged spoiled class. Let us look at their achievements.

The Bunnies have had 15 catchers in the troupe so far. 6 of the Bunnies' 9 star players thus far have been catchers, and 4 of the 8 Bunny Heroines have been catchers. 14 of the 15 catchers have attained at least one skill.

82 percent of all Bunny touchdowns have been scored by catchers, and 41 percent of all star player points have been achieved by catchers.

All this in spite of the fact that only 26.79 percent of the Bunny players have been catchers.

In spite of popular theory the catchers have not been subjected to more injuries than the average Bunny. 26 percent of all injuries have been sustained by the catchers - a figure closely matching their average number. In average each catcher sustains 1.60 serious injury - again very close to the general average.

The only catcher that stands out from the average is Vira Go. She never attained one single SPP despite playing a total of 12 matches for the team. At times she even substituted as linefodder on the line of scrimmage. In spite of all this she was on the field when the Bunnies lifted both their trophies.
- Esben
Mar. 11th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Blood Bowl is the name of the game, and although the Bunnies have never sworn to the bloody side of the sport, here is the story of casualties:

The Bunnies have suffered 215 casualties over time. This figure is comprised of 95 BHs, 74 SIs, and 46 kills.

In the other end of the scale, the Bunnies have produced only 77 casualties comprising 34 BHs, 28 SIs, and 15 kills...

Make that 58 casualties comprising 22 BHs, 25 SIs, and 11 kills if you do not count the casualties inflicted by #0... And the Bunnies have NEVER fouled.

Sarah Cen is THE name when it comes to casualties, as she holds the records in both ends of the scale. She has inflicted a franchise record 11 casualties in her career - including a franchise record 6 in one single season.

In the other end of the scale she has suffered 7 serious injuries or worse... 2 more than the 3 closest runners-up respectively. However, 5 of these were only MNGs, and one of the permanent injuries was a -AG stemming from ageing. Her final permanent injury was death, which was not, however, more permanent than as to allow her career to continue as a Zombie.

The franchise killing record is an extremely meagre figure of only 2 kills shared by Ru Tine and Metha Stase

The franchise record of permanent injuries is 3 held by both Thora Rulle and Synne Buch. However 2 of the injuries on the former were the result of ageing, while all 3 of the injuries on the latter were the result of this.

Only one player, Helle Dige Asen, has suffered an injury on crush back when that was an option. Ane Uråd was the only player to be forcibly retired on crush.

All in all 53 of the injuries suffered by Bunnies have been permanent. 23 Deaths have been permanent.
- Esben
Mar. 3rd, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
In Saturday's match the Bunnies passed a milestone, as Ann Tenna Kabell scored touchdown number 200 in franchise history.

Later in the game she scored another one and was crowned with the match mvp-award. These achievements elevate her to fifth spot in both the franchise all-time top scorer list and the franchise all-time most experienced list.

With 2 completions, Ko Π reclaimed her position as the league top quarterback after the resetting of the teams before season 17. With the recent death of Thorn Of Vengeance, this is a position, she is likely to hold for a while.

In the other end of the scale, the match will also be noted for a more lamented entry in the prominent part of the statistics, as Ann Holt staked a claim out for tied second spot on the all-time shortest Bunny career list with just 3 matches played. Her death makes it even more obvious that the Bunnies' retention problem is not likely to recede.
- Esben
Feb. 26th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book

Consistency pays off - or so they say! Is there any truth to the saying, or is it just just a flashy proverb invented by Bandha Ghista's grand-mother? And if that is the case, what does it actually mean in Sanskrit?

The Bunnies are giddy to actually be able to field 14 players from their own roster. This is the first time after the beginning of season 15 that this possibility has arisen, and hopefully this will set the tone for the seasons to come. History shows, that the Bunnies fare best when fielding the regulars.

In the Bunnies' very first season, the players on the roster were only fit for fight in a scant 93.90% of the matches meaning that the Bunnies were able to field in average exactly 11 players of their own breed for each match. The season was their worst ever.

This could probably better be attributed to the fact that the Bunny coach is a lousy starter, because after the restarting of the team in season 17 the Bunnies had a record high consistency of 96.34% but still had their second-most miserable season ever. They fielded in average 11.29 players each match.

But the most recent season gives ample material to show the results of the lack of consistency. The players on the roster were only able to play in a record low 91.8% of the matches, and in average the Bunnies fielded only 8 players each match. (Thank the Lord for journeymen).

The lack of key players has thus been sorely felt. This was also demonstrated in season 18 where the figures were a 93.41% turnout and an average fielding of 10.63 players each match.

In the other end of the scale season 15 further substanciates the point. 95.98% of the times the players on the roster were also on the field. Combined with a record average of 13.92 players ready for each match, these figures were likely one of the key factors in the success of that season.

Throughout the seasons the Bunnies field an average 11.61 players per match.
- Esben
Feb. 19th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Assets and liabilities

Which players have been paying dividends and which players players have been bad investments when it comes to participation?

Valuing players and ranking them accordingly is an all but impossible task. Their costs differ - as do their assignments. But here are the ultimate assets and liabilities in terms of service:

The average Bunny is signed for the team for 15.32 matches, but they only participate in 14.52 - or 93.47percent - of these, missing out on injuries and random events. Who stand out?

In terms of absolute service, Synne Buch is the local darling with 48 matches on the roster and 48 matches played. A perfect record with loads of achievements on top, including 11 play-off appearances of which 9 were victories. She is undoubtedly the greatest asset of them all.

She is closely followed by Sarah Cen, Metha Stase, and Ru Tine who were signed for 47, 47, and 46 matches respectively. However, in terms of relative service, they played 43, 44, and 42 matches respectively totalling in respect 91.49%, 93.62%, 91.30% service - or just about the general average. Of course, for mere linebunnies to stay alive that long is quite an achievement in itself. On a general note it should be mentioned that Sarah Cen even prolonged her career thereafter with one additional match as a zombie on a Necromantic team.

In the other end of the scale Uto Π takes the cake with one sordid appearance before being carried off to the undertaker.

Venus Biærg did not fare much better with only 3 appearances. In these, however, she managed to score 3 touchdowns and complete 1 pass, thus playing an important role in the matches she did play.

Sus Pekt, Afro-Ditte, and Ann Stød Steen with 4, 5, and 5 matches under the belt also made their marks on the game.

Kim Ono was on the other hand an extremely poor investment belonging to the most expensive player type and achieving absolutely nothing before retiring following her 4th appearance.

But in terms of relative service the ultimate prize is taken by (fanfare) Andro Gün! Her participating in only 6 of the 10 matches she was signed means that she stoops to the ultimate low and takes the cake. Missing one match on account of an MNG, another one on an MNG following her niggling injury, and an additional two matches on account of her niggling injury, Andro Gün is the ultimate liability with a participation average of 60%.
- Esben
Feb. 10th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
The stats to beat - touchdowns.


Career top five.

Player / tds

1. Thora Rulle - 39
2. Carmen Körler - 19
3. Helle Dige Asen - 17
4. Karen Tæhne - 16
5. Ane Uråd - 14

Of these Carmen Körler is stil active and is expected to improve on her record.

Ann Tenna Kabell has totalled 13 touchdowns thus far and might easily enter the top 5 in the coming season.


Season top ten.

Player / tds / season

1. Thora Rulle - 25 - 15
2. Ane Uråd - 14 - 13
3. Carmen Körler - 13 - 19
4. Helle Dige Asen - 10 - 16
5. Ann Tenna Kabell - 7 - 17
5. Thora Rulle - 7 - 16
5. Karen Tæhne - 7 - 15
5. Helle Dige Asen - 7 - 15
5. Karen Tæhne - 7 - 14
5. Helle Dige Asen - 7 - 12

Interestingly, only the secondary and tertiary achievements led to a season top scorer title, whereas Thora Rulle only made it unto second place on the season top scorer list of season 15… even though 25 touchdown was then and still is the highest number of touchdowns achieved by any one player in a single season.


Match top twenty.

Player / tds / season / match

1. Thora Rulle - 6 - 16 - 1
2. Thora Rulle - 5 - 15 - 7
3. Carmen Körler - 3 - 19 - 6
3. Carmen Körler - 3 - 19 - 2
3. Carmen Körler - 3 - 19 - 1
3. Carmen Körler - 3 - 18 - 5
3. Helle Dige Asen - 3 - 16 - SF
3. Helle Dige Asen - 3 - 16 - QF
3. Helle Dige Asen - 3 - 16 - 5
3. Gro Myko - 3 - 16 - 5
3. Thora Rulle - 3 - 15 - F
3. Thora Rulle - 3 - 15 - QF
3. Karen Tæhne - 3 - 15 - 5
3. Thora Rulle - 3 - 14 - 5
3. Ane Uråd - 3 - 13 - 6
3. Ane Uråd - 3 - 13 - 5
17. Ann Tenna Kabell - 2 - 19 - 7
17. Maja Tærsker - 2 - 17 - 7
17. Ann Tenna Kabell - 2 - 17 - 7
17. Ann Tenna Kabell - 2 - 17 - 6

Note: The match number denotes the number of the match in the sequence of matches actually played. NOT the number of the round actually denoted officially by the league. As to abbreviations, the meaning is as follows: RoS = Round of sixteen, QF = Quarterfinal, SF = Semi-final, F = Final.
- Esben
Feb. 4th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
The stats to beat - completions.


Career top five.

Player / cmps

1. Synne Buch - 153
2. Ko Π - 52
3. Thera Π - 47
4. Lykke Pille - 21
5. Ann Griff - 8

Of these Ko Π is stil active and is expected to improve on her record.

The distribution of completions has been a rather lopsided affair, but also a testament as to how the careers of quite a few Bunny throwers were cut short by injury (read: death). A blitzer still holds fifth spot, but this is very likely to change in the nearest future.


Season top ten.

Player / cmps / season

1. Synne Buch - 66 - 16
2. Synne Buch - 40 - 15
3. Thera Π - 25 - 14
4. Ko Π - 22 - 19
5. Synne Buch - 21 - 14
6. Synne Buch - 20 - 13
7. Ko Π - 17 - 17
8. Thera Π - 14 - 15
8. Lykke Pille - 14 - 13
10. Ko Π - 13 - 18

Interestingly, all three of Ko Π´s season achievements have made it unto the list.


Match top twenty.

Player / cmps / season / match

1. Synne Buch - 13 - 16 - 5
2. Synne Buch - 8 - 16 - 1
3. Ko Π - 7 - 17 - 6
3. Synne Buch - 7 - 16 - 6
3. Synne Buch - 7 - 16 - 3
6. Synne Buch - 6 - 16 - RoS
6. Synne Buch - 6 - 16 - 7
6. Synne Buch - 6 - 15 - 7
6. Synne Buch - 6 - 15 - 6
6. Synne Buch – 6 - 15 - 5
11. Ko Π - 5 - 19 - 2
11. Synne Buch - 5 - 16 - SF
11. Synne Buch - 5 - 16 - 4
11. Synne Buch - 5 - 15 - 8
11. Ann Griff - 5 - 15 - 1
11. Thera Π - 5 - 14 - 5
11. Thera Π - 5 - 14 - 1
18. Ko Π - 4 - 18 - 6
18. Ko Π - 4 - 18 - 2
18. Synne Buch - 4 - 16 - QF

Note: The match number denotes the number of the match in the sequence of matches actually played. NOT the number of the round actually denoted officially by the league. As to abbreviations, the meaning is as follows: RoS = Round of sixteen, QF = Quarterfinal, SF = Semi-final, F = Final.
- Esben
Jan. 29th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
The stats to beat - star player points.

Before the season start the record and fact bulletins will primarily take a look at the top statistics in various areas to see which of them might be up for grabs in the coming season. This time around starting with star player points.


Career top five.

Player / spp

1. Synne Buch - 188
2. Thora Rulle - 132
3. Carmen Körler - 81
4. Helle Dige Asen - 69
5. Thera Π - 64
5. Ann Griff - 64

Of these Carmen Körler is stil active and is expected to improve on her record, although it is highly unlikely that she will surpass any of the two players in front of her in the next season.

Of the players outside the top 5 both Ko Π (59 spp) and Ann Tenna Kabell (54 spp) are serious contenders to make a bid for contention.


Season top ten.

Player / spp / season

1. Thora Rulle - 89 - 15
2. Synne Buch - 88 - 16
3. Ane Uråd - 56 - 13
4. Carmen Körler - 45 - 19
5. Synne Buch - 43 - 15
6. Helle Dige Asen - 36 - 16
7. Ann Tenna Kabell - 33 - 17
7. Helle Dige Asen - 33 - 15
9. Ann Griff - 32 - 15
10. Thera Π - 30 - 14

Of course, any of these numbers are up for grabs in the following season, although it is highly unlikely that any of the top-most figures will be met, if the Bunnies do not make it far into the play-offs.

As a curiosity it can be mentioned, that the number one stat achieved by Thora Rulle was achieved in a season that was one match longer than the following season which saw the number 2 stat achieved.


Match top twenty.

Player / spp / season / match

1. Synne Buch - 18 - 16 - 5
1. Thora Rulle - 18 - 16 - 1
3. Thora Rulle - 15 - 15 - 7
3. Ane Uråd - 15 - 13 - 5
5. Carmen Körler - 14 - 19 - 6
5. Thora Rulle - 14 - 15 - QF
7. Synne Buch - 12 - 16 - 7
7. Ane Uråd - 12 - 13 - RoS
9. Thora Rulle - 11 - 15 - F
9. Mette Vons - 11 - 14 - 2
9. Mette Vons - 11 - 14 - 1
12. Carmen Körler - 10 - 19 - 1
12. Synne Buch - 10 - 16 - 6
12. Synne Buch - 10 - 16 - 4
15. Carmen Körler - 9 - 19 - 2
15. Carmen Körler - 9 - 18 - 5
15. Carmen Körler - 9 - 18 - 4
15. Ann Tenna Kabell - 9 - 17 - 5
15. Helle Dige Asen - 9 - 16 - SF
15. Helle Dige Asen - 9 - 16 - QF

Note: The match number denotes the number of the match in the sequence of matches actually played. NOT the number of the round actually denoted officially by the league. As to abbreviations, the meaning is as follows: RoS = Round of sixteen, QF = Quarterfinal, SF = Semi-final, F = Final.

Again, these numbers are always up for grabs.
- Esben
Jan. 18th, 2008
The Bunny Record & Fact Book
Starting this season there will be a weekly entry from the Bunny Record & Fact Book starting next week. The Record & Fact book comprises loads of completely irrelevant and geeky information about the Bunny team. Prepare to get bored.
- Esben
Nov. 28th, 2007
The Bunny end-of-season statistics
(Brought to you by Play-Ball Magazine)

The Bunnies disappointingly missed out on play-offs again, but this time they fared better in the secondary prize department thus partially making up for it.

In the passing department the Bunnies are back on top after last season’s disappointment. Ko Π is once again the season top thrower, and this is the 6th time that the Bunnies secure that title. Also in a shared 8th spot on this season’s top thrower list we find Claire Voyance and Sandra Bullcock, although the latter is not shown on the official list due to lack of space.

In the casualties department we stooped to a new low setting a new team record by inflicting only one single casualty. This was a kill, though. We did, however, also receive another casualty on a random event, so in the end 2 casualties was the result for the Bunnies this season. We also had 2 casualties last season, but they were both inflicted by team players.

With the few casualties came the season fair play title, and the Bunnies are now the first and so far only team in the history of the league to achieve that prize 3 times.

But the biggest treat of them all was naturally to once again achieve the season top scorer prize. Carmen Körler dodged, leapt and side-stepped like crazy to achieve the title, and passed with flying colours – even when being the only Bunny left on the pitch. A fully deserved title, and with it comes the title of Bunny of the season.

So with 3 secondary prizes secured, the Bunnies equalled their performance of season 13 where, however, they did also advance to the play-offs.

The acclaims and accolades of season 18 are then these:

1. Carmen Körler top scorer of the season.
2. Ko Π top thrower of the season.
3. The team was awarded the fair play prize.
4. Claire Voyance tied for 8th spot on the season top thrower list.
5. Sandra Bullcock tied for 8th spot on the season top thrower list.
6. Bunny of the season award went to Carmen Körler.

The Bunnies will be back next season with yet more completely useless statstics from their record and fact book.
- Esben
Nov. 15th, 2007
Another round of acknowledgements
This time to Elf Huggers for giving a niggling injury to Ethuil Malice who is still wanted for the murder of Anna Krohn.
- Esben
Oct. 31st, 2007
Thank you Dragons of the Jungle
Despite a valiant effort the Bunnies are out of this season.

During the course of the next week the team description will be updated.

The end-of-season statistics will appear shortly after the final.

In the meanwhile I will suffice to send out my acknowledgements to Dragons of the Jungle for killing Ariana Deathkiss who was wanted for the murder of Rita Dando.
- Esben
Oct. 26th, 2007
With seemingly nothing going their way at the moment, the Bunnies are doing what they can to scrape home a few meagre secondary individual achievements, now that the play-offs are hopelessly out of reach. In this area, however, the battered females do have some success.

With today's accompliments, team captain Ko Π surpassed her twin sister Thera Π's personal record of 47 completions by two. This makes her the second-most successful quarterbunny in the history of the team - but still she has not come 1/3 of the way towards the daunting record of the quarterback phenomenon, the legendary Synne Buch.

Team vice captain Carmen Körler also continued to improve on an already fantastic season. With three more touchdowns, she is now the third ever super-star in the history of the Bunnies. She is now also the second-most scoring player in team history - surpassing in this match both the former occupants of second and third spot - Helle Dige Asen and Karen Tæhne.
- Esben
Oct. 24th, 2007
The Bunnies hire the Holt twins
After another poor effort on the field owing to the loss of player material that befell us in season 18 the Bunnies now again invest in linebunnies.

With the huge potential seen in the Holt twins, Ann Holt and Iben Holt, it is hoped that the team can start recouperating next season.
- Esben
Sep. 29th, 2007
# 50!!!
Claire Voyance becomes the 50th player ever to be hired for the Bunny roster.
- Esben
Sep. 23rd, 2007
...and already threatened severely in her list of "sustained injuries", I see. :D
- Esben
Sep. 23rd, 2007
A new star
After a slow start in the first two seasons, Carmen Körler becomes the team's first star player after the resetting of the team.
- Esben
Sep. 5th, 2007
The Bunnies were further hampered in tonight's match against Vikings, as another two key players were killed...

...Well... didn't need the buggers anyway.
- Esben
Aug. 28th, 2007
The Bunnies sign up for Season 19
After thorough deliberations the Bunny coach signs up for season 19 despite being stationed in Svendborg for the time being. Now he sets his hopes for the fexibility of his former group opponents in terms of the scheduling of the matches.
- Esben
May 13th, 2007
The final stats
The Bunnies are thoroughly disappointed when looking back on season 18. Not with they way they played - actually they made a remarkable performance taken into consideration the hardships they suffered and last season's miserable performance.

Things looked ominous from the start as the Bunnies were placed in one of the toughest groups the league has ever seen. Symptomatically the season final was between two teams from the Bunnies' group. Despite that fact, the Bunnies performed well, and in the end they ended with the same amount of points as the team in second place of the other upper bracket group. That was just not enough in the hefty Group B.

What deprived the Bunnies of a spot in the play-offs was the heavy loss of players. With the amount of casualties and their severity taken into consideration, it was one of - if not THE - most vehement slaughterings ever to befall a team in one season so far in the league. As a result the necessary points were not scraped together - and on the individual front the Bunnies were not able to dominate the players' top charts as they had done the former seasons.

In the end only two minor individual placements and one team placement on the season's top charts were the meagre result of season 18:

Season 18:

1. Carmen Körler number 7 on the season top scorer list.
2. Ko Π number 4 on the season top thrower list.
3. The team was awarded the fair play prize.
4. Bunny of the season award went to Maja Tærsker.

Due to the coach's notorious lack of time for the great game of Blood Bowl it is at present under consideration to permanently retire the team.
- Esben
Mar. 21st, 2007
The sweetest victory!
The Bunnies celebrate a 3-2 win in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

A superb and uncannily lucky solo effort by Maja Tærsker turned a certain defeat into a formidable victory.

Team vice captain Carmen Körler was the other delight of the evening. With a game winning hat-trick she has now finally established herself as a respectable target down-field.
- Esben
Mar. 6th, 2007
Another 2-2 draw...
... and yet more headache for the Bunny coach on account of yet another slaying of a Bunny and an additional 2 players out for the next match.
- Esben
Feb. 28th, 2007
Bloody Tuesday!
The Bunny roster became somewhat decimated in tonight's match against Death Extravagante. 3 Bunnies were stretchered off the field and placed in coffins. Another one will be retired on account of her injuries. A fifth will miss the next match. At least the Bunnies did manage to scrape home a draw.

The only positive happening of the evening was when Army Of Lovers took the miserable life of wanted Jupiter. Our acknowledgements to the Orc coach.
- Esben
Feb. 24th, 2007
The Bunnies go for training
For the first time in the history of the Bunnies, the team now has three permanent re-rolls on their roster.
- Esben
Feb. 14th, 2007
Off to a flying start
In a rather messy game, the Bunnies took home a 1-0 victory tonight over Elf Huggers. Persistent defence was the key to the victory.
- Esben
Feb. 6th, 2007
Alas! The groups are ready
It is not with utter elation that the Bunnies find themselves in Group B - undoubtedly the toughest group this season.

The Bunnies do not mind playing hard hitters, but keeping in mind the Bunny coach's legendary lack of skills in playing against fast moving teams this season looks to be an uphill struggle from the start.
- Esben
Nov. 30th, 2006
Season 17 is over, and it is time for the final thoughts on the season.

Excuses aside, this was a terrible season for the Bunnies that were so accustomed to winning. The team is a lousy starting team, and the coach is a a lousy starting team coach. That is the only conclusion summing up the end of the first season since the Synne Buch Era.

Now for the few positive things:

Player development is going according to plan. The linebunnies are slowly progressing as hoped. With a newly purchased blitzer more attention has been paid to developing the defence. The strategy has so far paid off, as Maja Tærsker has played an important role on the offence in order to attain the necessary star player points needed to achieve the skills needed on the defence. In just one season she has already earned much experience, and with the serious coaching of Bunny defensive guru Ann Griff, hopefully Maja Tærsker will soon be ready to walk in her footsteps. Also rookie blitzer Lone Star showed potential in her first match. The defence is well on its way.

As to the receivers things are looking a bit more lob-sided. Despite a hard effort to distribute the star player points more equally, all touchdowns in that department have been made by Ann Tenna Kabell. But that has been the story throughout the Bunnies’ entire history: In spite of all attempts to have a solid receiving quartet, stars have emerged from this position and stolen the picture.

The player with the hardest role-model to live up to was no doubt Ko Π. Treading in the footsteps of the league’s greatest quarterback ever, the living legend Synne Buch, Ko Π had a daunting task in front of her, but despite a few starting difficulties, she got the hang of things and achieved something, which Synne Buch did not: Namely the season top thrower title in her rookie season. The quarterbunny has always played a vital role in the history of the team. And things are looking bright on this front.

Worth noticing on the team achievement front is a team premiere this season: For the first time ever the Bunnies are represented on the season top killer list as Rita Dando, Lotte Rig and Carmen Körler shared the 8th spot with one kill each (Carmen Körler has the same average but is not included in the official season statistics due to lack of space). Ann Tenna Kabell grabbed an impressive 2nd spot on the season top scorer list, while Ko Π took the top thrower title. This is the 5th season in a row that the Bunnies take home that title:

Season 13: Synne Buch tied for season top thrower.
Season 14: Thera Π season top thrower.
Season 15: Synne Buch season top thrower.
Season 16: Synne Buch season top thrower.
Season 17: Ko Π season top thrower.

While focus has been on generating star player points for certain players, one player completely over-achieved while not being specifically designated to do so. This to such an extent that it earns her the Bunny of the season award: Namely Ann Tenna Kabell!

Acclaims and accolades:

1. Ko Π top thrower of the season.
2. Ann Tenna Kabell number 2 on the season top scorer list.
3. Rita Dando tied for 8th spot on the season top killer list.
4. Lotte Rig tied for 8th spot on the season top killer list.
5. Carmen Körler tied for 8th spot on the season top killer list.
6. Bunny of the season award went to Ann Tenna Kabell.
- Esben
Nov. 7th, 2006
Looking back on the season as a whole there is not much to cheer about in the merits department, but a lot of hope for the future.

The coach's final thoughts on the season together with the team statistics will be published after the final. By that time also more news on the future of the Bunnies now that the head coach is about to move to Viborg.
- Esben
Nov. 6th, 2006
Good omen
The Bunnies go down in a blaze of fury that spells good omen for the future.

In the last match of the season the Bunny rookies of today showed the first faint glimmers of the potential of the Bunnies of yore.

In a glorious 4-1 victory over Dungheap Jinx the Bunnies showed a truly devastating power against a seemingly daunting adversary inflicting 3(!) kills and one serious injury on top.
- Esben
Nov. 4th, 2006
Bunnies on the sheet
The Bunnies take home their first point of the season in an exciting, but rather poorly played match.

Ko Π proved a key player in the match, as she took a giant leap towards keeping the season top thrower title within the Bunny ranks for the 5th season running by making 7 completions.

In the course of events our shot at the fair play title was seriously jeopardized, as two casualties were made, though.
- Esben
Sep. 30th, 2006
The Champs fail!
As expected the reigning champions fare rather poorly in the new season. The headcoach accepts full responsibility. Rumours abound of his imminent retirement.
- Esben
Aug. 8th, 2006
Bunnies go for offence!
Today the Bunnies have signed up with their new designated top quarterback and one receiver for the purpose of promoting the new Bunny offence.
- Esben
Aug. 6th, 2006
So it is official!
LRB 5.0 is official, and the Synne Buch and her troops are oficially retired.

On this occasion, following players are awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines:

Ann Griff for her exceptional defence.
Helle Dige Asen for the insane stunts she would often pull off successfully.
Thera Π for her extraordinary merits despite being the eternal number 2.

Synne Buch will have her jersey number retired: That means that for the next match, no one will play wearing number 1.

The Bunnies have signed up for season 17. A team of rookies will take the stage replacing the old stars. In the coming weeks, the new Bunny team will be presented.
- Esben
May 29th, 2006
PlayBall Magazine presents:
The Bunny teams stats for season 16!

The most successful season in the history of the Bunnies featured the following achievements:

Team achievements:

1. Broke the league record of most completions in a match versus Chaos49.

2. Broke the league record of most touchdowns in a match versus Chaos49.

3. Broke the league winning streak record.

4. Broke the league undefeated streak record.

5. Won every match in group phase and cross-over as the first team since the resetting of the teams after season 7.

6. Was the first team since season 7 to win every match in a season.

7. Advanced to play-offs winning the entire upper bracket.

8. Was the first team since season 7 to win the championship two seasons in a row.

9. Broke the league record gate in the final.


Individual achievements:

11. Synne Buch was the first player in the league to achieve 100+ in a category other than star player points.

12. Synne Buch became the league's most experienced player.

13. Synne Buch broke the record of most completions in a season (66).

14. Synne Buch broke record of highest completion average in a season (6.00)

15. Synne Buch became the league's first legend.

16. Synne Buch season top thrower.

17. Helle Dige Asen number 5 on the season top scorer list.

18. Thora Rulle number 9 on the season top scorer list despite participating in only 2 of the team's 11 matches.

19. Bunny of the Season award went to Synne Buch.

PlayBall Corporation wishes everyone good luck in the next season. Until then: Have a nice Summer holiday.
- Esben
May 22nd, 2006
News bulletin from PlayBall Corporation!
With the perhaps most successful season in the history of the team behind us, Thora Rulle has been admitted into the Hall of Bunny Heroines as its 5th member.

The closing statistics for this season will appear shortly.
- Esben
May 18th, 2006
The Bunnies take the championship for the second season in a row as the first team since the resetting of the teams before season 8. They are also the first to win every match in a season since then.

The final saw a record gate of 205.000 spectators. The Bunnies are now represented in all the memorable match categories worth being represented in. The victory in the final of course also meant that the Bunnies expanded their longest win and undefeated streaks to 22 matches.
- Esben
May 16th, 2006
And the Bunnies make the final after their first match in overtime.

It is their second final in a row, and it is only a fitting sortie for the league's first legend and all time most experienced player Synne Buch. She is now the only one of the original 11 players left on the team.

The team has taken some severe beatings recently, but luckily the super-trio (Synne Buch, Ann Griff, and Helle Dige Asen) is fit for fight.
- Esben
May 14th, 2006
The Bunnies make the semi-finals.

Active legend Synne Buch celebrated her 45th match in a row with a 3-0 victory in the quarterfinals. The hat-trick signed Helle Dige Asen.
- Esben
May 1st, 2006
With Synne Buch's becoming the first legend this league has ever seen, she has been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines as the first active Bunny ever.

And she did not even age. :D

And it was certainly also nice to see her gain the respect a bounty gives.
- Esben
Apr. 27th, 2006

Synne Buch becomes the league's FIRST LEGEND!!!

Oh, and by the way the Bunnies are in the quarterfinals.
- Esben
Apr. 26th, 2006
The Bunnies sincerely thank Bad Moon Backstabbers for killing Bjørn Torsketrækker whose death has been wanted since season 13 for the killing of Lykke Pille.
- Esben
Apr. 20th, 2006
Most experienced player!!!

Synne Buch has taken the title as the most experienced player ever in the league. With 167 star player points she is 5 points better then former all time best Hans.

In the process she once again took the title as match winner with 2 touchdowns.
- Esben
Apr. 10th, 2006
One for my baby... and one more for the road!!!

With a scant 1-0 victory over Fredsduerne earlier this evening the Bunnies make it 17 in a row.

Team captain Synne Buch once again stole the picture by keeping her average of 7 completions per match as well as scoring the game-winning touchdown.
- Esben
Apr. 7th, 2006
Shocked by the statement of former champion coach Anton of Silverado Snakeskins, Sir Harvey Lickbottom gave a telephone interview to the press earlier today.

"I am absolutely appalled by the statement. Not really the fact that he has an urge to see my cute little Bunnies injured. Heaven knows I have for quite a substantial period of time wanted to give some of those girls a good lashing. I still have my favourite cane from my days at Eton. But I am simply shocked by the fact that Anton offers to pay the bribe with Harboe beer. Personally I tend to avoid beers, although I do take a sip of brandy now and then. But Harboe!!! That is an appalling demeanour, and I would personally like to spank the perpetrator here and now. And to think that a country like New Zealand would harbour him. I think it is bloody time we dissolved that Commonwealth".

Those were the words from Mr. Lickbottom, although one could hear him say completely out of context: "Oh, by the way, is that you up my anus, Dennis Dear!", as he hung up.
- Esben
Mar. 27th, 2006
16 in a row and 3 more records under the belt.

The match Blood Bowl Bunnies - Chaos49 (season XVI, round 6) took the records for most touchdowns in a match (13) and most completions in a match (21).

In the proces, Bunny team captain Synne Buch shattered her old league record of 8 completions in one match with a staggering 13!!! completions. This takes her over 120 completions in her career.
- Esben
Mar. 23rd, 2006
15 in a row for the Bunnies... and counting!

The Bunnies claim another victory while Synne Buch can now boast about her first casualty... garnished with a touchdown and five completions.
- Esben
Mar. 17th, 2006
The Bunnies claim the record for themselves!!!

Despite grim odds, Bunnies overcame a numerical deficit in terms of players to claim their 14th victory in a row. This is a new league record.

After the death of Thora Rulle, team captain Synne Buch has stepped up and manifested herself as a great leader. In the proces she made 7 completions today. This makes her the first player in the league ever to achieve the figure of 100 or more in a stat other than star player points.

Quite amazingly all four touchdowns in today's match were scored by linebunnies.
- Esben
Mar. 17th, 2006
With a new record under his belt the Bunny coach did have a smile to put on for the cameras during tonight's press conference after the Bunny victory.

Despite the loss of his mega-star Thora Rulle, he was quite happy with the fact, that the opposing necromancer had a full roster and thus could not revive Thora as a zombie. "That would have been a torment to our fans", he commented.

As was the case with Jesus (John 19, 31), Thora Rulle's funeral will according to Jewish custom take place tomorrow before sunset, because that is when the Sabbath starts. The whole team will be on an express jet bound for Tel Aviv once the match against Slann Renegades has been played.

The Bunny coach also expressed his joy that finally a bounty had been placed on a Bunny. "We were afraid that that particular honour might never befall us", he said, "but apparently the relentless and dauntless blitzes Metha Stase was too much for the Undead to live with".

In his closing remarks team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom vowed to put another Israeli Bunny on the team as replacement for Thora Rulle.
- Esben
Mar. 16th, 2006

Happiness and grief are mixed in a bitter-sweet cocktail for the Bunnies tonight.

With a heavily decimated team the Bunny coach had two options to pursue in tonight's match against Deadly Doom. Either they could protect their Hall of Fame-potential players Synne Buch and Thora Rulle, or go for equalling the 10 season old league record of 13 won matches in a row set by the all-time greatest team Bad Moon Provorcs.

They chose to bet on the safe strategy of getting a fast completion and touchdown by the two stars. This they did much helped by a quick snap.

A blitz then gave the Bunnies both a smell of victory and of more records by the two team stars. But Deadly Doom quickly retrieved the ball and ground their way towards the endzone. In the proces they killed megastar Thora Rulle. This was a great set-back for the Bunnies who furthermore had a great number of players sent to the dug-out and not much chance of ever getting points from this match.

With 1-1 at half time and team(dea2) receiving the ball, things were looking grim for the Bunnies at the start of the second half. But Metha Stase and Helle Dige Asen sought to make a difference. With heroic - most often foolish - dodges and blitzes they tried to get to the ball-carrier - most often with no success. But when the match was drawing to a close, Metha Stase finally took down ball-carrier Mean Midget with one dice. This she did in such a determined way, that the latter died. The ball was loose, but Deadly Doom cornered it with little hope for the Bunnies of ever getting to it. But a wild blitz made way for the wildest action of the match. Bunny team captain Synne Buch dodged her way to the ball, picked it up in three tackle-zones and succesfully threw a 6+ long bomb from there, as moving one single square more would have sent her out of long bomb-distance. The ball was catched by totally unmarked rookie receiver Gro Myko who ran for the endzone.

She was out of reach for the Undead, and Synne Buch unselfishly signalled that she should stall the game until the last turn. This was a brave decision as Synne herself was standing in the tacklezone of three pretty pissed off Undeads. One turn later she was using her strong arm in a vehement fight against the audience who sought to kill her, but she was only badly hurt. 2 turns later, Gro Myko scored the game-winning touchdown.

The most heroic efforts were without doubt made by the fearless threesome Metha Stase, Helle Dige Asen, and Synne Buch to whom most of the thanks must go. Of other noteworthy performances should be mentioned team vice captain and line fodder Sarah Cen, who cemented her spot as the team's casualty queen with yet another casualty. The last crucial blitz which cleared the way for the long bomb was made by Vira Go who was promptly punished with a serious injury. Rookie linebunny Anna Log dodge her way to make the assist. And last, but not least Thora Rulle scored a touchdown and achieved the title of the league's second-most experienced player up to this date.

PlayBall Corporation mourns the death of Thora Rulle, but takes comfort in the fact that her death helped secure the equalling of a league record.
- Esben
Feb. 27th, 2006
After not being able to throw a single completion in last year's final, Bunny team captain Synne Buch was looking to take revenge in today's match against New Forest Rangers. And smell blood she did. With a staggering 8 completions in one match she now holds the league record alone.

Also mega-star Thora Rulle went for gold by equalling a record of 6 touchdowns in one match - a record now shared with league top scorer Hans. This makes her an all-time 3rd on the league top scorer list and a shared 3rd on the league all time most experienced list.

This match alone fulfilled a great part of the coach's goals for the team this season.
- Esben
Feb. 23rd, 2006
The reigning champions have joined season 16 as the highest rated team.

While it is hard to see how the team should be able to retain the title, the players still have many more records to go for before the expected resetting of the teams after this season.

The Bunny coach expects that his players will be hunted game this season, but he still finds it very strange, that still no bounty has been put on the head of one of the cuddly little Bunnies.
- Esben
Dec. 10th, 2005
This season was the season of the fluffy pink plush Bunny inferno. The Bunnies have taken home the trophy, and here are the PlayBall post-season statistics:

Team achievements:

1. In the memorable 5th round match versus Headz'n'Tailzz BBC the Bunnies participated in the league match with the most touchdowns scored ever (12).

2. In the same match a new league completion record was set.

3. In the memorable 6th round match versus Bad Moon Backstabbers, the league kill record for one match was tied.

4. In the final versus Slians Family a new league casualty record was set.

5. The same match saw the season record gate of 138000.

6. At one point the team was the highest rated in the league with a team rating of 272.

7. The Bunnies were the league's undisputed high scoring team with 55 touchdowns.

8. As a little icing on the cake, the Bunnies caused the death of the little dreaded Goblin Fas Firmfoot. (Or rather he caused it himself).

9. And last, but not least, the Bunnies delivered their longest winning streak ever and came out on top of the entire upper bracket, eventually going all the way to become CHAMPIONS OF SEASON 15!!!

Individual achievements:

1. In this season Synne Buch has become the undisputed top thrower of the league ever. First she tied the league record of most completions in a match (6) set by Bart Bomber. She just chose to do it 3 matches in a row this season.
She also broke the league record of 26 completions in one season set by Forest Dump with a notable 40 completions.
By doing so she made the highest completion average in one season ever with a considerable 3.33 completions pr. match.
It also secured her an undisputed first spot on this season's top thrower chart.
And last, but not least, it has made her the most completing thrower ever in the league surpassing the former completion record of 83 set by Forest Dump.

2. Thora Rulle set a new league record of 25 touchdowns in one season. The former touchdown record for one season was only a scant 14 set by Fun Freak and Ane Uråd in seasons 6 and 13 respectively. It only secured her a second place on the season top scorer list, though, as the extremely well playing rookie The Hail Mary claimed first spot with a higher average.

3. Thera Π claimed 6th spot on the season top thrower list.

4. Bloodbowlers Magazine appointed Synne Buch, Thera Π, and Thora Rulle to this year's Allstar Team. Thora Rulle was even appointed as the best player in the league this season.

5. The Bunny of the season award this year will be split between 3 players:
1: Synne Buch for her exceptional display of prowess and breaking of records.
2: Thora Rulle for her merits as a one-turner, and for scoring almost half of the team's touchdowns this season.
3: Ann Griff for providing the team with the so desperately needed defence. She was perhaps the key factor to the team's winning this season.

The Bunnies will be back next season going for even more records. PlayBall Corporation thanks everybody who has shown an interest in the team. And until next season remember our motto:

"We may not be that tough, we may not play very well, but we do have extremely fluffy ears"!
- Esben
Dec. 8th, 2005

The Bunnies take home the trophy after an exceptional streak ending with a crushing 5 - 0!!! victory over Slians Family in the final.

The Halflings produced 10 casualties, but they came too late. Furthermore they could do absolutely nothing which involved the ball, and in the end they were lucky not to go down 6 - 0.

The Bunnies were the hot favourites for the final with a team rating almost twice as big as the Halflings. And they passed with flying colours.

The PlayBall post season statistics will be released shortly.
- Esben
Nov. 23rd, 2005
The Bunnies are in the final!!!

For the first time ever the Bunnies meet a Halfling team. And who would have thought it would be in a championship final?

In a relatively quick semi-final in horrendous weather, Synne Buch, Thora Rulle combined to make the needed touchdowns. And when wizard Sir Harvey Lickbottom furthermore provided the Bunnies with their needed break, victory was secured.

Several changes will be made on the Bunny roster before the final against the extremely low rated Halflings.
- Esben
Nov. 18th, 2005
And so the Bunnies prepare for their first ever semi-final.

In Sarah Cen's absence, Ann Griff has been appointed team vice captain for the match.

Since they would not be ready for the semi-final anyway, Maj Stang and Ulla Omar have been removed from the roster and appointed assistant coaches.

As a replacement Vira Go has been hired for the team as receiver. This will be the first time since the very early days of season 13 that the Bunnies will have two rookie receivers on the team. And since the name of those still cling with reverence - Ane Uråd and Mette Vons - it is sincerely hoped that Vira Go and Gro Myko will live up to the reputation of their predecessors.
- Esben
Nov. 16th, 2005
And the Bunnies are in the semies for the first time.

Synne Buch crowned the day by breaking the league completion record, while Thora Rulle scored three one-turn touchdowns. Sir Harvey Lickbottom also had one great wizard action knocking down 5 opponents.
- Esben
Nov. 13th, 2005
The Bunnies are in the quarterfinals after a 4 - 1 win against MoonKnight Shadows.

The most spectacular action of the game was signed Harvey Lickbottom, as the team owner himself took down four opposing players out of four possible with a magic trick.

A great effort by Ulla Omar on the field was unfortunately followed by an ageing in the locker room. She now joins Emmy Grant as a strength two / guard player.
- Esben
Nov. 5th, 2005
After a period of having a receiver collective rather than indiuvidualists, a golden duo emerged for the Bunnies this season with the grandiose exploits of Karen Tæhne and Thora Rulle.

However their roads diverged today, as Thora Rulle is now the sole star in an otherwise relatively inexperienced receiver quartet. She is now a one-turner, and much is expected of her in the play-offs. Karen Tæhne, on the other hand, has now become the Bunnies' fifth assistant coach, as the head coach together with the manager and the team owner decided, that it was time for her retirement.
- Esben
Nov. 4th, 2005
And the Bunnies rule supreme.

Tonight Bunnies took on Zhatan's Disciples in the battle for the supremacy of the upper bracket. The Bunnies won 4 - 2 in a match which had no casualties on either side.

The profile of the match was Ann Griff who provided the Bunnies with their needed defensive break of the match as well as scoring two touchdowns when the receivers were caught in the tentacles of Wroar.

But also Thora Rulle played superbly. She was the one to secure the ball after Ann Griff's blitz, and she also scored two touchdowns making her the team's second super-star and probably a genuine one-turner as well.

Against the odds Synne Buch made as much as five completions. And although one does really not notice her completions anymore, as it is more or less expected of her that she completes, she is fast becoming a serious contender for the league all-time greatest thrower price.
- Esben
Oct. 30th, 2005
Thora Rulle has been found.

She was found early this morning in Tel Aviv visiting her parents. When asked about the reason for her disappearance, it was discovered that it was all a mistake. Thora had mistaken the word crossover for passover, which, according to the Jewish calendar, does not fall until April 13th to 20th 2006 (Gregorian calendar). And so she expected that the match would first be played there.

So as not to move her on the Sabbath she was first flown in for the crossover match after sunset, which, according to Jewish tradition, marks the beginning of the new day.

She will appear for the game Sunday.
- Esben
Oct. 25th, 2005
Thora Rulle is missing!!!

The roll call at tonight's light training before the cross-over match revealed that Bunny star receiver Thora Rulle is missing. An extensive search has turned up nothing. Bunnies and police fear the worst while posters have been put up everywhere, and Sir Harvey Lickbottom has issued a big reward for information that will lead to her safe return.

But for the moment we can do nothing but wait.
- Esben
Oct. 21st, 2005

...which deserves a bulletin for itself.

Synne Buch now holds the league record for most completions made one season. In season 15 she has already made 27 completions thus surpassing the former record of 26 set by hall of famer Forest Dump in season 6.

Third spot is held by Thera Π who made 25 completions in season 14.
- Esben
Oct. 21st, 2005
The Bunnies claim first spot in Group A!!!

The regular season has come to an end with the Bunnies on top of their upper bracket group after a tremendous winning streak in what was originally planned to be a build-up season. As much as the Bunny head coach hates to admit it the Bunnies are now serious contenders for the trophy.

Death Extravagante was left out in the rain with a 7 - 3 defeat after tonight's game. The Dark Elves could field only 10 players at the beginning of the match, and after a couple of injuries and one suspension, the Bunnies had the game where they wanted.

The heroine of the night was undoubtedly Thora Rulle who made a new club record of 5 touchdowns in one match.

But the greatest play came from elsewhere. Helle Dige Asen has certainly lived up to her name in her first three matches for the Bunnies. Two mvps and the elusive strength increase have come her way, and in tonight's match she made the perhaps most spectacular Bunny play ever. On a 5+ dodge without the dodge skill, she made it into a cage on a pass-block action in response to a dump-off. The 5+ interception with an additional attempt as backup also succeeded, and on a 3+ and 2+ dodge she was free again with the ball.

Synne Buch also tied her own club record of 6 completions in a match for the third match in a row.

Ann Griff also did her part making two touchdowns. Sarah Cen is now the casualty queen of the Bunny team with 6 casualties surpassing the former casualty record of 5 set by Hvasse Line.
- Esben
Oct. 19th, 2005
After another one of those nights where the opposing team's dice were loaded with ones, the Bunnies claim their 5th victory in a row.

Just coming from a match that would set new standards in touchdowns and colpletions the Bunnies found themselves tied for the most lethal match stat in their next appearance. What was even more interesting: The Bunnies were the ones handing out the most hits.

The most wanted player in the league, Fas Firmfoot, chose to trip over his own legs and die. This provided the Bunnies with 100.000 gold pieces and an interim position as the league's most lethal team. All in all the Bunnies made a record 9 casualties.

The Bunnies also had to say goodbye to one of their original 11 players, as Metha Dohn was killed by Brickskull (N)everdodge. Now only 4 of the original 11 still remain on the team. Metha Dohn was a highly respected linebunny, whose block/dodge skills would often come in handy. She never complained when her stat-decrease injury forced her to a life as line-fodder, and she died an honourable death.

The quarterbunnies also stole quite a bit of the focus. Dammit Sgudasguda chose to miss the next match by knocking himself unconscious on Thera Π, who is now noted for her first casualty of her career. Synne Buch cemented her reputation by making another 6 completions in a match. This puts her on third spot of the league's all-time top thrower list. It could even have been 7 completions, but since a chance with so few opponents on the field might never occur again, she chose to score a touchdown instead just for the fun of it.

The Bunnies are now the highest rated team in the league.
- Esben
Oct. 17th, 2005
And the Bunny frenzy continues!!!

A new league record was made today when the Bunnies and Headz'n'Tailzz BBC made a total of 12 touchdowns in one match. This surpasses the former record which the Bunnies held together with Greyhavien Renegades.

Synne Buch was the heroine of the day with a club (and possibly league) record of 6 completions in one match surpassing the former record of 5 held by Thera Π and Ann Griff.

Karen Tæhne was responsible for 3 of the Bunnies' 7 touchdowns. This makes her the most scoring Bunny ever with 16 touchdowns surpassing the former record held by Ane Uråd. Together with Thora Rulle, Karen Tæhne is now comfortably situated in the better half of the season top scorer list.

But the most remarkable achievement on the Bunnies' side was signed Emmy Grant, as she made the team's first interception ever. She has now accomplished some very remarkable deeds in her first matches. Unfortunately she suffered a strength decrease by the end of the match. This will likely hamper her future career.

Three linebunnies also stole their part of the focus. When backup quarterbunny Thera Π was stretchered off the field badly hurt in the first drive of the match, others had to step in to feed the ball to Synne Buch. Maria Juana did most of that and gained a new level. Metha Stase became the third linebunny ever to score a touchdown. This she did in the dying seconds of the match. And Ru Tine made her second casualty ever. Remarkably they have both been kills - and neither of them has been saved.
- Esben
Oct. 6th, 2005
Bunnies continue to be on the move!!!

Tonight the Bunnies trampled down Alzheim Overlords for a comfortable 4 - 2 win. Overlords looked like just what they were: stoned convicts, and it was without any great effort that victory was pulled ashore. But more amazingly the Bunnies won a staggering 3 - 0 in casualties.

The most noteworthy Bunny achievements were the follorwing:

Emmy Grant made a touchdown in her first match and a completion in her second. Although the chances came to her rather than she had to seek them herfself, she still proved that she was able to grab the chances when they presented themselves. But tonight in her third match she stepped up and took matters into her own hand making the team's only second kill ever. The victim was saved by the apothecary, though.

Ann Griff continued to underline her defence's success this season by showing the way for the rest. By scoring a touchdown and inflicting a serious injury she looks well underway to becoming an emerging star.

Synne Buch continues her completion spree with an additional three completions. She is now tied for fourth spot on the league's all time greatest thower list.

Thora Rulle made another two touchdowns tonight, and she and Karen Tæhne are now serious forces to be reckoned with. Helle Dige Asen made her first touchdown of her career in her first match ever. However, she tripped over her own legs into the endzone in the very last action of the match, so sadly she will not be upgraded as of yet. Together with Emmy Grant, Eva Luér will, however be upgraded after the match as she made two crucial completions.
- Esben
Oct. 6th, 2005
Finally the Bunnies got over their Deadly Doom-complex.

And to furthermore think that it would be in such a fashion!!! 5 - 2 in a match where the Bunnies would have to rely on a lucky break to steal any points, but got much more than they bargained for. Once again the Bunny defence was accredited for 3 of the 5 touchdowns, but that was only due to some very unsure hands on behalf of Deadly Doom's ghouls.

After six matches without any achievements rookie receiver Ulla Omar suddenly stepped up with two touchdowns resulting furthermore in a roll of a double on her upgrade-roll.

And once again team captain Synne Buch stole headlines. With 3 completions (including one on the defence) she is now the most succesful still active quarterback in the league; and furthermore she is on top of this season's top thrower chart.
- Esben
Oct. 5th, 2005
Although more than half of the players on the Bunny grudge list are not participating in this season it is still nice to see that our bounties have not been spent entirely in vain.

Acknowledgements hereby go out to MoonKnight Shadows for inflicting an armour value decrease on Benny K. who is still wanted for the murder of Gro Tæsk.
- Esben
Sep. 27th, 2005
The Bunnies are back in the race for the play-off spots after a 4-1 win tonight against Gruesome Grinders.

Although the Bunnies had expected this to be a transition season in which the team would have time to prepare for the upcoming season by saving up for the purchase of additional re-rolls, it is hard to keep pessimistic with the recent development of things.

The proverbial Achilles heel of the Bunny team - their defence - has completely overshadowed the team's otherwise extremely potent offence. Four of the team's seven touchdowns this season have been defensive touchdowns.

This spells a new deal for the offence, and especially its head woman, star quarterbunny Synne Buch. After a convincing last season for the teams two quarterbunny they now find themselves in the dugout most the time, while their hard hitting defence is playing the game.

Tonight there was time, however, for an offensive celebration as Synne Buch reached a milestone 50th completion of her career, as only the 6th quarterback in the history of the league to reach that figure. As garnish the completion even resulted in an immediate touchdown signed Thora Rulle.

The evening was, however, marred by the death of Pil Grimm which find the Bunnies short of a positional player again.
- Esben
Sep. 24th, 2005
Elaborate deliberations concerning the proper use of the Bunnies' considerable allowance under the salary cap ended today with the purchase of the American blitzer Emmy Grant.

"We have been investing a lot in our defence lately", commented team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom on the purchase, "and I am sure that Emmy will prove a valuable asset to the team".

Emmy Grant commented that it was an honour to play for the Bunnies', and that she was certain, she was going to like here new teammates.
- Esben
Sep. 20th, 2005
Woe betides the Bunnies!!!

Not only did the Bunnies lose the season opener yesterday. During this morning's acceleration training, the Bunnies' best asset in yesterday's match, receiver Pil Grimm picked up a nasty niggling knee injury. On the bright side she is now part of a very fast receiving trio.

After a rather sloppy off-season cup for the PlayBall team, during which it was obvious that the coach had very little time and very little interest in playing Blood Bowl, it is obvious that this problem continues to haunt him and the team in the regular season as well. Both the coach and team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom are contemplating the situation, but are as of now unwilling to make any statements on the matter, as it seems the current lack of time will only be temporary. In other parts on the Bunny camp, concern and discord are voiced, however, as it seems likely that the current predicaments are going to hamper the entire season for the Bunnies.

There will be another week before the Bunnies' next match. During this week decisions will be made as to whether the current allowance below the salary cap will be used for purchasing a new blitzer or whether it will be invested in more team training for the purpose of gaining another, much needed, team re-roll.
- Esben
July 31st, 2005
Summer Rumours

-Excerpt from PlayBall Magazine

As usual the summer pause in the Blood Bowl activities means a heyday for the flourishing of various rumours. The current hiatus in the playing of the Aros League has proved to be no different, as the following excerpt from PlayBall Magazine shows:

…As soon as the season ended for the Bunnies with their dismal quarter final defeat, the newly appointed team manager, Sir Dennis Lickbottom, embarked on a journey around the globe to seek out new talented players for the Bunny team. Rumour has it that he has found the next Bunny blitzer in the United States. This would in that case be the first time, the Bunnies employ an American player.

We comfronted Sir Dennis with the rumour, but he refused to comment on the details, for as he said: ”I have no comments as to D.Talje. May she rest in peace!”. He did, however, issue the general statement: ”…that it would not be an unlikely choice to employ a new defensive blitzer. After all it is the offence who wins the hearts of the fans, but it is the defence who wins the matches”.

The rumour was substantiated by the fact that an unidentifiable person was flown in from the States and gave meeting before an entire Bunny coaching staff and later had a physical check by the Bunny physician Bandha Ghista. Neither of the Bunny coaches wanted to speak with us. We then asked a handful of the Bunny players what they knew of their new potential playmate, and what they in general thought about having a new blitzer on the team.

We found team captain Synne Buch in Greece, where she is spending her summer holiday together with her new best playmate Thera Π visiting the parents of the latter. ”I am thrilled by the prospect”, she said, ”…it is definitely time to strenghthen the defence, now that we have the most daunting offence in the league”. But as to the identity of the new player she was taken just as aback as the press. ”I have heard nothing more than the rumour”, she stated.

Blitzer Ann Griff knew a bit more of the rumours. ”She is rumoured to be a defensive genious, and I look forward to working with her”, she said. ”It is time that we once again have two blitzers on the team – it is by far a better combination on the defence”. ”It is just a pity we break so easily in spite of our additional armourpadding”, she added with a smile. However, she knew nothing more of the new prospect player.

Team statistician and kicker Flint ThunderGlove commented on the statistical curiosities appertaining to the fact of having the first American on the team.

Team vice captain Sarah Cen stated that the linebunnies had already begun a new ground-breaking defensive training, and was not surprised to hear that it was a part of a whole new defensive strategy involving new players.

Afghanistani receiver Ulla Omar commented that she could not see that an American had anything with which she could benefit the team – indeed she could not see that America could benefit the world in any respect, and she sees the potential purchase of the blitzer in question as a sign that PlayBall Corporation is miserably prone to Western imperialistic and capitalistic views.

Receiver Karen Tæhne – at present the only positional player on the team with the block/dodge combination – commented that a new blitzer would be a welcome asset in the blocking game both on offence and defence.

In any respect PlayBall Magazine has not been able to estiblish the identity of the mystery player which is rumoured to enter the Bunny team in the beginning of the next season as soon as the salary cap permits it.
- Esben
May 16th, 2005
The season is over, and did you notice it? The Bunnies were the only team to play against the reigning champions taking any points from them. Since season 7 no team has won all matches thoughout an entire season, and the Bunnies were the only team to ensure that such a record still exists, although the team got severely beaten up in the process.

Although that is in itself a remarkable achievement, the Bunnies did also accomplish more in the past season.

First of all one will have noticed a change in the Bunny offensive strategy. From relying on a few good receivers up front the Bunnies now rely on sheer numbers there combined with one star quarterbunny at the back. Names like D.Talje and Ane Uråd are gone and throughout the season a number of receivers have come and gone. At the same time team captain Synne Buch has established herself as quite a name in the league and out of the blue has come a new emerging star as her backup – Thera Π – also showing that she is a factor to be reckoned with by claiming the season top thrower prize.

Season top thrower: Thera Π
2nd place: Synne Buch

With this result the Bunnies emphasize that they are the league’s undisputed passing team.

But the Bunnies have not forgotten the art of receiving. By relying on numbers more receivers get to score the touchdowns, and as a result no receiving stars have established themselves on the team this season. Furthermore deaths and retirements have taken their toll on the Bunny receivers. Nevertheless two receiverbunnies made it into the season top charts, and Karen Tæhne has – although having never really been noticed – achieved the block/dodge skill combination as the first receiver on the team since D.Talje. It will be interesting to follow her progress next season.

Tied for top scorer 6th spot: Karen Tæhne
Tied for 10th spot (although not listed in the physical list due to too little space) Thora Rulle

With this compilation of theis season’s achievements all that remains is the Bunny of the season award. It is obvious that this award should go to a quarterbunny after what has been said above. Although Thera Π became season top thrower this achievent was based on short passes at the most, and furthermore she even made a fumble during the season. Synne Buch made fewer completions but with long passes as standard garnished with some bombs over the matches – furthermore without one single fumble. The case is clear-cut:

Bunny of the season award goes to Synne Buch

Thank you for following the Bunnies this season. The Bunnies and PlayBall Magazine will be back next season.
- Esben
Apr. 20th, 2005
The Bunnies are out.

For reasons unknown team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom did not show up for today's quarter-final. Instead former Bunny star and assistant coach Ane Uråd was ordered to practice a couple of card tricks in a hurry. She went into the locker room for some time and then returned claiming she could pin-point seven of clubs in a deck of cards facing down. She came up with three of hearts. That was good enough for the Bunny head coach. She stayed on the sideline and tried to practice a trick on the undeads. But her attempt to clear the way for the Bunnies to get the ball failed when she only managed to trip one undead player.

And with eventually 6 players in the injured box together with one or two knocked out, hope faded as to the Bunnies' hindering Deadly Doom in scoring.

The Bunnies are out, but they can claim to be among the 8 hottest teams in the league as of right now.

Season summary and press-conferences on off-season practice will follow in the course of the next days.
- Esben
Apr. 20th, 2005
Bunnies relying on black magic?


With 50.000 gold pieces in the treasury for various remedies, it is rumoured that the Bunnies might resort to the help of magic in their upcoming quarterfinal. This would be the first time ever in their history.

In connection with this it is likely that team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom will take the stands at the Bunny sideline instead of the spectator seats. In his younger days he knew a couple of card tricks and has prior to this day been seen on the sideline at two of the Pink Pooves' matches. Of course that could be explained by the fact that several of his intimate acquaintances played for the Pooves - and none do for the Bunnies.

The rumour was furthermore substantiated by the fact that Mr. Lickbottom was seen earlier today on his estate practicing some of his old card tricks. On one occasion he even tried to pull two Bunnies out of a hat (Metha Stase and Metha Dohn), but none of it went very well. Hopefully he will have more tricks up his sleeve tomorrow. IF... that is... he takes the stand.
- Esben
Apr. 19th, 2005
And the Bunnies win!!!

Scenes of utter joy were displayed earlier today as the Bunnies won their first play-off match ever in the Arod league.

Despite a lousy effort in the first half the Bunnies managed to show that they were not the favourites for nothing.

The quarterfinal now awaits us.
- Esben
Apr. 6th, 2005
Second place in the group phase is now reality. And on top of that the Bunnies were the only ones who managed to take points from the group winners. All in all a very satisfactory group phase.
- Esben
Mar. 27th, 2005
Today Bunnies sat down and let the opponent grab the victory. This was done in order to try to minimize injuries.

"I agree with the coach's disposition - although I hate to lose after no real effort", team captain Synne Buch commented in the post-match press conference.

All persons related to the Bunny teams and the players themselves agree that the group stage has been most satisfactory. "We now all look forward to play-offs" commented team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom, "Now we just hope for a lucky play-off fixture draw".
- Esben
Mar. 18th, 2005
Finally a kill!!!

Bunnies' first kill is now a matter of fact, after linebunny Ru Tine chose to exact vengeance on an opponent after he had killed her quarterbunny. We do -however - regret that it had to befall another elf.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom and the Bunnies were all over the moon after today's match. A victory in terms of both touchdowns and casualties... for the first time ever. 6 Bunnies acquired new skills after the match, and there was even enough money to buy a new catcher.

Analysts speculate, that newly appointed manager, Sir Dennis Lickbottom, may be the main reason behind this sudden display of prowess.
- Esben
Mar. 13th, 2005
With no blitzers available for the match the Bunnies still continue to score points. Another 2-2 draw in what is fast becoming a habit. And for only the second time ever, the Bunnies win in terms of casualties.

At least 13 players will be available for the next match.
- Esben
Feb. 23rd, 2005
The monday night match cost the Bunnies for a total of 310,000 GP players with SPPs totaling 83.

Hvasse Line has been awarded into the Bunny Hall of Heroines, and it is hoped that the management skills of Sir Dennis Lickbottom will prove useful. Certainly there are high expectations for the new receiver Pil Grimm.
- Esben
Feb. 21st, 2005
Utter rubbish!

Sadness prevails after the Bunnies' draw the second match in a row they should have won.

Not so much because of the result rather than the fact that key players Hvasse Line and Venus Biærg died and Mette Vons had to retire due to an injury. On top of that an additional 2 players are out for the next match including the Bunnies' second blitzer.

Sarah Cen was assigned new vice captain of the team in the beginning of the match after the death of Hvasse Line. She returned the favour by making a casualty and one crucial touchdown.

Sir Dennis Lickbottom - Harvey's younger brother - has been called home from his enterprises in India to lead the Bunny training camp and search for a new receiver for the team. In these tasks his management skills may prove usefull.
- Esben
Feb. 20th, 2005
The last of her era!

With the Bunnies' 3rd season well under way, the key figures to look for on the team are starting to emerge. One of them is receiver Mette Vons. She is the last receiver on the team to have played in season 12 - the Bunnies' first season - together with star receivers D.Talje and Ane Uråd. And it seems only fitting that she is going to be the team's next emerging star.

Mette Vons has always been looked upon as a backup on the offence with defensive tasks as her primary objective. Thus her first skill was pass blok. With an additional +AG her role as defensive player was alomost a certainty. Even with her new dump-off skill she seems more designated as a backup on the offence for the case that Synne Buch and her rocket arm should happen to be sent off the pitch.

Nevertheless Mette Vons has already scored 4 touchdowns in 2 matches this season. This is much more than D.Talje did in her season of fame and Ane Uråd did in her's when she became season top scorer.
We will see what the next match brings.

"I believe in her", commented team vice captain Hvasse Line who was also looking forward to giving Geiler Lömmel a mighty blowjob or two.
- Esben
Feb. 17th, 2005
Satisfactory prevails after today's draw.

Being 4-3 in front with one one turn to go for the opponents, the Bunnies could have hoped for more than the 4-4 draw. But after a last second one-turn touchdown from the league's reigning bronze trophy holders the Bunnies had to make do with the one point.

Another great offensive performance by team captain Synne Buch and the dump-off skill for one of the catchers gives the PlayBall cuties even more hopes for the future.
- Esben
Feb. 13th, 2005
Joyous omens for the future!!!

All anxiety as to the question whether the Bunnies could manage for the first time in history having no star receiver on their team was quickly put aside after today's match. Bunnies beat Chaos49 to a pulp 6-3 temporarily claiming the throne seat of group A.

An acutely ready Synne Buch led the team's offence with great dicipline to score on all their offensive drives. On the way she fed all of the team's 4 receivers with touchdown-giving passes. Furthermore she gave some easy short passes to rookie quarterbunny Thera Π who emerged from rookiehood with her completions.

The defence was led by kicker Eva Luér, and they also managed to put points on the score sheet.

The great succes story of the day was rookie receiver Venus Biærg who lived up to the demanding number 12 on her back by scoring 2 touchdowns and making 1 touchdown-giving completion.

With all the team's receivers on the score sheet, 4 players eligible for another skill roll, and enough money to buy a new player, PlayBall's cuties were all over the moon in the locker room.
- Esben
Jan. 30th, 2005
The last Bunnies checked into pre-season training camp tonight after their holidays. They will start light training tomorrow together with the 3 assistant coaches.

The head coach and the team apothecary are still busy with the Pink Pooves who are once again in the play-offs.
- Esben
Jan. 15th, 2005
From succes to succes.

A visibly touched Venus Biærg appeared at a press conference at PlayBall Stadium today. "I am very surprised at this. I have always sought fame, and just when I had become a world famous actress, I get the chance to become a world famous athlete as well. Luck must really smile at me", she exclaimed and elaborated on the way she had been signed up for the team by four senior PlayBall executives just minutes after they had received a mysterious phone call - presumably from her estranged husband's solicitor.

Also at the press conference, Bunny assistant coach Andro Gün bemoaned the fact that so far only 3 of the players on the Bunny grudge list are set to participate in the next season.

Finally team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom urged for more teams to sign up for the next season, so that once again a round of sixteen will precede the quarter finals.
- Esben
Jan. 9th, 2005
The Bunnies have signed up for the new season.

A press conference is due in a few days to present the team's expectations for the season as well as Venus Biærg who is designated as the new replacement for retired star catcher Ane Uråd.
- Esben
Dec. 11th, 2004
With her player license permanently revoked by the league commission due to crush, Ane Uråd will never again take the field as receiver for the Bunnies. But today she was back at the PlayBall Stadium to take on her new job as assistant coach at the Bunnies' final light training session before the long Christmas holidays.

With her by his side at the following press conference, PlayBall Corporation's chief legal advisor P.Dant announced the Bunny Grudge List for the following season:

La Chubacabre of Drakwald Poison Daggers wanted for the murder of Ann Stød Steen and the injuring of Andro Gün.

Benny K. of Halfdead Clawkillers wanted for the murder of Gro Tæsk.

Harald Brimstone of Stone Curve wanted for the murder of D.Talje.

Godfred Asbjørnsson of Olvig Vikings wanted for the murder of Lis Pund.

Bjørn Torsketrækker of Olvig Vikings wanted for the murder of Lykke Pille.

And that concludes the press relases for this year.


...and to the coaches of this great league: Please, go out there and do something about the players mentioned above.
- Esben
Dec. 10th, 2004
Breaking news.

Alas, Bunny star player Ane Uråd has forcefully been retired on crush. She was fast becoming a one-turner with her double movement increase, and she shall be sorely missed on the team.

On the plus side the team is now niggling free again, and had lost some crucial team rating.

On her last day as an active blood bowl player Ane Uråd was showered with honorary titles, as she was voted Bunny of the season AND awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines by the respective committees. She has now joined the team as coach.

As yet the crush of one particular team may influence the Bunny grudge list for next season, this list will not be released until that crush is performed.
- Esben
Dec. 9th, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents.

The season closure.

A few set-backs – although some of them rather ominous – were not nearly enough to overshadow the positive elements of the Bunnies’ season. All in all the season has been a great succes.

The negative part of the season was the death of 4 players – totalling a net loss of 240,000 GP – and the retirement of a fifth (another 60,000 GP). Between them the players had around 70 SPPs between them, and especially the deaths of receiver D.Talje and backup quarterbunny Lykke Pille caused great disruption to the build-up of the team.

The positive elements of the season are numerous. After a meagre start the team started generating lots of winnings – more than plenty to replace the players lost. The team’s fan factor is somewhat of a succes story: it rose by 150 percent from 4 to 10.

The team qualified for play-offs with one round of the group matches to go, and on the way it participated in a record breaking match as the league touchdown record for one match was beaten by 2 touchdowns in the match against Greyhavien Renegades.

On top of that the Bunnies won 3 season prizes.

1. Fair Play team of the season.

2. Ane Uråd as season top scorer.

3. Synne Buch tied for the title as season top thrower.

The two first prizes resulted in an influx of 10.000 GP and an extra mvp which gave enough SPPs for Eva Luér to become the team's first kicker.

All in all the season was a great success.

Expectations for the next season:

With the fair play prize, the season top scorer prize, and the season top thrower prize secured, the Bunnies have in one season attained all the season prizes that an elf team can ever hope of attaining. So on that front not much is to gain.

As to season advancement the Bunnies have a broader and more versatile troupe than when season 13 started. Although their great star player is likely to be crushed, the team should be able to perform at least as good next season. That means that the goal for next season must be to qualify for play-offs again provided that the league structure also includes a round of sixteen next season.

A great season has ended. We will return with the team grudge list for next season after the crush.

- Brought to you by PlayBall Magazine - bringing you the best in cheerleading.
- Esben
Dec. 2nd, 2004
Breaking news!

D.Talje has been awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines as the first bunny ever.

The news was announced by chairman of the Heronies Committee, PlayBall chief legal advisor P.Dant. The Committee's decision was unanimous and based on the following criteria:

1) The number of SPPs gained with the exception of mvps.

2) Spectacular plays made.

3) She was the match winner in the team's first victory.

4) She was one of the team's 11 original players.

5) She did not suffer from ageing, and she performed her duties with few errors.

Although the amount of SPPs gained was a bit below the expected average, the other criteria together with the need of having a Bunny role model more than made up for it.

Together with the announcement of the award, a statue of D.Talje in the official Heroine Galla Uniform was unveiled on the plaza outside the PlayBall Stadium. It is now known as the D.Talje Memorial Monument.
- Esben
Nov. 26th, 2004
Even before the Bunny grudge list of this season is released, the team receives help from a very unlikely race - namely dwarves.

Acknowledgements and the deepest appreciation from Sir Harvey Lickbottom go out to Stone Curve for killing Arador Bowmaster of Woodwatchers.

Arador Bowmaster was wanted for the stat decrease inflicted on Bunny player Metha Dohn. Because he did not inflict the death of the Bunny it was only a lesser grudge he carried on his head. Hence no bounty was placed on him, but the Bunnies still owe head coach Finn of Stone Curve a round in the bar.
- Esben
Nov. 24th, 2004
A spectacular season for the Bunnies has come to an end. It has been a season that spells hope for the cuties in rabbit costumes.

A full recapitulation of the team's achievements can still not be made as the season is still running, and the remaining results might have some bearing on the Bunnies' final achievements. Once the final matches have been played the PlayBall press relations office will return with a full view on season 13 from a bunny perspective.

Yesterday team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom announced the invention of the "Hall of Bunny Heroines". It is a Bunny hall of fame for outstanding achievements in the Bunny costume. And to that end an entire hall on the fourth floor of the PlayBall Stadium has been decked with splendour just for that purpose. "The league hall of fame is a very exclusive but also elusive place", said Sir Harvey Lickbottom at the press conference, "so now we have made our own to secure that also my cute little Bunnies get the respect they deserve".

A committee of delegates from the PlayBall corporation has been set up to decide after each season who will be awarded into the hall of fame - if any. Their verdict should be due at the time of the end of this season.
- Esben
Nov. 18th, 2004
Oh, well!

Out of the tournament, but never mind. We have a strong team, and we came out of the season without further loss of players. Furthermore the season fair play prize should be secure now.

A 3-4 loss to Woodwatchers in a fair and equal match sends the Bunnies home to the training ground to prepare for next season.

Out of Elf sympathy all our best wishes now go to Woodwatchers and Renegades in the further matches.
- Esben
Nov. 16th, 2004
The play-offs are about to commence and the Bunnies' opponents for the first match have been drawn.

The draw was welcomed with mixed feelings from the Bunny coaching staff. Although in terms of casualties the Woodwatchers are a team, which the Bunnies should be able to match, the art of lining up a defence against a fast moving team is sadly lost to the Bunny head coach.

But having secured a place in the play-offs is more than the Bunnies could have hoped for, so we will welcome the experience of playing a knock-out match.

On a side note the Bunnies welcome their new assistant coach - the Irish born dance instructor Corey O'Graph, who has advanced from cheerleading coach to being the one who instructs the Bunnies' line-up march.
- Esben
Nov. 15th, 2004
Play-offs, here we come!!!

For the first time ever with a receiver quartet.
- Esben
Nov. 10th, 2004
After tonight's result between Bloodfist Bowlers and Grünburg Gryphons, it is no longer theoretically possible that the Bunnies should miss out on the play-offs.

Needless to say there was much rejoicing in the Bunny camp. All players were invited to a grand banquet at the Lickbottom Estate.

This changes the approach on the Bunnies' last group match against the reigning champions quite drastically.
- Esben
Nov. 7th, 2004
The Bunnies are back in the game after tonight's 2-1 win against Reign of Seth.

After an in many ways minimalistic effort the Bunnies got two points, good winnings, more fans, and a few, but well placed SPPs. And furthermore they suffered no injuries against the hard hitting Khemries.

It all started out grim, however, as the Khemries led their first offensive drive to a touchdown in the last turn of the first half giving a niggling injury to Hvasse Line on the way. It was healed by the apothecary, Bandha Ghista, and from then on the Bunnies suffered no more casualties. Grim it was, as the Bunnies managed to hold the Khemri thro-ra to a 6+ dodge and 2 GFIs, but most unlikely he made it.

In the second half the Bunnies started with one of their standard drives to an early equalizer. And then finally Reign of Seth started looking like a team that could not handle the ball. A failed pickup near the line of scrimmage provided a nice possibility for Ane Uråd to dodge to the ball and throw it back to Hvasse Line. This she did, and the Bunnies now spent 2 additional turns trying to consolidate the ball and get a receiver in a free position.

By then 2 of the receivers were sent to the dugout - one knocked out and another in the reserves box having been blocked off the pitch. So Synne Buch had to find the last remaining receiver. This she did and the Bunnies took the lead.

The remainder of the half Reign of Seth spent pushing towards the Bunny goal line. They finally got a corridor towards the endzone, but after a heroic effort from Karen Tæhne and Hvasse Line the ball was out of the hands of the ball carrier, and the Khemries never managed to retrieve it.
- Esben
Oct. 29th, 2004
From heroine to bad girl in just one play. That was the case for team vice captain, Hvasse Line, today after the match against Gryphons.

That was the case for the blitzer who, by inflicting 2 casualties secured a better fan factor roll, and who, by making one of her almost legendary 5+ dodge rolls to break a cage and flatten the ball carrier on his back, had an otherwise great day.

The problem arose when receiver Karen Tæhne had an almost unobstructed run for what would most likely have been a game winning touchdown for the Bunnies. By making an unimportant blitz against catcher Friedrich Schillums, Hvasse Line allowed him to side step into blitzing range of Karen Tæhne. After a great play by the former, the tables were turned and Gryphons won the close match.
- Esben
Oct. 14th, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents:

Interview of the week

This is a pre-recorded interview with former backup quarterbunny Lykke Pille who died last Monday in the match versus Olvig Vikings.

Interviewer: ”You are backup quarterbunny for PlayBall Magazine’s Bunny team. Tell me about the background for your being here in the first place”.

Lykke Pille: ”Well, ever since high school I have been playing Blood Bowl. I was soon told that I had a good game perception, and the boys started wanting me on their team. Apparently I was also good enough for the Bunnies”.

Interviewer: ”But there is also more to it, is there not? I mean, I hope you do not mind my mentioning it, but you do have not very bunny-like gigantic biceps”.

Lykke Pille: ”Well, I have been training hard to be able to throw the ball further”.

Interviewer: ”As an interviewer I am obliged to ask critical questions, and I believe there was a case with you and the use of doping drugs?!?”

Lykke Pille: ”Au contraire. As a PlayBall employee working for the PlayBall website newspaper you are supposed to promote the PlayBall cuties on the pitch. I will not answer that question, and I will not take anymore of that sort from you. GUARDS!!!”

After that miss Pille’s bodyguards, who were hired for her by Sir Harvey Lickbottom, and were chosen among the school bullies at Eton, came and took away the interviewer. What happened to him is to this day unsure, but sources close to him say that he had difficulties sitting down for over a week after the incident. He was immediately fired from the PlayBall payroll.
- Esben
Oct. 11th, 2004
Excellent play from the Bunnies resulted in a 4-2 victory over Olvig Vikings.

The Bunnies were rather lucky with many double-1 rolls for Vikings. The Bunnies had only one. It came at a critical moment, though, but this time it did not cost the Bunnies the victory.

Unfortunately the match cost the Bunnies the death of Lis Pund and Lykke Pille. The retirement of the former was due at any time, so her loss is not that great. That of Lykke Pille, however, is more grievous.

Fortunately the Bunnies got a sponsorship deal on their single handicap roll, and managed to receive a staggering 120.000 winnings. And with another fan factor increase the Bunnies are really rocking in the post-match procedures.

Like in the Bunnies' other victory against Bloodfist Bowlers the game ended in a riot.

Without having inflicted any casualties, the team is now all but certain of being awarded the fair play prize.
- Esben
Oct. 10th, 2004
Mixed feelings after an unexpected and thus pleasant gain of points.

Being only ten players at the start of the match (albeit still outnumbering the orcs in the first drive) the Bunnies played a great match. And the result was actually fair (which is not commonplace in Blood Bowl). The match between Bunnies and Zola ended 3-3.

Practically only positive things came of the match for the Bunnies.

1) an unexpected point for the draw.

2) 22 SPPs between the players.

3) Ane Uråd proving herself worthy of having received D.Talje's player number. With 3 touchdowns she has now scored the same number of touchdowns as Miss Talje did in her first season. Ane Uråd has earned a new skill and is now just a touchdown and a completion from earning another.

4) The new blitzer Ann Griff earning her first SPP enabling her to learn her first skill with just an mvp.

5) Not making any casualties making the Bunnies more than hot contenders for the fair play prize and the coveted extra mvp.

6) For the first time this season managing to roll more than 3 on the winnings dice giving the Bunnies a fair amount of money and a golden opportunity to buy a new receiver.

7) Another rise in the Bunnies' steadily increasing fan factor.

8) The Bunnies managed to counter 2 times perfect defence and one blitz.

The only thing on the negative side is the fact that the new blitzer Ann Griff has to miss the next game.

So why the dissatisfaction?

In fact it only boils down to simple psychology. The Bunnies were a number of times forced to make difficult 3+ and 4+ (and even one 5+) dice rolls. These they passed with flying colours. And then in the Bunnies' penultimate turn, Ane Uråd has a golden opportunity to make a 2+ dodge for what would most likely have been a winning touchdown. She failed. Luckily an orc blitzer failed to pick up the ball on 3+ in 3 attempts for what would have been yet another one of the Bunnies' all too frequent last minute defeats.

All in all Sir Harvey Lickbottom and the Bunnies were content with the match.
- Esben
Oct. 5th, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents:

Interview of the week

Until a few weeks ago linebunny Andro Gün was a liability to the Bunny team with her handicap and her lack of abilities. Today she is the team’s first assistant coach. In this exclusive interview she tells of the transformation.

Interviewer: ”Andro, the team had high hopes for you when they started, but you have proven to be… And I quote your head coach… ”The most worthless player the team has so far had”. What do you think of that?”

Andro Gün: ”He has his own blunt way of expressing himself, but in essence he is right. I am the only player on the team so far who has not owned a single star player point with the exception of Ann Griff who has yet to play her first match… And I have had over one season to try”.

Interviewer: ”You got a niggling injury in your first season… Tell me about it”.

Andro Gün: ”It was a tough match against Drakwald Poison Daggers. La Chubacabre had already killed Ann Stød Steen at that point of the match, and so our Apothecary had already been at work… And even failed… There was nothing to do, really”.

Interviewer: ”Of course you had to miss that next match, but you also had to miss the first two matches of this season due to your injury. That was, I believe, the main reason for your dismissal”.

Andro Gün: ”Yes… That and the fact that by cutting me off the roster now, the team would earn more winnings in their next match. When I got the injury, I knew it was only a matter of time until my days as a player were over. Luckily I still live”.

Interviewer: ”It was sometimes a close call?”

Andro Gün: ”Yes… As the most expendable player on the team, I always had to be in the front line to take the beatings”.

Interviewer: ”You were one of the original 11 players on the team… Tell me about it”.

Andro Gün: ”I was indeed. It has been a marvellous time. Now 4 of the original 11 are out of the team. Of those 4 I am the only one alive. That is something, is it not?”

Interviewer: ”So now you are the team’s first assistant coach. Taken into consideration that every other player on the team has achieved more than you ever have, what have you to teach them?”

Andro Gün: ”Nothing, I suppose. I am only there to hopefully secure a re-roll on brilliant coaching”.

Interviewer: ”Last but not least, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to: Are you in fact a man?”

Andro Gün: ”It is against corporation policy and my contract to answer that question”.

Interviewer: ”Thank you!”

Andro Gün :”Thank YOU!”
- Esben
Sep. 27th, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents:

Interview of the week:

Sarah Cen, the new leader of the Bunny defensive line after the late Ann Stød Steen, speaks of the Bunny defence.

Interviewer: "Thank you for wanting to give this interview".

Sarah Cen: "No sweat. I do not have to prepare for the next match anyway since I am out with an injury, so I have plenty of time".

Interviewer: "The Bunny defence... It seems so much more present this season. Tell me about it".

Sarah Cen: "The way I see it we had an equally good defence last season if not better. The only difference is the fact that our coach has begun believing in us. We lost our leader Ann Stød Steen, and Andro Gün suffered a niggling injury up to the start of this season. Furthermore Lis Pund has a stat decrease and a useless skill, so I believe that our defensive line was better towards the end of the last season."

Interviewer: "So you say that the coach believes more in his defence now?"

Sarah Cen: "Definitely. He has played it very well in this season. We have had Andro Gün as some sort of Uriah to take the big hits, and Metha Dohn has even had the opportunity to score a touchdown thus gaining a skill. I believe that shows how well our coach has dispositioned his game".

Interviewer: "Furthermore you seem to be able stop virtually every slow moving offence".

Sarah Cen: "That is true, unfortunately the art of stopping a fast offence is sadly lost to our coach".

Interviewer: "So what is your general assesment of the start of the new season".

Sarah Cen: "Both positive and negative. Positive because the defence has proven to be a real asset and we have gained more points in the first two matches than we did the entire last season. But mostly negative, though, since we have lost two extremely good and seasoned players".

Interviewer: "And what of the defence in particular?"

Sarah Cen: "The same... Positive because have managed to stall the offence of Clawkillers and Bowlers, and - for all practical purposes - that of Stone Curve. Negative because we lost D.Talje who, apart from her great offensive skills, was also the most potent defensive weapon this team has ever had. Also the loss of Gro Tæsk was hard to bear. She was also an excellent cage-breaker."

Interviewer: "But you are getting along?"

Sarah Cen: "Well, yes. But so far our coach has been unable to roll anything above 3 on a single dice in winnings. That, of course, hampers our opportunities to evolve. This morning I did, however, have a chance to meet the new Blitzer whom our coach has had flown in for reinforcement. So that does spell new hope."

Interviewer: "I hope you will have more winnings soon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts."

Sarah Cen: "As do I. And thank YOU".
- Esben
Sep. 26th, 2004

The Bunnies are back on track after tonight's match against the group leaders Greyhavien Renegades. Not so much because of the result - (they lost) - rather than the way they lost.

The match brought forth 11 (!) touchdown ending in a staggering 7-4 victory for Renegades. A marvellous result beating the former touchdown record for one match by two. (Of Greyhavien Renegades' 7 touchdowns two of them were one-turners.

Realizing that the Bunny defence left much to be desired against a fast-moving offence, and that he could only field 10 players the Bunny head coach decided to play the game concentrating on improving his team.

When Renegades soon got a comfortable 3-0 lead they decided to save their best players trying to improve their worst players. Hence the staggering result.

It is the first time ever that the Bunny team scores more than two touchdowns in a match. They even got a linebunny on the score sheet.
- Esben
Sep. 23rd, 2004
Utter disaster.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom was extremely displeased with the fact that his head coach had let the Bunny star players stay on the field after the apothecary had been in action in tonight's game. This caused the death of the undisputed Bunny star D.Talje.

Furthermore it was all to no avail as Stone Curve managed to score a lucky winning goal in the last turn of the game.
- Esben
Sep. 21st, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents...

---Interview of the week---

Team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom speaks on the achievements of his off-season cup team, "The Pink Pooves" and on the Bunnies’ first matches of the new season.

Interviewer: ”So the off-season season(!) has come to an end. Give us your views on the performance of your Pooves”.

Harvey Lickbottom: ”Well, the off-season cups have been held for 3 off-seasons now, and the Pooves were rookies. Still they managed to make 4th place, and in doing so beating to seasoned teams including the reigning dungeonbowl champions, the Deranged Deriders. I call that a fair achievement. Unfortunately they lost both their semifinal and the bronze match”.

Interviewer: ”You were directly involved with two of the matches… Tell me about it”.

Harvey Lickbottom: ”My head coach decided to hire a wizard, and since I leaned quite a few card tricks back in boarding school, I thought it obvious that I stepped in on the sideline and drew a few aces from my sleeve. After all, these boys are my favourites”.

Interviewer: ”Who are these people on the team?”

Harvey Lickbottom: ”All but one of them are my good mates from my time at Eton. We had such a good time there, and I know their potential from the Rugby team. One of them is a junior executive in the PlayBall Corporation who was eager to play”.

Interviewer: ”So what is the status after the conclusion of the cup?”

Harvey Lickbottom: ”A rather gloomy one, unfortunately. Three of my good friends: Finn Uhrlig, Gunnar Rée, and Hard-Kaare are dead. Especially the death of Hard-Kaare, my old room-mate in boarding school, bothers me. He was always ready with something big and warm for me during all those cold, lonely nights. Also Tage Bagfra, Bent-Ove(r) Hard, and Philip Buster have had to retire due to injuries (on top of the permanent injuries to the rectum that all first-year students at Eton succumb to).

Interviewer: ”But now for a more bright perspective: The Bunnies. You have had a great start to the new season!?!”

Harvey Lickbottom: ”Absolutely. Already after two matches those girls have achieved more than they did last season – and they are even in the upper bracket. Offence and defence are steadily improving, and my head coach has really improved. In a few more seasons we might even be a team to be reckoned with. Just think of what my Pooves did in just one season. But we will have to take one match at a time. Next time we meet a throng of dwarves. My teams do not function well against dwarves and rats.”
Interviewer: ”Last but not least, Mr. Lickbottom: Do the Bunnies stand a chance in upper bracket or were your 2 first matches just a good run of luck?”.

Harvey Lickbottom: ”The Bunnies performed perfectly, and in the Aros League in general – in the upper bracket in particular – the players have to perform their very best EVERY TIME in order to ensure good results. So if they can keep up the good work, peaking in key matches, we might get far already this season. In long terms the treasury will also be improved since fans have now begun flocking to see the Bunnies in opposition to the Pooves who tend to lose a fan factor every match. I never understood why men choose to watch lightly dressed women when they could watch lightly dressed men instead.”

Interviewer: ”Thank you for your time”.

Harvey Lickbottom: ”Thank you”.
- Esben
Sep. 19th, 2004
Apple Pie Mayhem's dispute with PlayBall Corporation has been dampened after a delegation of PlayBall executives this weekend made a visit to Greenfield.

P.Dant who, apart from being a renowned solicitor, is also quite a wimp, left the job of travelling to halfling-land to his right hand executive, Mr. Per Pleks.

Rumour has it that Mr. Dant took Schwabbisch von Gugelhupf's invitation to have tea with treeman Spruce Woodwind as a threat, and wanted no part of the journey.

Instead Mr. Pleks and his legal team had a pleasant trip to Greenfield where they had tea with the entire Mayhem team. Barry Bunkerbunny and Puffy Poof provided proof of their genealogy, and it turned out that there was actually a long line of Bunkerbunnies and Pooves in the groves of Greenfield.

Upon returning to PlayBall headquarters Per Pleks presented the gathered evidence to P.Dant who was still not satisfied.

Mr. Dant presented his plans for court proceedings to the highest authority, but miraculously Sir Harvey Lickbottom overruled Mr. Dant, and sought the more peaceful solution suggested by Mr. Pleks.

It is the first time that Mr. Lickbottom ever overruled the decisions of his old Eton schoolmate P.Dant, and rumour has it that they are no longer the best of friends. Between the lines it is obvious that Mr. Lickbottom's reluctance to take action against Apple Pie Mayhem was based on the fact that due to the salary cap the Bunnies could not afford the money it would take to place rewards on the heads of the Mayhem players.

Until further notice P.Dant still retains his office as chief legal advisor for the Bunnies.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom has at no point made an official commentary on the relationship with Apple Pie Mayhem.

Per Pleks has improved his standing in the PlayBall Corporation, and it is rumoured that he will soon be promoted. He also thanks Mr. von Gugelhupf and Spruce Woodwind for tea and cookies.

No official statement from any PlayBall Corporation executive was made concerning the case, but officially the case is not dropped yet. It is obvious, though, that nothing will ever come of it.
- Esben
Sep. 15th, 2004
PlayBall Corporation threatens Apple Pie Mayhem with lawsuit!

Today PlayBall Corporation's legal advisor P.Dant held a press conference in which he threatened to take legal action against the halflings of Apple Pie Mayhem on grounds of what he calls illegal marketing.

The cause of the dispute are Mayhem players Barry Bunkerbunny and Puffy Poof, whose names, Mr. Dant argues, are associated with registered PlayBall trademarks. He states that the words "bunny" and "poof" are directly associated with PlayBall Corporation's two Blood Bowl teams, Blood Bowl Bunnies and the Pink Pooves, and he claims that Mayhem's use of the words without the Corporation's consent is illegal.

P.Dant demands an excuse from Apple Pie Mayhem and a pledge from the halflings promising they will never again infringe on PlayBall's premises. Once that is done the PlayBall Corporation may consider not to place a bounty on the two players.

Neither any of the players nor any of the coaching staff of the Blood Bowl Bunnies wanted to comment on the matter.
- Esben
Sep. 14th, 2004
As the final whistle blew in tonight's game between Bloodfist Bowlers and the Bunnies, all Bunny training staff ran onto the pitch to embrace the players after the Bunnies' first victory ever in the league. Or rather they embraced those they could find in the turmoil that erupted with a riot lasting the final two turns of the game (D6 was rolled). Also no one can really be sure that the final whistle was ever blown since nobody ever found the referee again. But technicalities aside the Bunnies were absolutely all over the moon with their first victory, which was secured after a tough match with several outstanding plays, as the match report will show, once the game result has been confirmed.

D.Talje was back with a vengeance to score both Bunny touchdowns after last week's 0 on her score-sheet. And in fellow blitzer Gro Tæsk's absence team vice captain Hvasse Line produced two outstanding plays earning her the second MVP in a row.

Apothecary Bandha Ghista performed very well in her resuscitation-attempt, and Sir Harvey Lickbottom was very pleased with the fact that the team has already achieved the goal of the season, namely: performing better than last season.
- Esben
Sep. 13th, 2004
PlayBall Magazine presents...

---Interview of the week---

Last season's Bunny top-scorer and Bunny of the Season D.Talje speaks of her new role on the team with 2 new receivers by her side.

Interviewer: "Miss Talje, last season was a perfect one for you, albeit certainly not for the entire team. You were the undisputed Bunny top-scorer, and you tied for fifth place on the overall top-scorer list of the season. The only other player on the team who managed to score a touch-down last season was the late Gro Tæsk. How do you view your role on the team this season?"

D.Talje: "Very differently. Last season we were a completely new team. Due to the salary cap having only one receiver was the only economically viable option to the team. I was the team's starting receiver, and that was my luck in terms of touchdowns."

Interviewer: "Yes, with new receivers Ane Uråd and Mette Vons on the team, your role has changed?!?"

D.Talje: "Absolutely. Ane played one match last season, and Mette was purchased right after the season had ended. Not much time to show their worth. Now we have proved how well we work as a trio."

Interviewer: "Three times catch, nerves of steel - and in your case dodge and block to go with it. That sounds like a lethal combo. But the two other receivers told me back there, that their newly-won succes had been impossible without you."

D.Talje: "The way I see it, Clawkillers' defence was busy covering me, leaving so much more space for the other two, so I suppose there is some truth to it."

Interviewer: "With both Ane Uråd and Mette Vons on the score-sheet, do you think this season looks promising?"

D.Talje: "Certainly, but then again everything looks more promising than last season. But I genuinely believe that drawing a match against yesteryear's champions deserves applause. But really, now we have what teams of our ilk need, namely more than one receiver. A trio or a quartet of them are almost impossible to stop. We have already proved that... When I am covered, the two other take over."

Interviewer: "You certainly have proved your point, and with two of you just one touchdown away from gaining another skill-roll, and yourself just a touchdown and a completion away, the future looks bright for the Bunny offence. Thank you for sharing your views with us!"

D.Talje: "Thank you."

Interviewer: "In two weeks' time we take a look at the Bunny defence. But next week we are back with an exclusive interview with Sir Harvey Lickbottom III who will give us his view on the start of the new season as well as the end of the off-season cup, in which PlayBall Corporation's team is still taking part."
- Esben
Sep. 8th, 2004
One minute of silence was held at Bunnies' press conference today to commemorate deceased blitzer Gro Tæsk.

Solemnly Sir Harvey Lickbottom swore revenge by placing a 10.000 goldpiece bounty on the head of Clawkillers' Benny K.

And for the purpose of wreaking more damage, team vice captain and former blitzer colleague of Gro's, Hvasse Line had equiped herself with the mighty blow skill after rolling a double on her skill roll.

But after all everyone was not in such a bad mood after the pleasing draw against the dreaded Clawkillers. "It spells promise for the future, and it is time we prove we are just as good as the Pooves who have been overshadowing us for the past months", remarked team captain Synne Buch in her closing statement.
- Esben
Sep. 7th, 2004
Most surprisingly the Bunnies are in the upper bracket this season albeit the lowest rated in the bracket.

The Bunnies seemed relaxed after the long holidays, and the head coach was eager to play some of the tricks he had learned during the off-season cup. In fact everyone did their best, which in the end was enough to secure a surprising 2-2 draw against last year's champions The Halfdead Clawkillers.

Sadly apothecary Bandha Ghista who had been performing in the off-season cup was not quite ready for today's match with the result that Blitzer Gro Tæsk died.

With but 2 casualties the Clawkillers did not critically impact the Bunnies, and team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom III was pleased with the result.

"We all mourn the loss of Gro, but drawing a match against the infamous Clawkillers without further incident deserves applause", Mr. Lickbottom commented. "Unfortunately I have to keep my pledge and spend 10.000 of our meagre winnings on a reward Gro's killer's head", were the last words from the team owner before he left the press conference to concentrate on the upcoming semi-final in the off-season cup.

Team captain Synne Buch commented that she and the rest of the team were happy with the result and eager to perform better during the rest of the season.

The head coach remarked, that he was happy with the fact that all receivers had now begun scoring.
- Esben
Sep. 3rd, 2004
If anyone thought that Sir Harvey Lickbottom III looked ecstatic last Sunday after the Pink Pooves qualified for the off-season cup quarterfinals, they should have seen him this morning when the Pink Pooves qualified for the semis after an incredible performance against the reigning Dungeonbowl champions Deranged Deriders led by head coach Jimi.

The Pooves won 3-2, but are heavily decimated before the semifinals, since Deriders had a 9-0 casualty score. With the result the newly started Pooves are secured another two matches.

Despite the result another group of fans decided not to follow the Pooves anymore. This is the 8th time in the 12 cup matches that the team loses a fan factor, even though they have managed to get to the semifinals.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom remarked: "Why are the fans not content? Can it be because they do not like seeing feminine men in bunny costumes? I refuse to believe that..."
- Esben
Aug. 29th, 2004
---All Over the Moon

(Excerpts from a newsflash on the PlayBall Blood Bowl Site)


Sir Harvey Lickbottom was all over the moon when earlier this afternoon he learned that the PlayBall Corporation's off-season cup team, "The Pink Pooves", had qualified for the quarter-finals.

"It was a close race for play-offs", Sir Harvey Lickbottom remarked after the final cup summary had been posted, "but luckily we made it". "I have been following their every match, and I am pleased with their performance".

The good news comes just before the opening of Aros season XIII and spells hope for the Bunnies after their miserable season XII.

Just last morning the Bunnies returned to training camp after their summer holidays, and in the meanwhile the brand new PlayBall Stadium is nearing completion in time for the new season.

But not the entire crew surrounding the Bunnies have had time to relax during the holiday. Head coach Esben has been busy managing the Pooves, and Bunny apothecary Bandha Ghista has served as physician for them as well.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom remarks: "My head coach has done a remarkable job with my Pooves... I have never seen them more fit. He has improved much as a coach, and he is no longer in risk of being sacked". "As to Bandha Ghista... What can I say? She has been able to heal or resuscitate every player she has had the opportunity to save. And furthermore it was of paramount importance to have a female apothecary on the sideline, since only a woman could get physical with the Pooves without causing envy among the others or myself. Well done".

That was everything the busy team owner had time to say to the press before he had to go in time for his manicure. However, he promised to return with a full length interview in time for the start of the new season.
- Esben
May 19th, 2004
New acclaims for the Bunnies!

Last night at the annual film awards the PlayBall Corporation received a spectacular award for their latest film featuring the Bunnies in the locker room. The movie was awarded the prize for the best roll-up title of the year.
- Esben
May 4th, 2004
And so season twelve has all but come to an end.

The Bunny of the season award goes to receiverbunny D.Talje whose excellent playing resulted in 7 touchdowns - thus securing her a place on this season's overall top scorer list. A special issue of PlayBall Magazine will be released shortly profiling her.

The team mourns the loss of linebunny Ann Stød Steen who had established herself as the team's leading linebunny and who had a promising future ahead of her when she was killed.

A grudge has been declared on rat ogre La Chubacabre from Drakwald Poison Daggers who killed her.

Team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom comments on the season: It was a shaky start, but at least one the team can easily live up to. They are a great hit with the fans and PlayBall Magazine sells like never before.

The team headcoach comments: I seriously have to improve before next season.

Team captain Synne Buch comments: We could certainly do better, but with the latest improvements among our quarterbunnies combined with two new receivers, we should be able to perform much better next season.

Team vice captain Hvasse Line comments: Get away from me, you stupid reporter!

Bunny of the season D.Talje comments: I never understood why I was given block instead of leap...


The prospects for next season:

Sir Harvey Lickbottom has announced that the PlayBall Corporation will invest exorbitant amounts in a completely new, state of the art, stadium which, according to the plans, should be the greatest stadium in the league.

The team head coach announces that the goal for next season should be to improve on this season's miserable results. No chance of getting disappointed, then. With regards to play-offs, that is not our primary goal, and cosidering the fact that neither of the two new receivers have acquired any new traits or skills, it will also be very difficult. But we will do our best.

The appearance of the Blood Bowl Bunnies was proudly sponsored by PlayBall Magazine - bringing you the best in cheerleading!
- Esben
Apr. 18th, 2004
Little other remains for the Bunnies than the closing statements which will follow in the course of the play-offs.

The players embarked on their Summer holiday today, and the coaching staff has started preparing the off-season training.

Sir Harvey Lickbottom demanded that his head coach get some more coaching experience in the holidays in order to improve his performance.

To this end Mr. Lickbottom devised a plan to erect a low-budget off-season cup team. Fortunately a large group of Mr. Lickbottom's intimate friends from boarding school have volunteered to play and are only all to eager to play in the already fabricated bunny costumes. This way it gets more cost effective and they get to live out their fantasies.

PlayBall Magazine is proud to announce the sponsoring of the Bunnies' off-season cup team: The Pink Pooves.
- Esben
Apr. 16th, 2004
And so the Bunnies' final match of the season was played, and like the very first it ended with a 1-1 draw. Apparently the Bunnies perform best when the last name of the opponents' head coach is Kirkeby.

Finally the luck was on the Bunnies' side as the match report reveals, and 1-1 is a pleasing score. The mighty blow Khemri mummies were not able to inflict a single casualty. Characteristically the stat decrease to Lis Pund was inflicted after her failing a dodge roll. The missing movement allowance means nothing to a linebunny like her, and the miss next game issue is waived due to the end of the season. So on the casualty front the Bunnies were fortunate. The meagre winnings also allowed Sir Harvey Lickbottom to strengthen the team with another receiver. D.Talje made another touchdown ensuring her a reputation as an upcoming star and probably securing her a place on the season top-scorer list. Pretty well done in her first season. Team captain, quarterbunny Synne Buch, rolled the crucial double and gained the strong arm trait. With an additional sure-to-come "accurate" combined with her agility skill of four, she is also one to look out for in the future.

All in all a season which, despite the lack of results, proves promising for the future. Sir Harvey Lickbottom is proud to announce that PlayBall Magazine will sponsor the team again next season.
- Esben
Apr. 14th, 2004
Sir Harvey Lickbottom acknowledges the fact that Deadly Doom did what they could to cause the death of rat ogre La Chubacabre from Drakwald Poison Daggers against whom the Bunny team owner has declared a grudge and on whom he has placed a bounty. He is pleased to see that he has been injured but he bemoans the fact that Deadly Doom was not able to finish him off completely. Better luck next time, Kynde.
- Esben
Apr. 1st, 2004
Following an unrelenting pressure from the Necrophiliacs' Union Sir Harvey Lickbottom has been forced to comply and agree to once again allow portraits of Deadly Doom's cheerleaders in PlayBall Magazine. It turned out that the ghouls and skeletal cuties on Kynde's sideline was the talk of the town among necrophiliacs.
- Esben
Mar. 28th, 2004
After today's match against Deadly Doom Sir Harvey Lickbottom was infuriated by the undeads' repeated fouling of the Bunnies. In fact he was so infuriated that he vowed never to portray any of Deadly Dooms cheerleaders in PlayBall Magazine ever!

On the other hand he was quite pleased with the Nemesis that befell Kynde and his corpses. Despite their tireless fouling they were not able to produce one single Bunny casualty on that account, whereas when linebunny Lis Pund decided to retaliate making the Bunnies' only foul of the match it resulted in a casualty - furthermore one which did not regenerate.
- Esben
Mar. 25th, 2004
Having viewed the match from the spectator seats Sir Harvey Lickbottom was calm and collected as he walked to the locker room after the match.

But that did not last long. He soon summoned team apothecary Bandha Ghista to his office to talk to her about her failed attemt to resuscitate linebunny Ann Stød Steen. (A good thing his office has been built out of soundproof material).

Once again calm and collected, but this time quite hoarse, Mr. Lickbottom staged a press conference in which he announced the purchase of an additional receiverbunny - Ane Uråd - and the issue of a 10,000 gold piece reward for the death of Daggers' rat ogre La Chubacabre who was responsible for the death of Ann Stød Steen.
- Esben
Mar. 23rd, 2004
And so another defeat, but the Bunnies are quite used to that now. Once again the dice were not favouring the Bunnies.

Daggers received the ball first and quickly made a touchdown. The Bunnies made a nice comeback making a nice accurate pass to star receiver D.Talje, but of course Daggers had to intercept on a 6+ opportunity. They quickly converted the turnover into a touchdown. Daggers then got a blitz making it impossible for the Bunnies to get to the ball, and within six twelve turns of the game 3-0 was the score. The Bunnies never recovered but managed to draw the rest of the match 2-2.

A situation the Bunnies have experienced once too often now. The Bunnies would usually compensate by keeping clear of permanent injuries. But not this time. With the death of the most prominent linebunny Ann Stød Steen, whom apothecary Bandha Ghista failed to resuscitate, and a niggling injury to Andro Gün the situation now looks ominous for the Bunnies. A small consolation it was that the post-match procedures favoured the Bunnies with a +1 fan factor and 50,000 gold pieces.
- Esben
Mar. 21st, 2004
With an improbable 4 times of throwing a double 1 when either going for it or dodging the Bunnies wasted their opportunities. When star receiverbunny D.Talje failed a going for it over the endzone line in the last part of the game, an almost certain victory was converted to a certain defeat as the ball was thrown back into play far into the field.

After the defeat Sir Harvey Lickbottom forgave his star receiver as well as his head coach who, although he could have done better, was not really to blame for the defeat rather that the miserable dice rolls.
- Esben
Mar. 10th, 2004
Sir Harvey Lickbottom proudly acknowledges the fact that the Bunnies at the moment top the provisional fair play list. It is to be expected that a brand new elven team would be a serious contender for the fair play title. And by the current looks of things that extra mvp might very well come in handy.
- Esben
Mar. 9th, 2004
If there were ever any doubt that the Bunnies would NOT make the play-offs in there first season, there should not be a shadow of doubt left after today's match against the Sindarin Lords.

Once again the handicap rolls made by the Bunnies yielded nothing useful. And once again the two blitzers were able to pull off several good plays without gaining so much as one single star player point. When the team's fan factor was even reduced by one in the post-game procedure and the team winnings amounted to nothing more than a scant 10.000 gold pieces it was obvious to anyone that the team now has to focus on gaining as many star player points as possible in the remains of the season.

Team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom did, however, utter his satisfaction with the fact that receiverbunny D.Talje once again delivered an optimal performance with two touchdowns. She is still the only one to have scored on the team. Ann Stød Steen also gave her best with one casualty and one completion giving her a star player upgrade. Mr. Lickbottom was also pleased to notice that the team is now able to field 11 players in their next match. This is the first time this happens since the team's first match.
- Esben
Mar. 4th, 2004
In their postponed first round match the Bunnies ran into an expected defeat against Zhatan's Disciples. The Bunnies went in front early in the game, but as expected the Disciples soon started sending one bunny after another into the dugout. The few remaining players on the pitch fought heroically, but there was no stopping the chaos dwarves even though their troll was knocked out early (never to return for the rest of the match) and the sweltering heat kept at least two or three dwarves in the dugout.

Nevertheless Bunny team owner Sir Harvey Lickbottom voiced optimism after the match. "This result was expected. And even so we still managed to score a touchdown and all in all came out of it well. No players suffered long term effects and one player is eligible for a star player roll", he remarked after the match.

"It is quite a team head coach Uffe has managed to build up. It is well experienced for a lower bracket team, and I expect it to be playoff bound", remarked the head coach of the Bunnies after the match.
- Esben
Mar. 3rd, 2004
And so the Bunnies got off to a start - and what a start. With their first round match having been postponed the team received the permission of the highly distinguished league commissioner to play their second round match against the Bloodfist Bowlers first.

It turned out to be a very odd match with quite a few unexpected occurences. Just to name a few there was an interception by a chaos beastman and a serious injury inflicted by an elf lineman on a chaos warrior.

The game was a 1-1 draw and the Bunnies can praise their lucky star that they got away with one point, since the Bowlers failed almost every crucial block dice throw. Yet the draw might still seem disappointing to the Bunnies since the Bowlers' equalizing touchdown came in their very last turn of play with a chaos warrior having to go for it twice to reach the end zone. Furthermore in the dying minutes of the first half bunny blitzer Gro Tæsk fumbled what would have been a simple, short pass for touchdown.

Still no long term injuries were sustained by any Bunny player, since apothecary Bandha Ghista managed to resuscitate a clinically dead linebunny.

"A good thing I did not have to use any of our sparse earnings to put a reward on one of their players", remarked a relieved and happy team owner, Sir Harvey Lickbottom, after the match. The team owner announces his content with the fact that the Bunnies received another fan factor after the match - "a clear sign that we are a hit with the fans", he added. "My head coach and the team have learned invaluable lessons about this game today - I suspect continues improvements", was the closing statement of the team owner who then ran off to see his bunny girls shower in the locker room.

The head coach's only remark was this: "Kudos to my distinguished opponent, Nalla. He is a perfect gentlemen, and I am very pleased to have met him in my first game. It has been a tremendously warm welcome for me in this league. And had it not been for his... ahem... overlooking of one or two illegal procedures, the team's league debut could well have ended in disaster. He does great credit to the league".
- Esben
Feb. 28th, 2004
Finally our first match has been scheduled. With the fixture set for monday we will be running almost a week late.

"Better late than never, though", Sir Harvey Lickbottom announced on his press conference early Friday. "This way my head coach will be that much alert due to what can best be described as Blood Bowl withdrawal symptoms", Mr. Lickbottom added with a grin.

When asked about the prospects of the game his face turned more sombre. "Chaos dwarves are usually a handful. Of course we hope to have a minimum of casualties, but we will see. At least there is the prospect of a substancial outcome from the gate, so we should be able to strengthen our team with additional players in a few games. And rest assured: My head coach still has a vast list of ridiculous women's names to put on them". :)
- Esben
Feb. 16th, 2004
After having been lectured on certain key rules of the Aros Blood Bowl League by the commissioner and adviced of the team's infringement of these rules, Sir Harvey Lickbottom steps up with the purchase of two additional linebunnies.
- Esben
Feb. 15th, 2004
Filthy rich millionaire and tabloid press tycoon Sir Harvey Lickbottom announces the appearance of the Blood Bowl Bunnies in the 12th Aros Blood Bowl League season.

Following the purchase of quarterbunny Synne Buch, star blitzers Gro Tæsk and Hvasse Line, and Indian born apothecary Bandha Ghista, Mr. Lickbottom voices optimism with regard to the coming season.

"Our primary goal is to evolve as a team and to improve. That is why I have primarily been purchasing expensive players from the start. I would rather have them gaining star player points from the first match than having a full team of linebunnies whose chances of winning matches would be just as slim as those of my present team." Says Mr. Lickbottom.

When asked about the his team's chances of success in the coming season he bluntly replies: "Winning is good, but it is not a goal in itself. As I said the improving of the team and avoiding injuries are first priorities".

In his final statement on the press conference Mr. Lickbottom issued a warning: "Be warned... I will issue a reward - be it ever so symbolic - on each player who dares to harm any of my bunnies".
- Esben
Blood Bowl Bunnies
Race:  Elven Union
Coach:  Esben

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