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Apr. 18th, 2013
Taking on the champions!
In a marathon match we took a win home against the double champs – Deadwood Blights.
We had to play our very best all the way, and was close to a 2-0 win or at least a 1-0, when in the end the necros took the ball and managed to tie in the dying moments of the match.

But our best blitzer Korbjørn Thaels would not accept this. So with the help of Troll Der Pinesen they got the 2nd best but fastest blitzer Dolf Ryrbye pushed into one turn range.

And then our new rookie line orc Klistian Chritgaard had to deliver the throw of a life time, when he hauled a long pass to Dolf Ryrbye who as an elf caught it in a TZ and dodged past this opponent to push it over the EZ line for a winning one turn TD – the first in BL’s history.

It was a great win.

Now Deadwood Blights has been beaten by both of the teams that they took out in their two championship finals. So it seems that there will be a new champ this season – and it is about time.

At the top of upper bracket we now have US and Dark side of the Moon. Since they have a much better TD score, we have no hope of surpassing them, and expect that we both end with 14 point. But no matter we are secured a 2nd place in the group before the final match, and the Darkies have been beaten by a strong team, so who knows what mayhem Brimstone Raiders can cause to them. Maybe we could still win the group play.

Anyway BL is heading for gold this season!
- Kynde
Apr. 3rd, 2013
Strong Orc died again again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time it was strong BOB Hasper Cansen who was killed in front of the apotech without the latter making an effort to safe him.

We are beginning to suspect that the apotech is necrophilia, so that he will not heal Orcs that dies – because he can then have his slimy ways with them… He should be careful with the next incidents, if he wish so stay on the team!

Good bye to Hasper Cansen you also served BL well.
Rookie BOB Reter Pasmussen will try to take his place!
- Kynde
Mar. 19th, 2013
Strong Orc died tonight in a fight

Here we are with Noels Trielsen sfely in a cage one turn to go, and with the TD within MVP range of super stardom!

But then Rashard Mendenhallos dodges into a cage and double pows him (as needed) break AV, makes a cas and then a kill - and the apotechs is there and it is still a kill! :(

To do this he had to acomplish the following:
Dodge 3/4, double pow 1/36, AV break 10/36, Cas 1/6, kill with apo 1/36
The chance for this action resulting in the kill was thus only 0,00268% or one in 37325.
To compare the chance of rolling a 6 dice yatzy of sixes is one in 46656 (or 0,00214%)
So it is in the same ball park. Considering that he also had to make a block before the action we are getting close (38029 to one)
There was of course no RR except the dodge (and the apo...)

Good by to Noels Trielsen you served BL well.
Rookie Nars Lissen wil try to take your place!
- Kynde
Feb. 28th, 2013
Strong as Borc Lockers
With a easy win against Addicted Lunatics Clan no less than four new skills was aquired in BLs first match after a pause last season... Four skills was aquired - tackle, tackle and MB - but then:

First it was a Blitzer that got stronger with Korbjørn Thaels
Then quickly there after a thrower - Noels Trielsen

But now two seasons later also a BOB has found the path to increasing strength.
Say hi to troll wannabe: Hasper Cansen :D
- Kynde
June 6th, 2012
So close but no cigar... at all
We could have had it all.

If the first two turns casualties had been kills...
1) Then Sulrik Vendsen would have been top killer of the season. Now, even though he made 4 kills vs. only 3 for the two players from Double Dodgers he came in 3rd because they did it in only 6 vs 9 matches.
2) The team would have been most leathal. Now we came up short also to Double Dodgers. Again because they made their 9 kills in 6 vs. our 12 kills in 9 matches (1.5 vs. 1.33 kill/match)

We are though the most lethal team - because 8 of our 12 kills were permanent - almost one pr. match. DD only made four permanent kills!

Here are the 8 players who died this season by BL's hands:
1 William Anders
2 von Ungern-Sternberg
3 Philadelphia Jensen
4 Brown Belly
5 Cutters Plaything
6 Edgar Mitchell
7 Alan Shepard
8 Mr. Scales

3) We could also have had the top scorer if Korbjørn Thaels could have scored twice, and on the run for this could have stopped Shamgar Bloodsnarl from scoring. Instead he was sliced by the other wolf and has lost some armor. And the agile wolf ran with the two TD and the top scorer price.

4) Finally as must be clea from the above, we of course lost the final and thus the championship.

Amongst other because our self induced wizard decided to run with the money instead of frying above mentioned top scoring wolf with the lightning bolt we had in mind. That and the fact that the rain during our receiving half only meant that we failed a pick-up wheras the wolf and ghoul managed a pass including a pick-up in a TZ and another pick-up... And then the rain stopped for their half!

Well we could have had it all... And all we got was the runner up price. Maybe we need to take a longer break than one season to get all the way to the top in our next attempt!

Over and out from BL
- Kynde
May 17th, 2012
We are in the final! Buy a lizard trunk?
After having removed most of the Sauri on Dirty Little Dinos we took the place in the final when Korbjørn Thaels completed his hatrick for 3-2 in overtime.

Five times a sauri had to bite the dust, but twice an apo was there. Only once did we manage to BH a skink.

Sulrik Vendsen who is a great fan of the coach of the Sauri team took home a trophy after killing Mr. Scales and he has now been turned into a trunk. It is for sale on-line. Lets have a bit for it!

Now we are waiting to see who will be slaugthered in the final. We need to more kills to stay most leathal, as we are now after the semifinal. And we expect to get them!

Only two more weeks before we take home the gold!
- Kynde
Apr. 11th, 2012
Borck Lockers are going for Mold Gedals
Or Gold Medals if you need to ask!

After two fantastic matches where we did not let any TD in to our EZ we are at the moment no. 1 in Group B and sure to go on to the play-off. Maybe we can even keep this first place, but that is up to Dark side of the Moon whom we played 2-2 with in the first cross over!

The team is now one of the strongest in the league, but with the inclusion of elf like agility and wood elf speed in a few key players.

The three key players are of course:
Korbjørn Thaels
Dolf Ryrbye and
Noels Trielsen

But it is expensive to keep so great players in one team - they comprise 27% of the total team value.

But with this great trio backed up by several experienced players we look in great shape to take the gold after the breack from the league last season.

Be aware the Borc Lockers are comming to get you!
- Kynde
Feb. 9th, 2012
We are back - now with logo and song!
After a season without a coach Borc Lockers returns to Aros. And the new coach has managed to create a logo with top player Korbjørn Thaels and his favourite cheer leader.

They are probably singing the new Borck Lockers song:
"Try to balk tackwards - that is talk backwards - if you balk tackwards it sounds so very funny!"

In that tune our team name becomes something as silly as Orc Blockers! :D

We also include a couple of new gobos Gåre Kyldenløve and Neen Stielsen to see if they have more luck than the first one Momas Thørk - still the only dead Borc.

Apart from our strong Blitzer from the logo, we also have a very strong thrower, Noels Trielsen, but we have had to talk to him about his fascination with the coach of Double Dodgers. He is a human for crying out loud!

Over and out - see you at the final!
- Kynde
Aug. 27th, 2011
Alas we cannot join this season!
And we are wery angry about this. :(

But our coach has skiped town - something about him having a job that took his time from BB.

How can anything be that important! :D

Well if we find him, he will not have to worry about his job anymore!!! :p

We hope to get a coach back in time for the season after x-mas! But it is too late for this one!

Over and out from the angry Orc players from Borc Lockers!
- Kynde
Apr. 27th, 2011
We did make it through - but only that!
It was only last night that we finally found out that we made it through to the play-off as temaid(zha) could not win by 2 TDs (they even lost!)

But the joy was short, cause even though we faced one of the rookie teams from lower bracket, some great chef work destroyed our concentration.

The kills we made came too late when it had no influence on the match, but maybe on temaid(rei2)' semi final :D

Getting through from the A group was a great feat, so i has been a great season, but it could have been just that touch better. But nothing worked today.

We have stopped being a nice team with several kills and permanent damages.

But so far no Orc has been killed. Today the gobo Momas Thørk played 4 turns for us, and then he died! He was not saved! Thus our apo was there to prevent Sulrik Vendsen from doing so. It was a dirty match with 4 kills and MA decrease, with only one kille saved on each team. And no BH or just plain SI was inflicted!

This was the end of our season, we have managed to build our team strong in spite of the hard group, so be aware of Borc Lockers of we return next season!

Over and out
K. Synde!
- Kynde
Apr. 5th, 2011
Are we in the play-off or what-get going
With a fantastic 2-1 win - where BOB Hasper Cansen scored the first TD (also the first by a BOB on this team) and Noels Trielsen scored the 2nd and became our first star player - BL took the first place back in group A.

But was then told that none of the other planned cross-over matches had been played.

And that the three teams right behind them could all overtake them, and thus even with as much points as no. 1 in group B they may be cheated from a place in the play-off by finishing fourth should all go wrong (aka right for the three other teams).

So for all those teams: Get going and play those matches so we can find out if we are in the play-off. And even if we could win the group!
- Kynde
Mar. 27th, 2011
Double kill on two emerging Scum stars!
For the 2nd match running BL has taken of the gloves! First a fouling chainsaw and then a determined blitzer Dolf Ryrbye killed two of the soon to have been stars on Scum of the Earth.

Cpt. Spaulding and Gary Ridgway had no chance of regenerating from these severe damages, and the world has been ridden of some of the worst Scum!

Dolf Ryrbye had decided that he liked this and has decided to become a hard hitter!
- Kynde
Mar. 16th, 2011
Our first kill gave us a bounty!
It took a while, but finally we managed to inflict a kill, and then it was even permanent and took out one of the most wanted players in the league Grongni that had a 40.00 gps bounty on his head.

We have collected this and are celebrating despite the loss.

Four chaos dwarfs was taken out three in one turn one the next at the end of first half. And since Grongni was one of the many low armoured dwarfs on Zhatan's Disciples it was lucky that the apo had just failed completely to cure an amour decreasee on Harkan Drakos so the amount of low AV was constant on the team.

The other two cas of our six tonight of course came on the mino Wroar and on the top bull Khakhistos. Both came toward the end of the match when we only had 5 and 3 players left on the pitch, and of course after the apo was used!

Sadly we could not kill anymore!
- Kynde
Feb. 23rd, 2011
No. 1 in group A! With the lowest TV!
After the first two rounds we are at the top spot in the thoughest group.

Having the unlucky last spot in the upper bracket, as the team with the absolute lowest TV there, we of course also ended in with four of the five thoughest teams, and now before we face any of them they have about 1 mill more TV than us, except the champ who has almost 2 mill more.

But if we haven't faced any from our group how come we are no. 1 aftertwo rounds? Well the first round is a cross over to the easy upperbracket group B and then our next match was the other cross we have to play before the last cross...

Confused? Don't be, but our small Orc team proved that this must be the though group, since we actually managed to win against two teams in the other group :-)

Our streak of friendly matches finished, as we have made one permanent injury (-ST) and received one (-MA) and also our first MNG.

The first permanent kill on our team also came in last match, but it was a mercenary lineman. We on the other hand still has our first kill to come - both permanent and at all!
- Kynde
Nov. 19th, 2010
Friendly matches only for Borc Lockers!
After the first season BL came up one point short of moving on… That is we needed a four TD win in the last to move on, an by going for this crazy number we gave the victory away to Flying Pink Elephants, whom we had already beaten twice this season!

So we had to settle for 3rd in our group even though we have as many points as number two in the other lower bracket group.

What we can look back on is a season with a very good start - four wins and a tie, before two defeats stopped our progress. A big win was taking out Breakers, who only let our TD in the first 6 matches before they tied 2-2 with Greyhavien Renegades. Their only defeat so far has thus been to BL! A fact that made them comment on our superior tactic in their latest bulletin! ;)

Another fact of our season is that we have played the least violent matches. With 20-8 in casualty there is only one team with fewer casualties - Scum of the Earth with 10-12 - but they still have at least one more match against a soft AV team and also they have only played 5 vs 7 for BL. So we have the lowest average of 4 cas each match!

But that in it self will not necessarily mean the matches are friendly - if there is many permanent damages or kills. But BL have not made any kills at all, and the only kill against us has been cured by an apotech. One kill is also by far the lowest, with 3 kills in Flying Pink Elephants matches as the 2nd lowest number, and as they have played three friendly matches with us out of 7 - their 3 kills have come in only four matches!

But also permanent damages have been kept to a minimum! Although we have inflicted 6 SI they have all been only for one match - i.e. just a miss next game. The other way there have been 3 permanent damages and a kill, but we saved Dolf Ryrbye twice from stat decreases and also apoed the kill. Only one niggling got through our apo staf, but that was on star chainsaw wielder Ugroth Bolgrot, and his own apo staff managed to cure him after the match.

So our original 11 players have managed to play all seven matches, and our newest player Fichael Malkesgaard played in both of the last two matches, with Borc Lockers not suffering a single permanent damage in our seven friendly matches as a rookie team!

In our last match three of our blitzers learned new skills, and with Muds Maff increasing his agility we now have four stats increase on only 6 players learning 10 skills! Dolf Ryrbye topped his fastness with ability to tackle and finally a hard hitting blitzer was obtained with Sulrik Vendsen. Still the most frightening player on our team is Korbjørn Thaels a strong frenzy player, and the most versatile is our soon to be emerging as a star Noels Trielsen who is something as rare as a strong dodger - soon to be blodger - on an orc team. Finally we should not forget our skilled BOB Rars Lasmussen who now tries to teach his fellow BOBs how to become better on the pitch!

During the season we have managed to scrape some extra money into the treasury, so next season we are looking forward to welcoming a fourth BOB, a second thrower and probably also a gobo (or two). And then we need to practice some more!

But all that will have to wait for next season!

So over and out for now from
K. Synde :D
- Kynde
Oct. 19th, 2010
Thanks breakers!
Borc Lockers comes out of silence to reply to the nice words from Breakers after they were humiliated last night.

Cheating Orcs must be the highest praise we could get from the suposedly "overdogs" in our match!

Thanks! :-)
- Kynde
Sep. 20th, 2010
Borck Lockers bonly ulletin
We're going to ack kiss ;)

Bext nulletin after we fin the winal! :D
- Kynde
Borc Lockers
Race:  Orc
Coach:  Kynde

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