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Oct. 23rd, 2004
'we are starting to believe...u know really believe, as in we might go all the way...i think? yes i think we just might...? maybe...'

this was a nice quote from the little confused Magnuz Tagmuz after the 2-1 victory in the match Sindarin Lords - Headz'n'Tailzz (season XIII, round 7).
there wasnt much to do for either Magnuz Tagmuz or captain Red Eyezz but to watch the amazing game by especially the twin vermin Hanzz and the mighty Tearr A'Parte...

this is brought into your head by RATIDAS - we are just going a little faster than you...
- Jimi
Sep. 23rd, 2004
'A victory...finaly a victory!' That was the corus from the furry band of brothers after the match Gruesome Grinders - Headz'n'Tailzz (season XIII, round 3).
It looked as though it held very hard thru first half where nothing good came from the rats but the orcs did as they pleased...luckily for the Headz it came to no more harm than the killing of Fang'zy TouzzH may his glistering tail and uncomparable aim R.I.P.
But...then things changed! Second half started with the very unpleased fans of the Headz invading the pitch and maiming some of the orcs and then it was rats, rats and rats all over the rest of the game...
Alas there still is some issues in the lockerroom of Headz'n'Tailzz BBC as the fans clearly are not satisfied and leaving the club!
'We are far away from our glory seasons when the bright light of the Horned Rat shined on specially the sidekicks Squik A'lot and Bone Chewie...but we are now on the right course and Hanzz and Tearr A'Parte are very set on the next match...some uddeads are gonna stay dead!' says the HC of Headz'n'Tailzz BBC a clearly happy man on his way again...

Now again with backup from our sponsor RATIDAS - looks like it anyways make them rats go just a little faster...
- Jimi
Sep. 17th, 2004
'There will be and still is alot of slapping around of stupid Headz'n'Tailzz players after an uforgivable low effort against the, on the day, better playing Snails...
Not that much because the Snails were being lucky - they just did what they had to do...but the bastard rodents #%@&!!! They gave away 3 TD's cause they couldt pick up the darn swineblatter...and gave away a TD when falling in the endzone...sigh! And what can a poor coach do when u practice hitting and on the pitch the vermin just end up beating themselves...ARGH!
Someones gotta pay...GET OVER HERE HANZ!'

these were the words of the Head Coach of the Headz'n'Tailzz after the frustrating defeat 5-2 vs. the Snails...not a happy camper there!

this message is here against the sponsor RATIDAS' goodwill - they sure gonna make them rats run faster if they are gonna keep up posting money in that bancrupt coperation...!?
- Jimi
Sep. 8th, 2004
The Headz ended up in the upper bracket group B in last evenings group draws!
And was handed the fast running Woodwatchers in their first match this season.
It seemed though that it was a kinda confusing game without the legend Squik A'lot the infected vermin pack ran around and missed the most simple things...sigh! But fortunately the woodies did also...
Not one good thing came out of the hands of Fang'zy TouzzH and the rat ogre Tearr A'Parte just patted the elves friendly on their cheeks!? And as e reward the treeman Stonebark Roottaker SI the ogre, but the rat pack apothecary did his job well enough.
But all in all a 2-2 draw was a-okey mostly cause it should have been 3-1 victory to the watchers...but they were ofcourse not men enough to finish the job!!!
Asking one of the storm vermin twins Franzz about the game and his part of it...?
'Izz dunno - juzt tried to hurt dem skinniz, but it waz like dey didnt brake...but at last i killed one of dem! But i hearz dat hiz walking again...?'

the sponsors RATIDAS just wants you to pay close attention to this upcoming ratling Zpeedy Gonzales'dangudiz' - we might just make him run a little faster...
- Jimi
Aug. 19th, 2004
So we enter the season with the holy number 13 - and u better believe it belongs to the creepy* pestilent rulers** of the underworld.......MUHAHAHAHA!

In the UnderGround AstroGranite Temple major changes has taken place...nobody knows exactly what, except some players a missing together with piles of warpstone powder and the headcoach has started to comb...?

*strangely 'creepy' or at least hairy is a way vermin actaully refer to each other!
**rulers and rulers...let the little buggers have some faith...please???
- Jimi
May 21st, 2004
Sorrow ohh sorrow!
Squik A'lot has left the Headz!

We knew it was a possibility and there has been lots of interested parts in the 3 times TD top scorer of the AROSBB. And so the money men behind the Headz had not deep enough pockets to keep their GOD running fast for them...

The Headz has thoug kept their sponsor RATIDAS - now they will try to make the rest of the rats run just a little faster...!
- Jimi
Apr. 29th, 2004
I guess there was......doubt!?!
- Jimi
Apr. 21st, 2004
Gladly recognizing the odds from 'Bet for your life'!
Was there ever any real doubt...?

This world belong to us!! All acknowledge the Great Horned One! and the deep deep pockets of our sponsor RATIDAS - which make that Squik A'lot go just a little faster...
- Jimi
Apr. 1st, 2004
Beating up the Orc team and for sure on the way to the play-offs - as if we ever doubted it??
Last couple of matches has been kind of walk over - therefore nothing to tell really...
Squik A'lot just is the GOD in this game - face it ya'll!!

remember low creatures not deservingly walking the earth of the mighty SKAVEN - it is RATIDAS that make that Squik A'lot go just a little faster...
- Jimi
Mar. 6th, 2004
So here we go again!
Everything turned out against the Headz and still went quite well one must say!
First head on against the first seeded dwarven team then the bloody next dwarven team around - whom we, again thanx to Squik A'lot, draw the longest straw against in a 2-1 victory! And no really seriously injuries...puh!
And then again this evening the Headz had their hands (claws?) full...as they took on the Lizardmen of Siverado Snakeskins - and what a match!!
The Headz had gladly given this one away for a draw...but once more Squik A'lot would things different! Scoring the first TD and every time after retaliating any move the sneaky skink bastards came up with! Making his career hattrick number 2...and allready after just 3 games this season has an amazing 7 TD's...??
The Heads came out victoriously with an 4-3 win and on top of it actually inflicted more casualties than the opponent??

So remember boys and girl! The Headz are sponsored by RATIDAS - makes that Squik A'lot go just a little faster...
- Jimi
Feb. 25th, 2004
so they entered season XII...
with headz bowed after a season of damnation and torture the dirty rat pack scrambled on to the gruesome field of fame and glory!
season number one after Bone Chewie...
the ratz fell hard in a upper bracket where they started out with the favourite in the group 'the granite gruncher'!
and it went probably as the hardarmoured dwarfs expected...the slowly wiped out the rats!!
but it was not all for naught that the headz was seeded in the upper bracket - they still have Squik A'lot!!
so the match ended up with the fat n' bearded coach just sitting and wondering how the hell he did not win...?
but a season opener tie 2-2 with no really seriously casualties (good for us!) and the wannabe replacement ratogre made himself seen...nice!

Headz'n'Tailzz BBC is now sponsored by RATIDAS - makes that Squik A'lot go just a little faster...
- Jimi
Mar. 25th, 2003
A walk over against the Blackwood somethings...dont even rememder the name af that puny team that even dared challenge the Headz!
a 4-0 in TD's with an very early opening goal by Squik A'lot actually catching the dark elfs totally by surprise...and that was the story all through the game.
- Jimi
Mar. 13th, 2003
a 2-2 draw to the dark elf minions...distastefull! and only at any help thanks to the kiss of death whom threw it all on the floor and also just managed a draw to the dinglers!
all hell broke loose at the start of the match where storm vermin Hanzz and linerat Splinter had trouble solving some personal problems witch resolved in the childish act of them not wanting to be an the same team...
then it turned out that starplayer Bone Chewie and lineman Dirty Razzkel could not play due to some virus and last but not least Squiil'A had been tricked (by the dark elfs...) to drink some sort af laxative...
so not even managing to muster af full team the rats went to play the game - were nothing really worked out in their favour! pointed out sharply when the clan moulder witch doc Fixx A'Lot wasent around at the unfortunate death of Rottigan...
but anyways there is still a chance of seeing the headz in the quarter finals - next weeks incounter will be the blackwood shadows...more dark elfs! and this time maybe, just maybe the skaven will have it coming real hard on them sneaky bastard low life pussy elves...they really have somthing to prove!
so die all who do not acknowledge the Great Horned One...
- Jimi
Mar. 6th, 2003
"what a load o' god damned crap...! 'dem lousy rodents can do notin az zimple az tuckin de horned azz bloody bladder ball thingi n' den just run away n' zcore one o' dem warped TD's i wan'em to...! headz r' gonna roll n' furs gonna smoke i promizz!!!"
that was about it! as spoken from Pezzti'lenze the HC of the vermin team after the brutal game against the orc dinglers! And it was a brutal game with 9 casualties and a kill. And lots of muscle all over the pitch as both teams had hired guns to tip the game their way - the mighty HeadSplitter joined the rats and Morg went battling it out with his brethern.
On top of it spiced with some 4 TD's and only 1 of them in the orc endzone.
Luckily fo the Headz they didnt suffer any severly casualties - the left that to the orc side!
Fang'zy TouzzH played a good match but sadly for him his runners did'nt!...
Even thoug the orcs tried hard to get rid of Bone Chewie he draw the longest straw and ended the match with adding another casualties to his enormous score of 24 by now!!!
Now the Headz just look forward to the two last games in their group - next stop two times rookie dark elfs! first it will be taken out over Dark Minions of Naggaroth and boy o' boy will the Headz be looking forward to tear some elven azz totaly apart...
- Jimi
Feb. 26th, 2003
the second big win for the headz!
and whatta win - a much feared game where the rodents went on to the pitch convinced they had to run'n'run just to hurt one single little arrogant mother f**ker elf...but the Great Horned Rat had other plans with his chosen ones last night!
and so the kiss of death went down and out in a 3-0 game by the rats and an amazing casualty score of 7-2 with 3 kills to go! unfortunately 2 of the kills were made against the holy rodents but the clan moulder witch doctor Fixx A'lot managed to at least get one of them going again.
pitty for the elves they were not so lucky when death suddenly came to their favorite son Casey Jones...
great game again for the splendid pair Bone Chewie 'n Squik A'lot whom singlehanded made a difference!!
now the headz only have to find a way to get them bloody orcs of the dark moon dinglers to die before they enter the field of the rats...and the group c is as good as ours....HAHAHA!
- Jimi
Feb. 19th, 2003
first game for the Headz...had they been waiting for that - i think so!
they tore the newcoming JailbirdZ apart...litterally!
scoring an amazing 4-0 TD's and killing 2 of the jailers on their way - but hey who's gonna miss that kind af scum!
Squik A'lot scored 3 TD's and thereby starting the new season were he left the last one - denying any competition on his role as league top-scorer!
and the monstrous rat ogre Bone Chewie battered away 3 casualties...off-season did'nt slow him down!
so the Headz are ready to take on the world again - which rightfully is theirs anyway!!
- Jimi
Jan. 15th, 2003
at last...gathering them rats after the holidays! getting to be first runner up in season 9 was a whole lot easier...then again it must have been hell being on the team against Bone Chewie...boy oh boy is he one difficult huge rodent to make obedient!
well but...the Headz has been training some in the pre-season and they look sharper than ever.
some reinforcements has been made and the training grounds back in Skavenblight is shimmering with warpstonepowderdust as the coming heir to the upper world is preparing, once again, to conquer the entire world...perhaps!
zee ya all out there, but until then...whatch ya backs!
- Jimi
Nov. 21st, 2002
So we went to the final of the ABBL and lost...so what!
We played a good season and I'm very proud of dem God damned boyzzz...
These were the words of the HC of the Headz right after the game...he smelled awfully suspicious of warp powder schnaps! and the team played tactically as if they where totally wasted as well! Bone Chewie did'nt hurt one single player - instead he was dancing the night away with some duke!
The only two performing a little dessent was Squik whom scored a one turn TD in the dying seconds of second half which toke the game into overtime and Franz whom bashed his way throug the undeads (they did regenerate alot that night!)...and there everything went wrong! the players just ran around and looked at the undeads as they slowly processed down towards the Headz' TD-line...and finally scored the winning TD!!!
It seems that the skavens were pretty happy with things and it looked like they'd been celebrating since they won the semi-final...
Now with a little hangovers and looking directly into the very sharp light of knowledge after the game...it is a damn fine thing to end the first season as the runner-up!
- Jimi
Nov. 14th, 2002
In the semi-final draw the Headz got them fast and agile elvies...so the HC was planning on massive defensive outlines....but the rodents smelled the final just around the corner - and so be it!
The ordinary playtime was quite nervewrecking...with both teams scoring their lot og TD's and in the end it was a 3-3...and extra time!
But it has to be said that meen while Chewie had been doing a heck of a lot of damage - a very goood comeback after he missed last game, he made singlehanded 5 casualties, which puts him to an amazing 17!!! in one season.
The elves had like 5 or 6 players left on the field in the overtime...
Both teams had freebooted help from outside - the Headz had once again got help from Headsplitter and the elves, with their own treeman standing in the forest the first half, got a little help from Strongbranch whom the rodents, in the end of first half, injured!!!
So actually the rest of the game was pure formallities...so scoring 2 more TD's (which all was made by Squik'Alot (thats 5 in one game))!!! and injuring a couple of elves, left the Dodgers with 3 guys standing and therefor chose to concede.......
So a semi-final win 5-3 with a lot of gold in the pockets and no one missing the next game the Headz are of to the ABBL final in their first season!!!
- Jimi
Nov. 6th, 2002
yihaaaa...them god damned rats did it, they really did it! against unseemingly unfair odds the not just beat them convicts 2-0 on TD's they battered them to the ground, jumped up'n'down on 'em till they broke, cried and was carried away!!!
and all of this was done with Bone Chewie on the bench - fantastic!
so the newcommers made it right to the top, where they also rightfully belong...
so now its the semi's...and the Headz are planning on going all the way!
- Jimi
Oct. 23rd, 2002
"The Horned Rat damned! Hairy ass shit"!!! that was about the only understandable words guttered from the Headz' HC after last nights "grand match" against the Skoinerrz!
A quite boring match with to much respect shown from both sides! which first of all was obvious from first line-up were both teams had strong arm assistence from starplayer freebooters!...but in the end Skoinerz came out of the game with the longest straw...which puts them in a very nice position in the league table! A 2-1 end result with a 3-2 casualtie score!...not much from sides whom normally does a little better! (there was also a 1-1 kill score)!
But any ways the Headz survived this much feared game even thoug Bone got a little hurt and is out for the next game...but not before he made a kill which sends him directly into the all times best hitter chart - in just one seson! Fangzy Touch played well made the nescesary pass completions and the gutterrunner made his best and scored again!
With just one match to go (the Bloodfist Bowlers) the Headz has to do a little better...there is still a slim chance that all is not out of their own hands just yet!!
- Jimi
Oct. 11th, 2002
A most splendid game against the Kiss of Death - and did them elves get a lot of them kisses, i think yes! A fantastic game of Chewie whom now seem to have adjusted them mighty claws of his! Just plain luck that the pussy elves didnt get more injuried!!! But Chewie got noted for 5 casualties singlehanded in this game!
On the TD side it looked all the way to be a draw but in the final seconds of second half Franz the storm vermin took matters in own hands (paws) and scored the winning TD...Fabulous!
The Headz keep marching on and as things look right now theres just one minor bump in the road to glory.......Skoinerzzz!
See ya all undergroound.
- Jimi
Oct. 1st, 2002
"This game was just a formality! fortunately we recieved a couple of unlucky casualties when the bloodfisters finally find out that their game was that of playing whit them muscles of theirs - which by the way was to late at that time, they were already a couple af TD's short!" said by the Headz' HC right after the match which was a real team victory - all performed well, did what they had to do, we just missed a little action from Bone Chewie whom seemed incable af getting used to his newly mutated claws? some minor misunderstandings with Fang'zy the QB he was not as "accurate" as he could have been! but minor corrections all together and the Headz started to score some imprtant TD's which is the main thing!
so with confidence the Headz is still climbing the ladder towards the ABBL trophy for which the seem to be contenders...
- Jimi
Sep. 24th, 2002
May ze Great Horned Rat be alot wit uz tonite!...those were the words of the HC of the Headz before entering what they thought to be their end in the ABBL!...but the Great Horned One was with - so was Bone Chewie the rat ogre hacking and slashing his way through DMD's orcs, ogres and what have we not! even making an interception! leading the way for his gutter runner sibling to score the two winning TD's!
Winning the game in fine style 2-1 making casulties 4-1 and winning enough gp's to buy a new thrower even though outnumbered the whole game...the two main characters, the rat ogre and the gutter runner danzed and chanted the night away high on warpstone powder mutating wildlly....!?!
So the dirty vermin lived up to what they potentially is - a winning team!
So coaches beware the rats are every where!
- Jimi
Sep. 17th, 2002
first match for the headz'n'tailzz!?! a little disapointing loss ( talking TD score anyways! ) 1-2 against fellow nasty hides of some hideous clan of dirty skavens...the chaos 49'rs. but then again what an opening game for Bone Chewie ( the fast and furious rodents rat ogre ) - 4 casualties including 1 kill!! what a way to say hallo to seasoned team!
the next match will be against the reigning champs so af very big mouthfull is awaitening the new headcoach in the league!...but as he says himself " i'm teeth, fur'n'long legs enough for zee challenge! we might get hurt bad - we might even die alot, but hey!!! who said lifezz eazy...we'll juzt have to get them pointz in some other wayz and i know lotz of wayz to get it!!!"
now that sounded just a little like a treat! who knows? the second round will show what the bastard rascals are made of!
- Jimi
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