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Nov. 14th, 2002
Undefeated in 7 consecutive games and through to the final (for the second season running) while Styff Pain scores his second consecutive hattrick – How about that!!! What a game for the Necropolis Tombraiders and what a win – 4-1 against the Sikoinerz (the only other team to enter the semi-finals undefeated). Ka-Sabar, even though he was in great pain (since he was inflicted by “Mad cow disease by infamous Minotauer Tue Crotchsniffer, miss next game + niggling inj.) All in all the Sikoinerz did not make it an easy win for the Necopolis side, as they inflicted 8(!) casualties – the Tombraiders only inflicted 2. What did not work in the “defensive” plays worked plentiful in the offensive ones, though. The TD-show ended when “the unholy number 13” Clatu Verrata Nictu scored an amazing td dodging past a gawping hobgoblin and a furious little fat chaos dwarf (two tacklezones) and the dodging yet another square while finally pushing it twice for the td (no re-rolls left, by the way!). Tombraiders’ fans stayed at the dome singing for two hours after the game (the famous lyrics of the well-known undead song: “Kill yourself and join our team”.
The Sikoinerz fans seemed quite annoyed, though, as they tried to intimidate Necropolis Superstar Styff Pain throwing a rock at him. Styff Pain had no hard feelings after the game, though, ‘cause as he said “We all know that’s part of the game – the fans really got into it today (the gate: 96.000 – season record, ed.) and it really helped me to play at the highest level”. Headz’n’Tailzz awaits in the final next week as they beat the sorry woos elves (who shamefully conceeded their game, ed.) – the Tombraiders will be counting the days.... That was all from NBC-sports today, - I am “Bad-bone” Malone saying “look forward to furry rat-burgers tuesday night”.
- Calle
Oct. 31st, 2002
Incredible performance by the Tombraiders as they win 5-2 against the Alzheim Overlords which means that the Necropolis side has qualified for the semi-finals. This was also the fact last season and as last season the Tombraiders also managed to go through the regular season undefeated - how about that!
Necromancer was almost moved to tears (if it was not for the fact that he has no eyeballs!) by the spectacular show his team pulled off on the field - "I don't think I have ever seen them play this well - they bring glory to Necropolis - LONG LIVE THE UNDEAD" quote Blachskull. Styff Pain scored an amazing 3 td's (which leaves him at the top of the topscorer-table) and Ash Tray got his big break through as the rookie ghoul scored twice. On the downside the Tombraiders lost two skeleton players, however as Ka-sabar said after the game "Ohh we lost two of the small guys did we, - no biggie we always throw a couple of those dudes at the opponents ogres to keep them busy, so..."
- Calle
Oct. 23rd, 2002
Two td’s by the dynamic duo (Splint and Pain) was not enough to secure the Tombraiders a place in the semi-finals since the Snails scored twice as well. Necromancer Blachskull was not at all satisfied with his squad after the game “This is the second time in this season we have lost a point against a rookie-team – that’s simply not good enough”. Everything looked bright for the Necropolis side at halftime since they had just tied the game (1-1) and the Snails were kicking off in the second half – so naturally The Tombraiders went for their famous “cage-strategy” yet again -looking to score a decisive td in the dying minutes of the game. Things did not quite go as Necromancer Blachskull planned it, though (if he in fact planned anything – a question you have to ask yourself since the Blachskull decided to field only 10 players in the beginning of the second half even though the reserve box was full!!??) Maybe his mind was already in the semi-finals. However, the Tombraiders cannot be 100% sure yet and they may have to collect at least 1 more point against the Alzheim Overlords in order to make sure.
Anyway the “cage-strategy” failed as the inspired skaven team managed to break it open and Bone Splint felt he had no other option than to go for the td (in turn 5). That left the downright dirty rats plenty of time to score their second td and that also turned out to be the end of the game since the fanatic skaven fans were so thrilled about the td that they started a huge fight in the stands (riot) which forced the ref to end the game.
- Calle
Oct. 9th, 2002
The dynamic duo strikes again! Bone Splint and Styff Pain each scored a td as the Loren Dodgers were beaten 2-1 by the Tombraiders. The two mummies, Ka-Sabar Redeye (3 cas.) and Ramses II (1 cas.), also proved that last seasons problems concerning their abilities to inflict casualties – well that is a thing of the past... Last season the two mummies only counted for 1 casualty (!) the entire season whereas this season they have made 10 casualties in 4 matches.
After the game reporter Bad Bone Malone of the Necromancers Broadcasting Service was able to get the following comment from a thrilled Cain Hades “I am dying to go all the way to the final again – and the way we are playing right now I don’t see who is going to stop us”.
Necromancer Blachskull was a bit more reluctant and tried to keep focus on the last two games before the play-offs “There will be a lot of dancing in the graveyards of Necropolis tonight, however we still have to finish the job – the way I see it we probably only need 1 more win to qualify for the semi-finals – SO LET’S GO DO SOME SERIOUS KILLING”
- Calle
Oct. 2nd, 2002
The Tombraiders are always striving to stay ahead as one of the leading teams of the league. For example take a look at their campaign managers’ latest gimmick – a song that is supposed to attract new talents to the team!
“Kill yourself and join our team” by Breakneck Spears

Living is a mortal sin
And the undead always win
So kill yourself and join our team

‘Hell, we know we’re pretty scary
But come along to the cemetary
And kill yourself and join our team

We look more dead than alive
But for that you too should strive
So kill yourself and join our team

So come and see for yourself
You don’t need your good health
So kill yourself and join our team

In the Land of the Dead
You don’t really need a head
So kill yourself and join our team

So wake up, don’t be a sleeper
Come and visit the Grim Reaper
And kill yourself and join our team

And if your too afraid to die
Don’t be, give it a try
And kill yourself and join our team

Instead of being a fool
You’ll be happy as a Ghoul
So kill yourself and join our team

And at the dead of the night
Who doesn’t want to be a Wight
So kill yourself and join our team

And if you have an urge to kill
Become a Zombie, it’s a thrill
So kill yourself and join our team

And if you want to look cadaverous
And you want to be victorious
Kill yourself and join our team

We’ll be silent as the grave
‘Cause to us you would be brave
If you killed yourself and joined our teeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaam!!!

This song is dedicated to all you puny mortals outthere...
- Calle
Oct. 1st, 2002
Shocking pre-game news about Lackeye Marrowbone’s retirement from pro-bloodbowl did not ruin the Tombraiders’ team spirit as the Halfdead Clawkillers were beaten 2-1 by the (Entirely Dead!) Necropolis side. A td by Clatu Verrata Nictu in the first half after a beautiful pass by Bone Splint and a td in the last minutes of the second half by Styff Pain proved to be enough. In the postgame interviews all team members including Necromancer Blachskull agreed on one thing – as Ka-Sabar Redeye put it “We all wanted to show our best today – this one was for Lackeye that jolly old bugger...”
Lackeyes retirement from the Tombraiders, however, only means that we won’t be seing him as a player on the field anymore, since the popular skeleton will now be a part of the teams coaching staff. After annoucing his retirement Lackeye said “I still believe I can be a great asset to the team – I already figured out few offensive plays that will get the opposing teams shakin’ in their pants”.
Marrowbone became the big hero of Necropolis when he scored the decisive td against the Highland Kiwis in season 8’s semi-final and there is no doubt that his innovative plays will be missed on the field both by Necromacer Blachskull as well as among the fans. As a tribute to Lackeye two of the hot skeleton chicks of the Necropolis cheerleading squad (Bony M) namely Ann O’rexia and Breakneck Spears have made a cover version of the former Necropolis Radio smash hit “Bad to the Bone” – and it’s soon to come in a store near you!
- Calle
Sep. 23rd, 2002
"Bad result but they won't forget us for a long,long time..." quote Necromancer Blachskull after the 1-1 tie in the masacre of the new Norse team Kislev Ravens. The norse apothecary had a very busy day as the Tombraiders' two mummies Ka-Sabar Redeye and Ramses II went beserk. Ramses II played a great game as he made one seriously injury and killed Kurt-Arne Kvalme who by the way is now playing for the Tombraiders since Blachskull decided to "raise" him as a zombie - "He played well until Ramses II decided to break his skull... so I thought hey what the heck he might be a talent..." quote Necromancer Blachskull.
The spectators' fan spirit was high as well and they got a piece of one of the norse players which made up for the dissaponting td-score.
- Calle
Sep. 18th, 2002
A three to nothing hammering of the newcommer lizardmen team by the Tombraiders - what a wonderful way to start of the new season. Necromancer Blachskull praised his team after the impressive result "This game clearly showed that my players have recovered completely from that dreadful loss against the Dirglers - and hey we even made a completion in this one (Bone Splints 2-0 TD-pass ed.)" This in fact was the first completion in the teams history adding yet another dimension to their lethal offensive qualities. An undead team with a passing game ? - you better believe it...
- Calle
Sep. 10th, 2002
Necromancer Blachskull has accused the orc team Dark Moon Dirglers of cheating in last seasons final clash between the two teams. "They must have cast a spell on my players - I have never seen them perform that bad" - and he continues "Their pre game line up said nothing about an orc shaman/wizard - but obviously they have received help from somebody outside their squad"!
- Calle
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