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Apr. 13th, 2011
Hard as Scabs
Once again the rotten defence of the Scums proves to be the tie breaker. With only 5 TDs allowed in 7 games they are yet again the top defence of the league. And the very few scores against also secures them a place in the playoffs, where their slow festering playstyle is sure to infect the opponents and make the fans sick with joy
- Rasmus Tarp
Feb. 27th, 2011
No deadweight, just dead.
In a bold pressrelease to day, master coach and team manager og Scum of the Earth, Rasmus Tarp, said that "Its realy a sad sight when a chaos team gets soft like that, makes me wanna puke. On any halfway decent Nurgle team dregs like those two lazy goats would have been fed to the Boogeyman long ago. We! would never tolerate deadwieght from "players" who have barely been on the feild and already running like old orcs.
Creatures of the eye?! more like fucking power-puff-carebear eyes I say!" when asked what he was talking about, only unarticulated curses and rude gestures where recived before the reporters had to flee before Doc. Satan started his announced "media outreach".
- Rasmus Tarp
Nov. 19th, 2009
Year! Epedemic sweeps the country
In honor of the Scums achievements last season, and to set the stage for the playoffs Rob Zombie made a song about the team, and some ducebag put it on youtube with a crap musicvideo, none the less. Tremble in fear puny mortals, the Plague Lord is at his strongest and this year The Aros league will be ours.

- Rasmus Tarp
Sep. 26th, 2009
Dirty move
Since the so called champions "Zlatans Disciples" are much to afraid to face us in an honest Bloodbowl match, the cowards are scared their hair might be messed up.
We have stolen the Aros Throphy and are holding it hostage, untill Zlatan and his puny Disciples show up for their rightfull beating on and off the pitch.
- Rasmus Tarp
Apr. 28th, 2009
Stil no1
The Scums front office would like to remind all critics that only the upper bracets count statswise, the lower bracet is just that, beneath the rest of the league!
- Rasmus Tarp
Apr. 28th, 2009
Plauge curtain
The scums are going to the playoffs! and what a way to get there, all opponents where beaten up good, only one lost game, and that where only due to superbad luck.
Scums currently feature the by far no.1 defence in aros, only 3TDs allowed in 8 games, and avg over 4 cas pr game plus countless KOs.
And with grandfather nurgles resent blessing of a worldwide deadly fly pandemic The Scums feel very confident ahead of the 1/8 final, whoever their opponent may be.
- Rasmus Tarp
Feb. 4th, 2009
Down n Dirty
So once again a fine selection of the most rotten persons in the world will take on the field og Blood Bowl.
Last season they got to the 1/4 finals before the fickle luck og those no-good walking toiletpaper despensers "won" and knocked the Scums out.
But this year get ready for some of the most foul plays ever seen, we strive to make even those lousy goth elves sick, as long as the stairway 123 stays dirty, we cant fail!
- Rasmus Tarp
Feb. 12th, 2008
Scum of the Earths contend may not be safe and or suitable for humanoids of anykind, dead or alive.

Some players may eksplode on impact.

Known to cause insanity in hamsters.

Dont play against Nurgle teams right after eating.

Do not lick or eat any players. (without asking first)

Exposure to Nurgles rot may cause minor allergic reactions.
- Rasmus Tarp
Scum of the Earth
Race:  Nurgle
Coach:  Rasmus Tarp

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