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Oct. 8th, 2005
Letting a Lizzard coach do a dwarf job seems to be bad. The team has lost all their games since the headoach left. Uncertain if it is the headcoach or the fact that the team is outraged about Harald Brimstone not even beeing nominated as the leagues biggest profile.
Harald Brimstone - "I am the greatest, the greates dwarf to ever play in this league, the dwarf behind the season 13 win, the master mind behind Delicatesssss". "This is the work of Bad Moon Backstabbers that yet again has proved to have the comish on the pay roll as well as the Death Bowlers Magazine."
- Finn
Sep. 22nd, 2005
Defeated on a technicality. Guess or rookie runnes are not ready to play, in the league where winning comes before all else.
Team captain Krim Ironmouth was not impressed with the way the team was defeated by Shadows of Sorcery. "The wampires played perfect in second half, in fact the entire team did only miss one move in that half, and they called a brilliant rule violation in the end to pull off the win".
Harald Brimstone - "we learned a lesson in that game, a lesson we will not forget"
- Finn
Sep. 12th, 2005
Are you 4 feet tall ?
Do you lack excitement in you life ?
Then you might be what we are looking for.
Currently Stone Curve has a job opening, join now !
Try outs starting next week.

Playing back to back games was more than the team could handle. Beaten down to 9 players before halftime, and twice getting blitzed when making the drive took out the team.
Graham Smashbuckler feelt he did not even have to show up for the match, leaving a hole in the teams defense.
Star lineman Boner Stonehead will not take part in our next game - "Since there wont be any goblins on the field, what is the point ?".

Some lucky supporter got the ultimate throphy. The head of Fredus Meshly as he were thrown to the crowed, another was seen wandering off with a leg. We are unable to account for the rest of his body, but his family would like some of it back,
- Finn
Sep. 11th, 2005
Stone Curve is back and allready leaving a mark in the group. After almost a year celebrating the season 13 win a rusty team took the field.
Leed by Harald Brimstone and Krim Ironmouth the team struggled but came out on top vs a team of deformed mutants.
We are sad to announce that John "waste water" have left the game though, as Boner Stonehead yet again proved to hardheaded. Boner Stonehead - "For a second there, i really thought we was a goblin."
We are not sure if we will keep Boner Stonehead around for long, we is just to brutal was team captain Krim Ironmouth comments. He might be benched until we face the little green monsters again.
Now we just have to fix it such we end at same spot in the group as Bad Moon Backstabbers does in their - we are here to kill goblins and we will get to them some how.
- Finn
Aug. 8th, 2005
Yes - it is true, after the current champoins Bad Moon Backstabbers joined seaason 15 and the nameless champions of season 12, so will we.
Stone Curve participates in season 15 for 2 reasons only:
1) Get revenge against Silverado Snakeskins, the team we suffered our biggest defeat to, EVER
2) Hunt down any and all players from the dreaded Bad Moon Backstabbers. The team that destroyed Harald Brimstone's beloved lizzards, and ruining any chance of victory in last season. The team that have not suffered defeat for a long, lomg time.
The teams goal is to make sure that no goblin will ever hold a trophy again.
And who knows, maybe the team will raise above all expectactions and reclaim what was once theirs !
Lets turn the field red with goblin blood.
- Finn
May 9th, 2005
So a new champion has been found, and a worthy one indeed.
The team that destroyed the mighty Delicatesssss , the team that did not loose a single game this season, the team that only lost 1 game in recent history. The final game of season 13.
Will they compete to defend the title in season 15 ? and make season 15 a battle of champions, or will they retire, knowing that the dwarfs just might be back for their title ?
- Finn
Jan. 27th, 2005
Yes - It is true, Stone Curve will not take part in season 14, the real team is finally completed.
As Harald Brimstone puts it, Stone Curve was just a cover for me to raise and train a real team. The true reason why i did not play much in the last games off the season, i was preparing my '"children".
Will Stone Curve ever return to take the field, time will tell. ???
- Finn
Jan. 14th, 2005
Still Stone Curve have not joined season 14. Will the champs not defend the title. Questions are many, answers few.
Head coach comments on the situation.
It is a nightmare, having won the biggest trophy ther is in the sport, many players gotten famous or just plain mad.
Boner Stonehead and Hoslar F. Butter are on a promotion tour for their book "From scum to bum to champ". (Ask at your local store).
The all mighty Harald Brimstone has not been seen since the final, it is believed he is roaming the woods hunting elfs. Juster Armorter is still suffering from the goblins assult in the final.
Mad man Huttenfield Knuckles have been placed in isolation. We do not find it whise to ever let him take the field again.
There aint much left , if the players don't find their way back, I do not se how we can defend our title. Maybe the only one left will be the one that started it all. Our rock : Graham Smashbuckler
- Finn
Dec. 10th, 2004
And for all the fellow coaches out there... look up.. a little further, and there it is.. the Stone curve logo, right there, in you face for the entire season 14. Remember it is there for a reason - YOU COULD NOT STOP US.
- Finn
Dec. 10th, 2004
Another scorer leaves Stone Cuver, Truid Slugger has as the 3rd runner left the team. Truid Slugger was one of the great, an even though he keept a low profile during the season, he was the dwarf behind our title, as he scored the winning TD's in both semi final and final.
the reason for leaving the team is uncertain, some says he just got tired of scoring TDs and winning matches, that was not way he joined the team. Others means he has been scared away by the higly unstable Huttenfield Knuckles who is know to to hate every one, especially runner. As Huttenfield Knuckles puts it, runners are fast and they score, they steal my spotlight - I dislike that, I get mad, and no one likes to see me mad. Willow Beardstrapper ... yahh he had it comming, and Huttenfield Knuckles would be next.
- Finn
Dec. 8th, 2004
No more teams to beat this season, no more blood to be spild. The miracle happened and we won the title, who would have guessed a bunch of looser could win the greates league in the world. Beating a team of goblins 2-1 in the final.
Still Stone Curve have no time for celebarations as the brutal troll Brickskull (N)everdodge killed Marcus "Drunk'a'lot", the town have lost a prominent member. The local tavern keeper had proclaimed possible closure of the tavern now his top customer is gone.
Harald Brimstone did play in the final, and at high cost, after the match he was attacked by the fans, and they smashed his right hand. As there was no apoth around to help, (Huttenfield Knuckles killed the apoth at halftime, since he failed to do his job anyway) Harald is now left with a permanent mark from the final.
Time will tell if Stone Curve can bounce back from the looses or the team have played their last match.
- Finn
Dec. 2nd, 2004
The final ... we made it.. all the way, and only 1 match to go. No matter what happens the season been an overwelming success for Stone Curve.
A 2-1 win, after a strange match, were we played most of the time vs 7 or less rats, we pulled through.
Surely our old stars gave us the win, under preasure our new playes could not cut it, but team captain Krim Ironmouth showed the way, taking out 3 rats in the first half. Old timer Truid Slugger scored for the first time in a long long time. Getting him a new skill, still it is not known what this effort have left of a mark on the old dwarf.
Harald Brimstone comments:
"hey, i played to day, for the entire first half, but i am hunting Wardancers, dont wanna waist time on puny rats"
will Harald Brimstone take part in the final match ? Come watch the game, help break the league record for spectators. Do not miss what WILL be the greatest final of all times
- Finn
Nov. 25th, 2004
What the ??? the team is in the semi finals ! What is going one here ?? Stone Curve is stunned after beating the Woodwatchers 2-1 in the 1/8 finals.
Well.. basicly Huttenfield Knuckles beat em, making 4 cas an a first half TD.
"Guess the woods had it comming for em, and they knew it, 3 players never showed up for the match, and the mighty Stonebark Roottaker did not show up before the start of the 2nd half..." (or finished the game as he was one of the casualties of the mad man)
Harald Brimstone comments on the game:
"Well - we had it won from the start, and i did not really feel like playing today, the one block i made, wich leed to our 1-0 TD was all the help the team needed today." ..."Mayby ill join my team mate in the next match.. just to please the fans"
Whise words from the only true star on the team (and player that has played a total of 9 turns in the last 3 matches)
- Finn
Nov. 21st, 2004
With the departure of our top score, and only dwarf in the history of the league to score 10 TD's in a single season, Stone Curve looks like heading for trouble in the playoffs,
The scoring machine Willow Beardstrapper have been sacked from the team. After celebrating his 10th TD of the season he offended Huttenfield Knuckles who in return crippeled or star.
We bit farvel to Willow Beardstrapper and the futere will show what we will do with our mad man Huttenfield Knuckles.
- Finn
Nov. 16th, 2004
We are the first team in the second round of the playoffs !!! What an surprising event.
Even though an attempt to end the life of our beloved star Harald Brimstone was saved by our new apoth just before the game, and this scared off Harald Brimstone from ever entering the pitch (for the second match in a row !!) We pulled through with a 2-0 win.
We suspect foul play amoung the wardancers in the league, the assassin was most likely sponsored by them.
Harald Brimstone is now, more than ever before, determined to pay back the favor.
- Finn
Nov. 9th, 2004
It is a sad day in Stone Curve, not only did we loose agains a bunch of mean orcs, (that was expected), we also lost the first player as Mayhem Zagalla was brutally killed. Nothing the doctor could do to safe his life. The team is currently looking for an replacement for the mad man. (and for the doctor, as Huttenfield Knuckles after the match went for a freindly chat with the fellow....)
Who will join the team and take part in the season 13 playoffs ! Do you have what it takes ?
- Finn
Nov. 2nd, 2004
Stone Curve made it ! We are in the playoff.. Beating the #1 team in the league secured the spot, what an upset win. We owe it all to Harald Brimstone who took out both stars Celemir Showof and Celeborn Elyan and left a permanent mark. Now we have to survice the last group match, and be intact for the playoffs..
This is our wildest dream come true, the team made up of loosers and outcast made it.
- Finn
Oct. 27th, 2004
The team is back where they tend to be most of the times, loosing big time. After a few good games, we sure did mess up everything today - failing just about any import move in the match. Guess or team was to amused by the minuatoar Grufftough Roughrage to focus on the game. The beast that knocked which lost the knock downs 2-3 when it tried to block or players. 3 times the beast hit the dirt atter taking it out on a dwarf,
The play offs that looked like a sure thing, now relay on us taking points against one of the two top teams. Surely we wont make it now, but 3 wins in a season is way better that we ever hoped for.
- Finn
Oct. 24th, 2004
That is the LAST time we allow females on our team ! Paying good money for an amazon "Slayer"... The first time she saw a mummy she falls to ground, screaming like the pathetic "human" she is - never to re-enter the field.
No - this is a MAN's game, and today it was at short mans game ! Winning 2-1 agains a bunch of deads. We are moving closer to the playoffs.
Krim Ironmouth sure made up for last match mistakes, when he scored our winning TD.
Much shall go wrong if we are not part of the playoffs now ! Guess we found all the luck we had back in season 11.
- Finn
Oct. 11th, 2004
Finally - after a long time off silence from the Stone Curve head coach some comments on the draw against Olvig Vikings.
"Damn that Krim Ironmouth" "Damn him to hell"
. . . Ahhh well...gues the coach not gotten over it yet.
- Finn
Sep. 23rd, 2004
Thats 2 in a row, after a 3-2 win against the Blood Bowl bunnies, Stone Curve is on a winning streak, who would have guessed.
In a brutal match where the team came out on top, and an exciting second half that included 2 blitzers. The first giving the elfs a 2-1 lead and the second securing our win, the dwarfs looks like a contender to reach the palyoffs. Yahh we said it, we think we can get lucky once more and just might make it.
Make it, well sadly star catcher D.Talje was not so lucky, as Harald Brimstone killed the pure elf... twice... after the doc managed to save her the first time around.
As with the death of Chunky Fatfellow not team from Stone Curve will ever take the field on this date, 23 september, in honor of the memory of D.Talje. Rest in peace.
- Finn
Sep. 21st, 2004
A match well BOUGHT.
After last weeks leasson in how this game is to be played, the coach had to come up with something drastic to win against the deadly Clawkillers. This came in the form of a 7 foot barbarian. As strong as stupid, the perfect combo for a blood bowl player. The barbarian leed the team to victory and saved the season.
It sure was entertaining to have this guy on our team, he spend most of 1st half on his back, refusing to get back up, guess he saved his strenght for second half, where he took the ball, and keept it for 7 turns, securing the 1-0 win,
- Finn
Sep. 14th, 2004
Stone Curve once again showed what the team is made off, taking a 6-1 defeat against the current champs.
We did not stand a chance against that team from the start, so why did they have to cheat was the comment from team captain Krim Ironmouth.
Getting a perfect defense going, then blitz or next drive, then a rock hit Murt Fieldenrum, and finally twice taking out the ref, all while the fans cheered the lizzard on to an addtional 4 rerolls. That was so uncalled for.
- Finn
Sep. 7th, 2004
Season 13 has started, and for the first time ever, Stone Curve did not loose the opening game. In fact Stone Curve looked as a bunch off blood bowlers for a long time today.
New commer Willow Beardstrapper proved agile and fast, and the team just might have found the player they so desperately need to get a win. And if Harald Brimstone would realise that he is to block now and then, the future is looking bright.
After the great season opening game, Stone Curve have great expectation for the season, and the goal is set high, this season we aim to win at least 1 match.
And you all watch the Willow Beardstrapper, a start in the making.
- Finn
May 21st, 2004
Perighram Heicker have retired from Stone Curve. Rumors tells that he just got tired of loosing. Stone Curve will spend the off season looking for a replacement.
Perighram Heicker was or fastet player, and we are looking for a replacement.
The loose of Perighram Heicker have had a great deal of impact on the team spirit, and as a result a re-roll is lost as well.
- Finn
Apr. 5th, 2004
Stone Curve did really well last match, we could just as easily have won as lost it... Now we look forward to todays showdown with a bunch of undeads. Last season the beat us, the only time we lost before the playoffs. It is time for revenge... And a win just might mean that we do not finish dead last in the group. Any thing better than last is considered a great season for these incompetant dwarfs.
- Finn
Mar. 25th, 2004
After last weeks defeat we are no longer in contention for a play off spot. for the remainder of this season we will play for the fun off it and hope for no more injuries. We hope that next season will be better, and that we do not end up in a group with dark elfs. For some reason their fans dislikes our team. 3 times pitch invation and 1 time hit by a rock vs dark elfs. We have not done anything to offend the race, so please stay in you seats in the future.
- Finn
Mar. 12th, 2004
Graham Smashbuckler is back in the starting lineup.. Unfortunately it cost us the match vs Death Extravagate as the fans invaded the pitch to get a close looke at the returned "star" Graham Smashbuckler. The rest of the team tried their best to protect him, but the crowed ended up stunning half the team. We never really recovered from that. But with Graham Smashbuckler back we are looking at a bright future.
- Finn
Mar. 3rd, 2004
Any one seen Graham Smashbuckler ?? The player who was so eager to join the team has yet to make an apperance in season 12. Maybe he just knew something the rest of the team did not. Last match vs Slan Renegades was not for the dwarfs. 4 players will not take part in next week match. Bard Silverminer retired right after the match after being fouled out of the match. His brother Thorgard Silverminer is still considering retirement due to a niggling injury.
All in all Stone Curve for once lived up to all expectations. Missing on just about every thing they tried. Last time we visit the local pub before a match.
- Finn
Feb. 25th, 2004
Stone Curve started out as expected in season 12. Loosing 3-0 to the Current champions : Halfdead Clawkillers. In a match where The Clawkillers somehow managed to roll 2 blitzes on kickoffs and distract Graham Smashbuckler from even getting to the match, Stone Curve could offered small resistant to the champs...
Still we wonder why it was needed to hire star ogre Morgh to help win the match, are we really that big a threat. ? Only time will tell... But pretty sure the answer is NO.
- Finn
Feb. 24th, 2004
Stone Curve is back for another season. Making it to the playoffs in the first season, there is little hope that they will do it again. But we will try our best. Just need yet a season were we can throw longbombs, see opponets fall over their own feet, or see dwarfs dodging through tackle zones to make the game winning plays.. just like last season... and we will do just fine.
Stone Curve ready for season 12, at least as ready as they can be...
- Finn
Dec. 10th, 2003
Finally Stone Curves streak of luck ended in a big ball of fire. So close at scoring in turn 8 of the second half to even the scor against Hashhutz Nutz was stoped when a fire ball hit the players knocking over 4 dwarfs. Well, we never expected to get this far so why not loose to a team of cheaters.
All in all a great season for Stone Curve only killing 2 players on the way. Poor halfling Fatfellow and some Ghoul. The last one does not count since he was already dead.
Stone Curve is ready for next season. Only Erhart Beast and Morguhl have decided to stop once and for all.
To all our fans, keep up the hope Stone Curve is here to stay
- Finn
Dec. 2nd, 2003
Stone Curve to the playoffs. After a draw in the final group match we are ready. A well played match where we played like elves.
Who knew that these guys could throw Long Bombs ..... What will be next from the Dwarfs from Stone Curve.
However Morguhl lust for life have had a bad influence on his game. He was Badly Hurt in the very first turn og the match. It did not take long before Erhart Beast joined the big guy, but with more lasting injuries.
We are ready for anything now, keep'em'comming - at least we will make then shake a bit on the way.
- Finn
Nov. 28th, 2003
Lady luck never fails...Stone Curve is at the top off the group. It is all god to be a little bunch of fat guys with the lady smiling upon us.
Stone Curve is ready for next weeks showdown with the Back Breakers. The match to decide if a miracle has happend and Stone Curve have made it to the playoffs.
We are ready to meet the big teams now, as long as the lady is on our side.... She will be once more, count on that.
We hope that lots of fans watch our next match. It could very well be the last match Morguhl will play. His success on the field have given him the desire to live a long and glorios life off the Blood Bowl field. At least, then we have saved a life... If Back Breakers do not mess up the big guys plans.
- Finn
Nov. 20th, 2003
For the first time Stone Curve entered the field as favorites vs only 8 Pirates. A well fought match ended in a 2-1 victory.
Sadly , our first player to enter the team a long time ago was injured when he was pushed to the fans. Still he is determined to support the team, and we do not have the heart to led min leave.
We march on towards the playoffs... after the first match not won by pure luck.. but because of injuries to the opposing team.
Stone Curve is ready to frustrate the opponets with their lucky plays and great determination. Just one day, just maybe, the team will learn how to play this stange game, but until then ... we will keep our trust in lady luck, who has never failed us :-)
- Finn
Nov. 16th, 2003
Another match played and yet another victory...
The team still playes like we expect them to.. really really bad, somehow we just manage to meet teams that are even worse !
We send or thoughts to the rain god, as heavy rain in or last match turned out to give the victory to Stone Curve. Cold Blood BBC was left in the rain vundering what just went wrong.... Only mistake they made in the match was entering the field. The rest is history.
Stone Curve marches on towards a possible playoff spot. Still the team shows no sign of improvement, just plain old luck seems to go a long way.
- Finn
Nov. 6th, 2003
Stone Curve still hanging in there !
After a looong break from the game we returned to get a draw. Really nothing to brake about. We really played as we expected. Extremly bad and without any hope of ever scoring. The team seems allready to have peeked. There is a long way to go in this season. But the team allready have done much better that expected. It is all downwards from here.
The dwarf have proven that luck is not enough to win, but indeed is neede.
We will keep fighting in our never ending hope that one or two off our player will get lucky one again. A big thanks to our fans for not making riots for a change.
- Finn
Oct. 21st, 2003
Another match won, but the win came at a high price. Poor Chunky Fatfellow was killed during the game as well as some unknown freebooter.
We will take no pleasure in the win against Apple Pie Mayhem but morn instead.
Let it be known that from this day forward the 21 of october will be remembered as "Fatfellow" memorial day. Stone Curve will not take part in any games on this date in the future..
But be sure that Boner Stonehead will be punished for his wrong doing.
And a final plead to our fans : STOP RIOTING, take you seats and watch the game in an orderly manner.... please.....
- Finn
Oct. 15th, 2003
A match won, the first victory ever for Stone Curve !
Stone Curve won the match between the two teams placed last in the group, and are moving up in the standings.
While the fans had a big impact of the resulting victory against - , the apoth also played a big part. Saving Truid Slugger from an injury, which enabled him to pick up the ball, hand it off to Krim Ironmouth in the next turn, and just watch Krim Ironmouth take the ball to the endzone.

We would like to thanks our fans and keep up the good work of injuring the players we through at you...
But please, no more RIOT's ....
- Finn
Oct. 2nd, 2003
Having played the first Blood Bowl match ever Stone Curve has proven that they can take a beating like the best of them. The hard headed dwarfs proved 5 times that they could shake of a knock out and stayed on the field (only to get beaten some more).
Having lost the match agains Repears in Place 1-0 is to some extend acceptable for the new commers.
A macth were Stone Curve had a chance to get a tie rigth down to the final play.
The next week training will be on blocking skills, as Stone Curves dwarfs spend a little to much time on their backs....
- Finn
Stone Curve
Race:  Dwarf
Coach:  Finn

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