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Tearr A'Parte

Tearr A'Parteretired
Rat Ogre,
Headz'n'Tailzz BBC team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 17  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 55
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 5 2 8 Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Wild Animal, Guard, Tentacles, Multiple Block, Break Tackle

Sustained Injuries: 1 niggling inj.

Retired during season XV.
Tearr A'Parte is a butt ugly rat ogre whom has still to prove he is worthy to the Great Horned One...
Sadly for him the shadow of the immense and all mighty Bone Chewie reaches very very far!!

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