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"Dead" Mortis

"Dead" Mortisdead
Deadly Doom team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 1
MVP awards: 1
Star Player Points: 7
MA ST AG AV Skills
4 3 2 8 Regeneration, Dirty Player

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Deadly Doom - MoonKnight Shadows (season XVI, -final).
Raised from the remains of "Mortis" Deadbite
Re-raised as Re-dead Mortis
Appearances: 15/15
Injuries: 3
Raised onto the team during round 5 XV from Skaven Line rat "Mortis" Deadbite

NEVER MISSED A MATCH (and was killed in DD's last)

After getting the MVP in the cross over match, he decided to show what he could do and he singlehanded took down Cherokee SI him.
In the process he learned a thing or two about injuring opponents, and can now step in the foot steps of recently deceased Xorn. It will not be fair to compare him with a star like Argos, but at least DD will once again sport the sporty skill dirty player in the quaterfinals!

In the quaterfinal against MoonKnight Shadows (DD's last match it turned out), he was early in the match killed by Heiko Herrlich and failed to regenereate. Hence he was much to the consternation of his team mates on DD re-rasied onto MoonKnight Shadows as Re-dead Mortis. The second time the corpse of "Mortis" Deadbite had been necromantically transformed.

Re-dead Mortis was then first BH by Ramses the 5th, regenerated in time to get back for a last turn kill, but neither Wolf could finish the job, and Re-dead Mortis once again managed what "Dead" Mortis could not, and regenerated again. For this the Re-dead zombie obtained the MVP of MoonKnight Shadows.

Merits in season XVI:
7 spp: 1 casualtu and 1 MVP. Dirty player after the round of 16th.
Round 1: SI MNG by Benny K. but regenerated.
Round x: MVP for not getting injured on the LoS!
Round of 16th: SI MNG Cherokee. Leaned dirty player.
Quaterfinal: Killed by Heiko Herrlich and necromantically turned into Re-dead Mortis, when his regeneration failed.

--- Old news ---

After he was raised he had the guts to get up on the LoS against his former team mates much to their consternation.

Became the first zombie (or skelly) to regenerate a kill on DD.

His greatest moment came in the end of first half against Zola^BB when he and Squiil: a Zombie was attacked twice by Dumbwhaat. Both times they got him down. The second time the troll was SI but it was Squiil: a Zombie who inflict the actual pain and earned the spp. It was still big event for Mortis.

Merits in season XV:
0 spp: None yet: Raised on to the team in round 5.
Round 5: Raised on to the team from "Mortis" Deadbite after Xorn had fouled the rat to death.
Round 7: Was killed by Scar Fishgutter but regeneraed.
X-Round: Helped Squiil: a Zombie SI troll Dumbwhaat, but did not earn the spp.

Injuries: 3
Killed by Scar Fishgutter in round 7, XV but regenerated.
SI MNG by Benny K. round 1, XVI but regenerated.
Killed by Heiko Herrlich in 1/4, XVI, failed to regenerate and was turened into Re-dead Mortis to play for MoonKnight Shadows

x, XVI.

1 cas
SI MNG Cherokee. (1/8, XVI)

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