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Skaven Lineman,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 4  

Value: 130,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 11  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 7
Star Player Points: 61
MA ST AG AV Skills
5 3 3 6 Kick, Block, Tackle, Fend

Sustained Injuries: -MA, -MA, -AV


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
One of the original 11 gods, joining the team before season XVII.

Season 22

BH Skirk The Prospector in round 1

BH Mefisto Hellbringer early in round 2. The apo kept him on pitch and at the very last turn he got another hit in, but then went down himself, luckily he was unharmed.
It was his 10th casualty!

A rough start on the season, and in round 3 is became even worse as he once again was SI injured, by Donald H Gaskins, damaging his hip to go with his smashed ankle. He is now even slower than a Rat Ogre, and as slow as Brage A was before he was killed in the same match. He will miss round 4.

Keeps getting hit at. Already in the start of his next match, round 5, did he get after the ball carrier and the little skink Bruce Lee SI him so bad that he fractured his skull and now also has a low amour value! He is realoly getting old. And will miss round 6.

When it looked bleakest for DR in round 9 Loke BH Dragathil Blackwolf. And this set off Tyr B's fouling frenzy giving us the match. Loke is again the active player with most casualties on the team. (11). (It was the 8th match for DR and their last in the group play),

A bad block turned worse against De Puta Madre!! send him out BH in DR's last match - the quaterfinal

Season 21:
BH Batteri in the seasons first match.

BH by Oswald Osiris in round 2.

Fell on a dodge at the end of the round 3 match and became SI and will miss the round 4 cross.

BH Müller-Meier in round 6.

Killed by Knud Eriksson in round 7. The team apotech healed him so he will only miss the cross over match.

Killed by Nichlas Kossman in the quaterfinal! The team apotech healed him so he will not miss the semi final!

A couple of good kicks gave DR the advantage with two blitzes in the final. In the end that was enough for DR to take home the cup in what was Lokes 50th apperanece for the team. It could have been the last as he was BH in the last overtime half by Timmy and his Tail. But now it was not worse than he could celebrate with the others afterwards.

Old news:

In the round 1 cross he were SI MNG by Cory Colquhoun and will miss the second match of season XX. But not before he had SI Aiden Colquhoun MNG too. And for that he received the MVP. With 6 MVPs he once again tops Jesus who are on 5. He is closing in on the stardom, so rare amongst linerats...

And when he returned after his injury he had been practicing his kicking which gave DR the victory and Loke his 7th MVP. Only one cas (or MVP) for stardom!

SI -MA by Grogosh Krust and the induced quacksalver could do nothing for him!

Killed pinching pona to become a star. (She was apoed). Thus he learned Fend, and became the 2nd non GodRunner to become a star after Zeus. This was in round 7.

Was KOed most of the regular time of the final, but then he came back to utlizie his kicking for the last two over time kick-offs. The first prevented the tie after 3rd half, but it was not enough to ensure this in 4th half with 4 turns. In the end he took a valiant blitz on the ball carrier Erik Evil. But they just ended up standing there. And he was blocked away by Oswald Osiris and where as all the other rats BH...
That lost us the final in a penalty shoot out.

The final was Lokes 40th match for DR!

Old news:
Loke is the most versatile and experienced linerat on the team. Actually he is the only experienced line rat on the team.

With no less than 5 MVPs after the first three seasons (tying with Jesus) he is an emerging star with achievements also in passing, scoring and inflicting casualties (even kills)!

The only other linerat to pass more than one skill Tyr died right after achieving that! Loke, one of the original rats, have played almost all matches, only missing two so far.

In season XIX he obtained two MVPs and with the 5th after round 5 he even surpasses Jesus' four! Thus he became the first emerging star not to be a GodRunner. He now also has skills in tackling ghouls and elfs!

After a fine match were his kicking and a sacking blitz helped DR to the final he were fouled BH by Sylvester Slubby. But he will still be ready for the final! But that was not enough


Not so much happened for Loke in the second season XVIII but he did kill Pincher so even the apotech could do nothing, and as the hobbie were carying the ball, this almost secured a tie. But as it turned out it was not enough!

Late in the last cross over match he were killed by Lachlan Colquhoun but after 6 casualties the team apo finally came out and rescued him completely. Saving the only valuable line rat.

In the first season XVII it only took him 3 matches to learn kick and with both a completion, a TD, two MVPs and two cas (one when Alexander von Kluck attacked him and got a double skull!) he already learned block before the semi-final.

His TD came in the quarterfinal and won that match! It was a great start for him resulting in a third place for DR.

Merits in season XIX
Played in 10 of 11 matches
Total 29/31
12 spp from 1 casualties and 2 MVP
Total; 37 spp after 1 TD, 1 completions, 4 casualties (1 kill) and 5 MVPs
Tackle from round 5.
Value 110.000 gp

With 5 MVPs he ties Jesus as the player with most MVPs on the team.
He became the first non GodRunner to become an emerging star on the team.

BH Wotan round 6

2 injuries (6 in total):
SI MNG by Egil Uldsson in round 3.
BH in a foul by Sylvester Slubby in the semifinal.

Merits in season XVIII
Played in 8 of 9 matches
Total 19/20
7 spp from 1 casualties (1 kill) and 1 MVP
Total; 25 spp after 1 TD, 1 completions, 3 casualties (1 kill) and 3 MVPs
Value 90.000 gp

Killed Pincher round 4 - cross. (apo fail!)

3 injuries (4 in total):
SI by Ethuil Malice in round 6.
Killed by Lachlan Colquhoun in round 8 -cross. Apo saved him BH.
BH by Girafle round of 16th.

Merits in season XVII
Played in all 11 matches
18 spp from 2 casualties, 1 completion 1 TD and 2 MVPs.
Kick from round 3 and Block from the quarterfinal.
Value 90.000 gp

Only player to have 2 skills after the first season, and only player not a GodRunner to have more than 1 skill.

BH Darian of Deepwood in round 6.
BH Alexander von Kluck in the round of 16th (apo)

1 injury
BH by Filth Jaw in round 7.

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