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Rita Dando

Rita Dandodead
Elf Lineman,
Blood Bowl Bunnies team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 3  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 1
Star Player Points: 15
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 4 7 Block

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Death Extravagante - Blood Bowl Bunnies (Season XVIII, round 3).
Rita Dando worked for many years as a piano teacher. However, as of late, her teaching does not have the same quality, since arthritis has begun to take its toll on her hands – (and alzheimers on her mind). Her slow and confused playing style was what earned her her nickname, since all of her pieces would usually just be one big ritardando. Fearing that her reputation as a great musician would be somewhat tarnished by this, she decided to get out of this world as quickly as possible. With euthanasia’s being illegal, it seemed Blood Bowl was the only likely way.

She entered the team before the 1st round match of season 17 as one of the first eleven players after the resetting of the team. She was killed in the 3rd round match of season 18. She played a total of 9 matches for the team.


Acclaims and accolades:



1. Tied for 8th place on the season 17 top killer list.


1. Team top casualty inflicter of season 17 - (3 CASs).

Current Champions
Coach Prize

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