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Frej B

Frej B
Skaven Lineman,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 5  

Value: 90,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 1
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 17
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 1 7 Wrestle, Fend

Sustained Injuries: -AG, -MA, -AG, -AG (no effect),  1 niggling inj.


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
Received a bonus MVP during season XXII when the team won first place in the group before play-off.
Re-joined the team before DR’s 20th match, the round of 16 in season XVIII.

Season 22:

BH in a foul by Benign Prostata in round 2.

SI -AG by Lone Star in Round 4. He will miss next match (round 5), but had already broken his bones so much that he can not possibly be any less agile! :)

BH by Mentuhoteph in round 7.

Season 21:
SI niggling by Headsplitter in the first round.

Back again for round 3, only to get fouled SI MNG by Mb. Osler early in the match.

BH in the very last turn of round 6 by Ogre Carl Mar.

Was thrown out in the final for fouling the fastest skink Tiny Dancer KO. It had no effect, but also no negative effect as DR won on the TD Jesus scored next turn.

Received the price MVP, that DR got from winning the group play. From that he learned fend. In the round of 16th he used this to fend of a death roller, but it had not much effect as Ole "fut" BH him anyway.

Old news:

SI -MA in a foul by Zark Immergeil in round 5

SI MNG by Ask Sigfredsson in round 8. Will miss the last cross-over.

SI -AG by All Pain no Gain in the round of 16. The zombie had to use a RR to acomplish this, and that was then missed in overtime when the last turn catch for the Undeads victory failed and we won the penalty shoot out. He took one for the team and became MVP and learned wrestle from this. (He could of course just have taken back his AG 2 with the only second 11 roll on the team, but he choose not to :p)

He will miss the quarterfinals though, but he is ready with an agility as a mummy in the semi finals!

As one of only two players did Frej avoid getting injured during the final. He was KOed though, twice, and was still in the KO boks for the very final turn of the match. The only other player to avoid getting injured was Zeus who shared the KO box with him, while saved by the apo God took the last turn all alone. Frej earned the MVP for not getting injured!

Old news:
In his first full season he was the Prügelknabe of the team.
From the 2nd to the 4th match he was BH in the first block in the oppositions first attack, on the LoS.
In the 6th match he took a permanent injury as he were SI - AG by Thoth and then he were also BH in the semis.

But he is ready to continue fighting on the LoS and he did his part of the fight in the final when he kicked back by BHing Galilei Jr.!

After he were retired back to recuperate in Valhalla, Frej finally returns to the pitch after the slaying of his sister Freja. She is not likely to ever return, but Frej is as good as new now! But to remind him of his fault in his 1st season (XVII) he is now known as "Frej B" (As Frej A would be to close to Freja). However, later this became confusing when Freja returned to play with him for the final of season XX as FrejA!

He only made one match before DR was out of the season.

Merits in season XIX
Played in 10 of 11 matches
Total 11/12
2 spp from 1 casualty.
Value 50.000 gp

BH Galilei Jr.. Final

5 injuries (5 in total)
BH by Egil Uldsson in round 3.
BH by Nero round 2
BH by Grogosh Krust round 4
SI - AG by Thoth. round 6.
BH by Benny Bandage. Semi

Merits in season XVIII
Played in 1of 1 matches
Value 50.000 gp

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