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Trip-Toe Gluzzmunzh

Trip-Toe Gluzzmunzhdead
Addicted Lunatics Clan team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Star Player Points: 6
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 2 3 7 Stunty, Right Stuff, Dodge, Sneaky Git

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Silverado Snakeskins - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XXIII, round 3).
- "Gnobilar Trapper"

Grand Nephew of Footstomp Gluzzmunzh,
Fourth member of the Gluzzmunzh Clan on the team.

-Team Fungi Effort:

Killed by Kimpelflękker. Bounty Set.

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