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Faust the Feckless

Faust the FecklessBounty of 70 kgpretired
Chosen Blocker,
Deities of Doom


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 46  (10 were kills!)
MVP awards: 6
Star Player Points: 129
MA ST AG AV Skills
3 3 2 9 Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Guard, Grab

Sustained Injuries: -MA, -MA, -AG, -ST

Retired during Season XXXVI.
In the match Deities of Doom - Dead Diggers (Season XXV, cross-over 7) Faust upheld the tradition of killing at least one Dead Diggers mummy. Unfortunately the dusty pile of rags regenerated the grievous wound, thus denying Faust his price. In a fit of tetchy rage, he instead killed Dead Diggerss star player P.V. Glob knowing that he had no chance of re-knitting his wounds.

For this feat he was rewarded with the highest ever team bounty of 50000g. In a show of surprising memory for an ogre, Åge Åndsvag also decided to add an incentive to bring short the glorious career of Faust, adding a further 20000g to the reward.

Further kills:
Pillie Warker
Roger Chaffe, he scored against us!
Some elven journeyman.

Faust the Feckless retired after receiving his 4th stat decrease. He got to keep his 70K bounty which will be spent on "medicin".

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