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Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina TereshkovaBounty of 20 kgp
Witch Elf,
Dark side of the Moon team retired

   Roster number: 5  

Value: 250.000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 7
Touchdowns: 28
Casualties: 45  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 9
Star Player Points: 226
MA ST AG AV Skills
7 3 4 7 Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Fend, Legend

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Dark side of the Moon has retired team retired --.
There is a bounty of Bounty20 000 gp on this player's head.
Valentina is a real bitch.

She was tested on the team as a merc. in Suckers - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXVI, round 4), inflicted 2 cas and awarded as MVP.

In her first match Dark side of the Moon - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XXVI, round 6), she missed a 2+ hand-off for TD in round 8. But in second half, she scored 3 TD. But she's not build to score, and want's to be a hitter. Therefore she now hits with "mighty blow".

After her third match, she learned "piling on"

After the teams 10'th match, she became the first emerging star though she only have played 6 of them. She ignored her 3'rd double roll to learn "block"

After her match no. 11, she became the teams first Star and learned side step.

After playing her match no. 14 Blood Bowl Bunnies - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXVIII, round 5), she became a natural super star, and learned to tackle even better.

After Dark side of the Moon - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XXXl, Round 8) she was league Legend no. 12 and learned "Fend"

Inflicted smashed collarbone against Ann Meller
Inflicted damaged back against Bruz Williz
Crowd surfed Kunt Deathrage in Dark side of the Moon - Deadwood Blights (Season XXX, Round 2) and our great fans killed him :)
Inflicted Smashed Ankle against Frederik Fancypants

Killed on a foul by Fichael Malkesgaard in Dark side of the Moon - Borc Lockers (Season XXVIII, 1/4 finals) but saved by our great apothecary

Killed on a one die block by Mr. Murdstone in Dark side of the Moon - Villainous Vermin (Season XXIX, 1/4-final). The apo saved her again, but she has to spend next game on the bench.

Injuried on a zombie foul in Deadwood Blights - Dark side of the Moon (Season XXIX, Final) but healed by our apo.

Had her neck broken on a zombie foul in Dark side of the Moon - Deadwood Blights (Season XXX, Round 2), but healed once again.

After Dark side of the Moon - Reincarnated Librarians (Season XXXl, Round 4) she was the first on the team to enter a all-time top 15 list, when tied spot 15 of most experienced list

After Dark side of the Moon - Reincarnated Librarians (Season XXXl, Semi-Final) she also entered the all time top list of best hitters, after killing Leroy Cutter (Regen), her first kill after 40 casualties!!

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