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FyxBounty of 60 kgp
Beastman Runner,
Changers of Faces team retired

   Roster number: 6  

Value: 170,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 2
Touchdowns: 3
Casualties: 45  (7 were kills!)
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 126
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 3 8 Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Jump Up, Claw

Sustained Injuries: none


-- Changers of Faces has retired team retired --.
There is a bounty of Bounty60 000 gp on this player's head.
Fyx earned an MVP in the match Changers of Faces - Cowards of Culloden (Season XXX, Round 3) and used the experience to learn how to block.

In the match Changers of Faces - Macu Peaks Cheetahs (Season XXX, Round 8) recieved his second MVP and learned to Might Blow!

After killing one elf, hurting another and completing a toss in the match Blood Bowl Bunnies - Changers of Faces (Season XXXl, Round 9), Fyx learned how to pile on the hurt!

In the match Changers of Faces - Hammerheart Hulks (Season XXXII, Round 6) Fyx got two casualties and was awarded the MVP. He used the experience to learn how to jump up.

After two casualties in the match Changers of Faces - Borc Lockers (Season XXXIII, Round 4), Fyx became a true super star, and was blessed with razor sharp claws!

Was top casualty inflicter in season 31!

Smashed the knee (nig) of Bjørn Jernside!
Gave Ricky a serious concussion (-av).
Smashed the collar bone (-ST) of Toby.
Killed Mortimer Mead.
Killed Hugh Grant
Smashed the knee (nig) of James Harrison!
Broke the neck (-AG) of Mozarg "The Armstrong"
Killed James Harrison
Smashed the collar bone (-ST) of Antonio Brown IV.

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