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A. B. MacMahan

A. B. MacMahandead
High Elf Thrower,
Cowards of Culloden team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 62
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 2
Star Player Points: 72
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 6 8 Pass, Safe Throw, +AG, Strong Arm, +AG, Sure Hands

Sustained Injuries: 1 niggling inj.  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Cowards of Culloden - Villainous Vermin (Season XXXIX, Round 8).
Alfred Thayer MacMahan – in true naval code-signalling fashion obfuscated as A.B.MacMahan – is a marine band flautist and inventor of the exclamation “Shiver me timbers, lad, for I am fearfully drunk”. Born on a croft on the outskirts of Dalwhinnie in the middle of friggin’ nowhere, his lure of the sea was strong, and borrowing 75 quid (he still owes me, friggin’ bastard) he packed his bag and set out for the naval academy. There he made some pretty interesting observations and fostered some ground-breaking thoughts which established Scotland as the hugely overwhelming naval powerhouse, it has been to this day. (Seriously, quit giggling). He still owes me money, and now he has started hiding in various Blood Bowl fields. Moron!

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