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Ramses the 5th

Ramses the 5thBounty of 40 kgp
Deadly Doom team retired

   Roster number: 11  

Value: 240,000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 1
Casualties: 40  (9 were kills!)
MVP awards: 5
Star Player Points: 108
MA ST AG AV Skills
3 5 1 9 Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Block, Stand Firm, Break Tackle, Dodge, Guard

Sustained Injuries: 1 niggling inj.


-- Deadly Doom has retired team retired --.
1 niggling due to ageing
There is a bounty of Bounty40 000 gp on this player's head.
Appearences: 59/61
Injuries: 3
From the original DD team
Niggling watch: 2/11 missed.

In the indifferent 3rd place match of XV DD's 52nd he failed his aging niggling for the first time!

Is the last player left of the original team. And as such he could have played all 61 matches for DD had it not been for his two times niggling failure. Hence me must share the spot as the player to have played most matches for DD with both Benno Brausekopf II who were raised on to the team in DD's second match, and then only missed one match since, never obtaining any permanent damages and Argos who died in the last turn of DD's 59th match, before which he had never missed an entire match!.

Mummy Cas watch season XVI:
Ramses the 5th vs Ra 5-7 (1-1).
Made 3 cas in the last match, but it was not enough to catch up with Ra who will become the most violent mummy of the season. However, as Ramses the 5th made just reached 40 casualties and came well above 100 spp mark he is and will always be the nr. 1 mummy on DD. Sadly by failing his niggling the previous match he also just failed to reach 60 matches for DD by one. Hence Argos managed to play most matches for DD, although he died last match.

In his 55th match he finally inflicted his first cas of the season. It would have been a niggling on Ann Griff had the apo not intevened. Xorn turned it into a simple MNG in a foul later that turn :D
In the last turn he pushed star thrower Synne Buch subsequently into the crowd for a BH.
For these events he recieved the MVP of the match. Is closin in fast on the 100 spp mark (95).

Fell misserably behind Ra when he once again failed to produce casualties, this time against skaven rats. Actually Ra is closing the gap in total cas at the moment, trailing just 4 cas. Nevertheless the MVP of round 7 went to Ramses and this has taken him to 100 spp and into the top 15 on the all time most experienced player list.

Finally he got going again with a kill against the orcs in the cross over round. The apo sadly healed the victim, Micksy Vicksy, cause he later killed Argos. But because the apo was gone, the kill inflicted by Argos causes Guntermann II's zombie to play for DD :D

It was his 9th kill and he now ties the nr. 1 spot on the active top killer list!

Extreeme unluck saw him miss his aging niggling in the first match where Ra also had to pass such a niggling injury and failed as well. No mummies were on the team in the round of 16th. But the mummies get another chance as the team managed without them due to Count Luthor. But no ghouls will be ready as they were easy target without the mummies around for protection!

In a last effort to reach Ra Ramses managed to inflict three casualties in what turned out to be the last match for DD, maybe because all three zombies regenerated. But in the end Ramses at least reach a nice mark, as the three cas took him to a total of 40 casualties in his carriere.

Merits in Aros after season XVI:
6th on the top hitter list (4th amongst the active)
6th on the top killer list (3rd amongst the active)
13th mosth experienced player (7th amongst the active)

Merits in season XVI:
20 spp: 5 cas (1 kill) and 2 MVP
Total: 108 spp: 40 cas (9 kills), 1 TD and 5 MVP.
Round 3: SI (MNG) Ann Griff (apo). Pushed Synne Buch into a crowd BH. Got the MVP from this.
Round 7: MVP for nothing!
Round x: Kills Micksy Vicksy but he was apoed.
Round of 16th; Missed his niggling along with Ra
Quaterfinal: SI Late Idet Ferro (regenerated) and then BH both Dead Deathspike and Re-dead Mortis All three regenerated. But it took Ramses to a total of 40 casaulties in his carrier!

--- Old news ---

As an egyptian farau Ramses never knew of BB, but after several thousands of years as a mummy under a pyramid, he was raised by the Necromancer Kynde, and fought many battels with him.

He may not know much about picking up the ball or passing but he do know how to crack some skulls with his mighty blow and incredible strenght, unmatched by anyone but a few big guys here and there.

And he proved this in his first season (XI) where he killed 50% of the 6 players unlucky enough to become injured by him. Two of these were lucky enough to become players for DD (Benno Brausekopf II and Geleb Reanimated.) He of course learned to block in this season.

Next season he doubled his cas count, but only added a single kill to his merits, but on the way he learned to stand firm!

He then had a shock start to season XIII where he scored the winning TD for 2-1 learning break tackle on this strange event. But then he returned to the usual bussiness killing 2 out of 7 injuries reaching 6 kills in only 19 cas.

Quickly made his 20th cas at the start of season XIV, but then had a slow season, but it picked up pace in the play-off and he once again reached 6 cas for a season with 1 kill, giving him a kill score of 7 in 25 cas!

In the round of 16th, XIV he finally became a true star player with his 7th KILL after only 22 cas. He then developed his abilities to DODGE to go with his STAND FIRM and BREAK TACKLE.
He was only the third star player developed by DD at this point and the only active of those after season XIV.

Eventhough he made two Gobo casualties in the final, his 40th match, and reaching his 25th cas, it was not enough for DD to take home the trophy. But Ramses is even more determined to break the opponents next season!

Season XV

Finally after 4 seasons someone dared to put a bounty on Ramses. They will live to regreet it! And so will thos who have raised it to 40 k!

Began season XV firering on all cannons when he both SI a BOB as well as the Troll in the round 1 match against Gruesome Grinders. Is now "only" 20 cas behind his idol Max Factor. (But he is only one kill short of him!)

Round 4 was a big one for Ramses who has now earned the nickname "The Wall". He killed the leagues new top killer Hanzz, before he could inflict any pain to DD. It was he who killed Zed in season XII. Hanzz had almost reached Ramses on the cas list but now he never will.

Made two casualties against Zola^BB in the cross over match. And what scalps he took. First he BH the strongest blitzer in Aros, when he blitzed Zepelin. A few turns later he also SI the troll Dumbwhaat enough to make him fail his regeneration.

Ramses crossed the 30 cas barrier and is now only one cas from becomming a super star.

With another couple of cas Ramses became the first player on DD to obtain Super Star Status! For the cas that gave him this in the orund of 16th he also obtained the MVP and is now past 80 spp. With his new guard skill he will be at leat twice as annoying as he used to be.

BUT, and there is a great but. Just before his 50th match (and DD's 50th, as he has participated in all DD's matches so far) Rameses begin to feel the toll of DD on his old bones. He now sports an ageing niggling and may from now on miss a match from time to time.

But still he managed to make it 50 straight matches as he were ready for his 50th match to help DD into the semi-finals! Could hence celebrate his and DD's anivesary with yet antoher win.

In the indifferent 3rd place match Ramses did not feel like playing. After more than 50 straight matches for DD he decided to begin the winter break one match too soon.

Ramses had a commanding 10-7 cas lead over Ra during the seaon and became mummy of the season!

Merits in Aros after season XV:
4th on the top hitter list (2nd amongst the active)
6th on the top killer list (3rd amongst the active)
8th mosth experienced amongst the active players.

Merits in season XI: (9 matches)
12 spp: 6 cas (3 kills). Block after round 5.

Merits in season XII: (11 matches)
17 spp: 6 cas (1 kill) and 1 MVP. Stand firm after round 2.
Total: 29 spp: 12 cas (4 kills) and 1 MVP (20 matches)

Merits in season XIII: (10 matches)
17 spp: 7 cas (2 kills) and 1 TD!. Break Tackle after round 1.
Total: 46 spp: 19 cas (6 kills), 1 TD and 1 MVP (30 matches)

Merits in season XIV: (10 matches)
17 spp: 6 cas. (1 kill). 1 MVP. Dodge from round of 16th
Total: 63 spp: 25 cas (7 kills), 1 TD and 2 MVP. (40 matches)

Merits in Aros after season XIV:
7th on the top hitter list (3rd amongst the active)
6th on the top killer list (4th amongst the active)
12th mosth experienced amongst the active players.

Merits in season XV: (11 matches)
25 spp: 10 cas (1 kill), and 1 MVP. Guard :) and an ageing niggling :( from the round of 16th.
Total: 88 spp: 35 cas (8 kills), 1 TD and 3 MVP. (51 matches)

3 Injuries:
BH by Youran Wraithblade but regenerate after the match.(quaterfinal, XI)
Killed by Keltharos but regenerated (2, XII)
Was pushed subsequently into a crowd BH and failed to regenerate (3rd place, XII)
Has not been injured the last two seasons (20 matches)
But he obtained a niggling injury from ageing after 1/8, XV

1 TD:
Scored the winning TD for 2-1. 1, XII

5 MVPs:
3rd place, XII
¼, XIV
1/8, XV
3, XVI (For making a casualty)
7, XVI (For nothing!)

40 Casualties inflicted:

9 Kills on:
Benno Brausekopf 2, XI
(plays for DD as Benno Brausekopf II).
Geleb Bloodhammer 8, XI (Apo fail!)
(played 23 matches for DD as Geleb Reanimated)
Fingolfin Fairhair 9, XI (Apo)
Todschläger 3, XII (Apo)
Dingu 2, XIII (Apo)
Robert 6, XIII (Apo)
Lister the Tormentor 1/8, XIV (Reg)
Hanzz 4, XV (No apo)
Micksy Vicksy x, XVI (Apo)

12 SI:
Nig Sirahn Witchslayer 1, XI
MNG Peter L.G. 1/4, XII (Apo)
-MA Fidel 6, XIII
MNG Odin McSnail 9, XIII
MNG Johan Alsman 1, XIV (Apo fail!)
MNG Presgul Powerfist Final, XIV
MNG Tot Rubberglove Final, XIV
MNG Knochenhauer 1, XV
Nig Fleischhammer 1, XV (Apo)
MNG Dumbwhaat X, XV (Reg fail)
Nig Ann Griff 3, XVI (Apo)
MNG Late Idet Ferro 1/4, XVI (Reg)

19 BH:
Faust 5, XI
Elmo of Doriath 6, XI
Celeborn of Lorien 1, XII
Maitos, 2, XII
Ford 1/2, XII (Apo)
Adam 1/2, XII
Gamji Grimbreath 2, XIII
Eldrik Darkblade 7, XIII
Jalla McSnail 9, XIII
Apophis 3, XIV
Dawn EverGlow 1/2, XIV
Maj Stang 6, XV
Zepelin X, XV
Seong Myeong Hyun 1/8, XV
Antonio Slians 1/2, XV
Pablo Slians 1/2, XV
Paulie Slians 1/2, XV
Dead Deathspike 1/4, XVI (Reg)
Re-dead Mortis 1/4, XVI (Reg)

1 Crowd push casualty
BH Synne Buch by subsequently pushing her out.

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