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Crazh Tezt Dummiez

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Kristian
From the great orcland wagon factory we present you with there company team "THE CRAZH TEZT DUMMIEZ" who are determind that they got what it takes to make it at the BIG league...
and should there ball handling skills not be enough to take home the victory they have some very SPEACIAL plays that there great rolemodel and team mascot showed them...
To give a warning to the opposing players lets qoute the mascot
peace out, im off

Crazh Tezt Dummiez team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 13th, 2008 - old news
An almost perfect overtaking of the Orcs
After taking over the Crazh Tezt Dummiez for the remaning 6 matches coach Kynde almost made it a clean slate.

5 wins and only one loss. And boy where the Orcs unluckly against Necropolis Tombraiders.

On the other hand they were pretty lucky in half of the other matches so they probably owe Nuffle some services. :D

All in all the team has had as little influence on the group as possible in all its 9 mathes.

Those ending below the team in group D have all lost to it, and the two teams above won.

By ending in 3rd place the Orcs did also not upset any teams chance of reaping the benefits of those two top places (MVP for 1st and minus one MNG for both).

Two out of three cross overs where won, and the loss was to the team in 1st place in group C. (Two of these were played before the overtaking). This means that those teams fighting for the best 4th place in either group has not been upset by the Dummiez giving other teams in the running an advantage.

Only two permenet injuries (one kill and one -ST) has been inflicted during those 6 matches.

When the last cross over match has been played in the lower brackets, Crazh Tezt Dummiez will be moved down to 6th place, thus not competing for neither 3rd nor best fourth place, and the 20 k bounty to be given by the bottom team is also not stolen away.

As the heading says it was almost a perfect overtaking of the orcs. The matches where played and this had almost no effect on the scores in the two groups!

Over and out for stand-in coach Kynde! :-)
- Kynde
Mar. 24th, 2008 - old news
New coach for the rest of the season
As the coach of Crazh Tezt Dummiez did not find it suiting for him to play in the 2nd division (lower bracket) he has now taken off from Aros to join the pro Rugby team of Denmark. (Cool!)

But the matches must still be played, so another coach has taken over the team.

However, as only an already playing coach had the time for this, it has been decided that Crazh Tezt Dummiez will not be able to progress to the play-off even if they manage to end in the top 3/4.

The matches are purely played for the placement of the other teams. But be sure that the new coach will still play the best he can, althogh he has not much experience with Orcs. Only when facing them with his own team!
- Kynde
Feb. 20th, 2008 - old news
muhahaha CTD got their first victory!
and a well played one(if i should comment it:-D)
those lousy gobbos didnt know what hit them, as we took the field for the second half then could only field 7 player... 7 PLAYERS!!! so the second half was a complete walk over not causing much trouble for the might CTD!!!
now lets see how the group play is gonna work out for us...
- Kristian
Feb. 13th, 2008 - old news
HMPH! our first match didnt go as planed... it ended in a draw against a bunch of cross dressing elfs!
This is a sorry start of the great crazh tezt dummiez not inflicting more then 1 injuri on the god damn welfs!!!
that kind of slobbishness will not be see the rest of the season(or i hope so:))
so be warned we will play very rough in the next couple of games to overcome the shame off our first match!!!
- Kristian
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