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Da Killa Antz

Race:  Goblin
Coach:  Thorbjørn
co-coach:  Casper
This is a team of opportunitists, what they lack in skill they might also lack in spirit - However this means that every dirty trick in the book (and a few taken from elsewhere) will be used to help them win....
You are warned.

Da Killa Antz team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Nov. 5th, 2008 - old news
Win due to handbags?
It was a well known fact that almost the entire Antz team was plagued by a vicious stomach trouble (perhaps Catain Morgan got his revenge?). But in last night's match, there seemed little evidence of this fact. It has now been revealed, that the Antz got their hands on the recently deceased Saurus Black Morris and made small handbags out of his snakeskin. Thus every player could carry a small "toilet" with him onto the field, for "relief" during the match. And what a succesful strategy: the team is through to the quater-finals! What had become of all the filled bags afterwards is not known... perhaps they are stored in a garage somewhere? Perhaps they will be used as bombs?
- Casper
Nov. 4th, 2008 - old news
Da Tezt
Tanight wuz gunna fightz evan moore darty an avil dan wuz do narmolly.
Wez gonna go fur da trophie.
- Thorbjørn
Sep. 23rd, 2008 - old news
A HUGE victory for the antz
Yes it´s true the Antz won their first game of the season, and rumours go that the team was so inspired by the fact that stairway 123 was clean that this led them to believe that anything was possible.
It is even claimed, that they are being allowed to see a photo of it, after every game they win, and to actually visit it if they go through to the play-offs.
The death of Desperate Zarto was obviously a blow, but after his teammembers were told he would now reside at the clean stairway 123 forever, some of the little greenskins have actually considered bringing him back to life - they simply feel it is unfair...
- Thorbjørn
Apr. 13th, 2008 - old news
So close!!!
After a good first season the brave antz must accept that playoffs weren´t reached in this attempt.
They were in it until the very last game though, and just a little more luck for the small greenskins could have ensured them a place among the final 16.
However we are likely to see them try again next season, with a rather more seasoned team.
- Thorbjørn
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Season XX, Season XXI
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