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Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Finn
The team bread by Harald Brimstone, all the time the world thought he was elf hunting, but it was all a cover. In fact the seasom 13 champs was just a corver to give Harald Brimstone some time to create the most devestating team ever to take the field.
Delicatesssss was hached in Stone Curve and hidden from the public yearhs ago, the group off lizzards are born and raised for the solo purpose of playing the AROS league, aiming for the season 16 title.

Delicatesssss team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Apr. 18th, 2005 - old news
The team is no more, after 24 turns vs the team that currently holds the longes "no loss" streak, the team was defeated, and more over so severly beaten up, that it is hard to se how Harald Brimstone can keep it alive.
Too many deaths and constantly getting the minimum amount of winnings for 3 games straight have left a mark on the team, that they will not recover from.
Bad Moon Backstabbers was so close to be beaten, before they made a flying touchdown, and from that point the Delicatesssss fate was sealed.
May the rest in peace.
- Finn
Apr. 12th, 2005 - old news
finally it happened. A perfect draw for the teams 1/8 final. Playing the hottest team in the league - Bad Moon Backstabbers. The team with that has only lost 1 game in its last 13 matches.
Harald Brimstone is pleased with the draw, we get a challenge, the Bad Moon Backstabbers has proven to be one of the greatest teams in the league, just behind the - you guessed it Stone Curve, and before the end of the week, we can add Delicatesssss to the short list of teams that have defeated Bad Moon Backstabbers in recent games.
- Finn
Apr. 10th, 2005 - old news
3rd game this week, and we are heading into the playoffs and Total Viking Power!!!' i heading ti the showers.
Harald Brimstone has official issud a hunt on all players on Total Viking Power!!! since it has be official that the coach behind the team, in his eager attempt to make it to the playoffs, had poisioned Frushansirusssss before the game. When the skink tried to push it , he fell to the ground, dead, with no players near.
Harald Brimstone them Total Viking Power!!! tried it all to make it, cheating even when not playing us, just as they did when we played em.
We made it - they did not. Just proving what happens if you mess with us - your out of the tournament.
- Finn
Apr. 7th, 2005 - old news
Two games in one week. First talking on some norse mad men in what we thought of as only a training game we had no interest in winning, we faced the second best team in this league - the dwarfs.
Battling it out with thise noble men, proved that we indeed are the greatest team in the league. Not only winninw with ease, but also killing the mighty Wyrwar.
The mighty Krusmusssss has finally awaken, and the elfs WILL be next.
- Finn
Tournaments played:
season XIV
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