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Pyramid Schemes

Race:  Khemri Tomb Kings
Coach:  Karl-Johan

Pyramid Schemes team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 10th, 2008 - old news
Another rough season ahead.
Well, the schemes have taken to the field for the 3rd season in a row.

This season is starting so look frightingly like our first season where we lost 10 players (deaths) in our 10 first matches.

This season has seen two mummies die in the first two matches, giving the team a major setback.

However we are feeling confident having gained two victories against tough teams and look forward to improving our rather embarrasing cas-ratio.

Luckily we have stunties and AV 7 players to look forward to. Our two first matches has also seen the team gain momentum for our blitzers and have given the linemen a decent amount of skills.
- Karl-Johan
Oct. 5th, 2007 - old news
Finally! For the first time in the season the Schemes felt like they were playing like a Khemrian team. The mummies finally took the bandages of their migthy bones and showed the opposing team what a blocking game should look like.
Unfortunately this also mean the creation of the very first bounty on our roster - the blitzer Aloli why caused two casualties in two turns in the final moments of the match
In a single match Pyramid Schemes - Addicted Lunatics Clan (Season XIX, round 5) the Schemes gained a (remote) shot at the playoffs and turned what was an embarrasing casratio to a respectable one - we hope this continues when we meet the Deranged Damsels in the final round. Hopefully the elite stunties of the Eurobowl Champions will cause some of the gals to trip up and break a nail or two.
For this game, the last internal match of group D, we have armed a skeleton with the tackle skill - let's hope he gets good use out of it.
- Karl-Johan
Sep. 13th, 2007 - old news
Ok - our fist match and one player down. A great loss for the Schemes - it had taken us 4.000 years to train that darn skeleton to pick up the ball in the first place.

"We now look forward to some hard matches having nothing but AG2 to atract the ball to us" , said the coach during an interview after the game.
He continued: "We do, however, have four mummies.... ".
- Karl-Johan
Sep. 3rd, 2007 - old news
Hello everyone.
I will not be present at the regular gamenight the first few weeks, though I will be able to play at most other times.

Just contact me and we will set up a game when it is convinient for you.

- Karl-Johan
Tournaments played:
Season XIX, Season XX, Season XXI
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