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Swamp Things

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  Rasmus Tarp
Once thought lost on theyr way to play an away game against The Brimstone Raiders in the vulcanic lands of the chaos dwarfs. They returned home to the jungle many years later, but not all was right. They where not the same lizards as left all those years ago, now they where... changed.
The Swamp Things, as they now called themselfs, theyr previus name forever lost, now used new an unusual tactics, not ever mentioned on any of the tablets, it was an outrage! not only that but the skin on most of them had also started to change coulor...

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 9th, 2007 - old news
Slow starters
so the Things are out of their winter hybernation, an in the first match of the spring season meet Black Widows an lost, though barely, but who can blame just awokended Lizards for being a little slow at times, specially when playing in the frozen hellhole that the chaos dwarves call home!
- Rasmus Tarp
Aug. 14th, 2006 - old news
It came from the swamp
So far little is known about this filthy, very unsanitary bunch... but one thing is sure, no play, game plan or strategi stinks to much for these mmm... things...
- Rasmus Tarp
Tournaments played:
Season XVII, Season XVIII, Season XIX
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