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Odin B

Odin B
Skaven Lineman,
Divine Rats team retired

   Roster number: 2  

Value: 90.000 gp

Interceptions: 0
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 0
Casualties: 2  (1 was a kill!)
MVP awards: 3
Star Player Points: 19
MA ST AG AV Skills
6 3 3 7 Block, Frenzy

Sustained Injuries: -MA


-- Divine Rats has retired team retired --.
Received 1 MVP for winning group B of season XXI.
Re-Re-joined the team before DR’s 43rd match, the semi final of season XX.

Season 22

BH Jock Stinkyfeet in round 1

With the death of Brage A, Odin B has been upgraded to no. 2, again, on DRs roster from no. 6. Also the fact that he was elected MVP here in round 3 and thus learned frenzy to his block had an effect on this upgrade!

Killed in round 5 by Timmy and his Tail. But it was late in the match so the apo healed him and Holy Spirit scored for 3-0 and the rest of the players also survived the last three turns.It was vengance for earlier where he frenzied Toad The Wet Sprocket to his death in the crowds.

BH by Liche in round 7.

SI MNG by Morvian Hellstrike in a zero turn blitz of round 9 (8th match for DR and their last in the group play). He will miss the round of 16th but be ready for the quaterfinals.

SI -MA by Fehår in DR's last match - the quaterfinal

Seaon 21

Received his first spp in this reincarnation with an MVP in the cross over match of round 4. After that he changed number to no. 6 from the far out number 14... (Due to the killing of Balder B).

With his constant performance this season where he has played in all matches suffering no injuries, he received the special MVP awarded to DR for finishing first in the Group play. This honor gave him better blocking abilities for the play-off.

Killed The Dirty Little Dino in the final, thus helping in the almost total skink clearance obtained in the overtime. Which gave us the Cup.

Old news:

Finally Odin returns to the pitch for DR a 3rd time after he has been away for a long time. In his second apperance as Odin A he were killed against Zhatan's Re-Animated and was then raised to play for the undead as Odin ReAnimated. But when Odin ReAnimated realized that the undead did not play this season, he went back to Valhalla to be re-reanimated back to his former self.

He was then allowed to enter here in DR's super season just before the semi final of season XX. However, to remind him of his fault against the undeads he is now known as "Odin B"

He took a hit in his very first match when he where BH late in first half of the semi final by Egil Uldsson. But a hired apotech kept him on the pitch for 2nd half.

SI MNG by Abraham Apothis in the fourth half of the final. But he will not miss any matches, as he will be ready for the first round of season XXI.

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